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THIS will get your blood boiling! SHARE this with your liberal friends who say Hillary won the popular vote!

Video: Proof That Obama Rigged The Election With Over 4 Million Illegal Votes - American Journal

SHOCKER~! After a brief discussion by phone this afternoon Trump said that he and Hillary had agreed that she would join his administration in January in a very important capacity:

BREAKING: Trump Offers Hillary Clinton A Key Role In His New Administration

Rosie O’Donnell Goes After Trump’s 10-Year-Old Son And It’s Bad!
wow... How can someone be s mean? Thats about as low as it gets.


What this liberal author did over the weekend is nothing short of seditious. So much for accepting the result of the election..

Treason: Liberal author calls for military coup against Trump

Here is one of the BIG reasons that Trump won! This "kid" is wicked smart!

Trump's Secret Weapon? The Superstar Son-in-Law

Howard Dean freaks out again, showing that the Democrats are in never-ending meltdown mode..

Democrats Eat Their Own: Dean Viciously Attacks Gabbard

What you THINK happened to this young lady, and what REALLY happened, may be two COMPLETELY different stories. You've gotta see this!

How Did This Dakota Access Pipeline Protestor Really Blow Up Her Arm? The Answer WILL SHOCK YOU

Not only does this guy play a major Butthole in the movies, but he is one in real life too...

Actor Who Played "Zod" in Batman vs Superman: "Seniors Voting For Trump, it’s Time for the Urn"

A man recently stole a family's beloved pet dog, beat and tortured the animal, and finally locked it in a cage to slowly starve to death. However, as soon as angry locals spotted the infamous dognapper, they decided that the proper punishment would be to give him a brutal dose of his own medicine.
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Man Beats Dog, Locks It In Cage To Die — Gets Taste Of His Own Medicine

Trey Gowdy just got some HUGE life changing news...

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BREAKING: Trey Gowdy Just Got GAME CHANGING News That Will Change His Career & America For Good ⋆ US Herald

Do you think Mitch McConnell is that stupid? I'm a little worried... You?

Obama Could Replace Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court If the GOP Does Not Act! [VIDEO]

Tim "the Toolman" Taylor rips Hollyweird and their idiotic hypocrisy!

Tim Allen DESTROYS Hollywood Lives for Their Treatment of Trump: Awesomeness! [VIDEO]