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One day you’re a good-looking surfer boy.

The next day you’re sitting around with one leg, half a liver and thousands owed in back taxes.

The Rise & Fall of AirWolf: Jan-Michael Vincent Barely Has a Leg to Stand On

Revealing Photos Hillary Clinton Wishes Would Disappear

Revealing Photos Hillary Clinton Wishes Would Disappear

Rep. John Lewis had the nerve to insult America voters and call Trump an illegitimate President.

What MLK Jr.'s niece just said about Trump & Lewis says it all!

Let's get 5,000 LIKES if you think belligerent Rep. John Lewis needs to SHUT HIS TRAP!!!

BOOM! MLK's Niece Just Made SHOCKING Admission About Trump & Combative John Lewis ⋆ US Herald

Like The Dems, John McCain Just Can't Get Over The Fact That DJT Is Going To Be The Next President!

Exposed: How John McCain is Involved in Trump Fake Dossier and Blackmail [VIDEO]

If Democrats Didn't Like James Comey Before, They're Really Not Going To Be Happy About This!

Comey Goes Rogue, Reveals "Dirty Little Secret" He Was Forced to Hide

I love it when really bad things happen to rapist or would be rapist in this case.

Bravo lady!!


Liberals in the government stood up to say "Not my President!" and Jason Chaffetz knocked them the hell out. We need more men like him in America. Who's with me?

Jason Chaffetz Just Destroyed Every Trump-Hating Idiot Working For The Government

Government investigation usually amount to nothing? Can you think of the last time a major politician went to prison?

FBI Director Comey and his Hillary-linked Deputy's Turn to be Investigated:

Should Parents Get To Choose Who Their Children Date?! What should it based off of?

Parents Abandon Daughter After She Brings Home Black Boyfriend....

LOOK What Sasha Obama Was Found Doing While She Was Skipping Her Father’s Farewell Speech – LEAKED PHOTOS

LOOK What Sasha Obama Was Found Doing While She Was Skipping Her Father's Farewell Speech - LEAKED PHOTOS ⋆ Freedom Daily