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Are you ready to help create God of War? We're hunting for a Technical Artist, Technical Producer, and Gameplay Engine/Graphics/Tools Programmers. The studo atmosphere alone is worth exploring here [ Bit.ly Link ]
We're hunting for an "Environment Artist - Breakables" to transform our Norse environments in God of War. This is what helps our environments really come to life, apply here [ Bit.ly Link ]
Crayons up God of War fans! You're never too old for a colouring book when it features your favorite PlayStation iconic hero. Check out "Art for the Players", the new official PlayStation Colouring Book [ Bit.ly Link ]
When David Jaffe created Kratos in God of War, he also brought to life a classic in Twisted Metal, one who arguably makes Hades look tame. God of War fans, feast your eyes on this new 13.5" Sweet Tooth statue. His next home will be yours. Pre-order now from our friends Gaming Heads

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ᚺᚪᛈᛈᛁ ᚺᚪᛚᛚᛟᚹᛖᛖᚾ ~ Kratos & Son
We're seeking a Lighting Artist to help pave the way for Kratos and his son on their long journey ahead, in God of War [ Bit.ly Link ]
We're looking for a VFX artist to help us create jaw-dropping visuals for our new Norse universe in God of War. If you're ready, show us and apply here [ Bit.ly Link ]
Calling all VFX and Tech Artists and Programmers, a vast journey awaits you at Santa Monica Studio. We're building up our God of War team, all open positions here [ Bit.ly Link ]
We're hunting for Programmers and Tech Artists to help us create an amazing new world in God of War. Venture to our careers page if interested, the time is now [ Bit.ly Link ]
History, Evolution, A New Beginning - Describe Yourself As 3 Fictional Characters
FEED US Arby's
Let's conquer this with you, we're looking for new creatives to join our God of War team, apply here [ Bit.ly Link ]
Show us you're ready, we're hiring for God of War [ Bit.ly Link ]
We are looking for a Senior Technical VFX Artist to create jaw dropping visuals for our new God of War that set the bar for the PS4. Our longtime Lead Sr. VFX Artist Max Ancar and Technical Director Florian Strauss, discuss some explosive tips on what this position entails.

What we're looking for is the creator, the one who likes to set other people up to succeed, to help drive technical...
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