God of War
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Santa Monica Studio Programmer, Koray Hagen, will be speaking on Jan. 25th at the UC Irvine Game Developers Week 2017 about 'Solving the Game Content Problem'.

SMS Programmer, Koray Hagen, Speaking at UCI Game Developers Week

God of War
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GREAT Kratos #FanArt by Twitter user artesjaquevital.

Watch the time lapse video of how this artwork was created [ Youtube.com Link ]
God of War
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FINAL reminder!
God of War
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AWESOME design via Albertocubatas

Game of war by albertocubatas

God of War
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Heads-up! Only a couple more days left to grab the download of Bear McCreary's God of War #E32016 Live Overture [ Bit.ly Link ]
God of War
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A new Kratos #fanart to share titled 'Rage of the Titan'

Thanks to Instagram user, srimounik, for the sketch! [ Bit.ly Link ]
God of War
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Kratos son's name is Atreus.

Nice job to Twitter user fbanin for being one of the first to discover it in Bear McCreary's E3 Live Overture's metadata. [ Twitter.com Link ]

(Don't forget to download the Overture for a limited time [ Bit.ly Link ]
Honored to have God of War receive the PlayStation Blog's Gold Trophy for Most Anticipated Game.

Thank you to everyone who voted and congrats to all of the other winners!

The Winners: PlayStation.Blog Game of the Year 2016

Thank you for 15 million views of our God of War E3 2016 Gameplay Trailer. Download a limited time exclusive of the God of War E3 Overture Live, composed by the incredible Bear McCreary [ Bit.ly Link ]
Continuing to see more AWESOME Kratos cosplay including this particular one from Instagram user zasamehl. [ Bit.ly Link ]

Thanks to York In A Box for the pics!
Six Brainstorm School students had the awesome opportunity to learn from two artists behind the God of War series.

Read about the class & check out the students' amazing artwork.

God of War

A unique take on Kratos to close out the weekend

Thanks Damn Baby for the share!
Check out why Kazutoki Kono (Bandai Namco) and Tim Wileman (TT Games) are eagerly anticipating God of War (plus other upcoming PlayStation games that game developers are looking forward to).

Game Developers Pick Their Most Anticipated PlayStation Games

More impressive God of War fan art coming to us from Adam Cozart illustrator [ Instagram.com Link ]

Don't forget, if you have awe-inspiring God of War fan art to share, let us know at sms@sony.com or in the comments below!
Lots of impressive details to find in this custom Kratos tattoo via Twitter user Traceursniper

View more pics @ [ Twitter.com Link ]
In case you missed it, PlayStation Asia is finishing off the break with their Holiday Sale including a mighty discount on God of War 3 Remastered.

Details @ [ Bit.ly Link ]
2016 has been an amazing time for our studio - here 's a look back with a collage of last year. Thank you for your continued support and here's to a great 2017 ahead!

#CreativityRules #HappyNewYear
A mighty portrait of Kratos.

Cheers to beardkingfrost for the share - see more of his work @ [ Instagram.com Link ]