God of War
02/25/2017 at 01:55. Facebook
+ = a GREAT piece of Kratos fan art via STAM's artwoks

(Don't forget to share your God of War art with us in the comments below or by emailing sms@sony.com.) #FanArtFriday
God of War
02/23/2017 at 19:39. Facebook
Our Technical Director, Ben Goldstein, will also be on-site at #GDC17 to speak to those interested in joining the God of War team.

Email sms@sony.com to schedule an appointment for open positions including: Senior Tech Artist (Materials), Tools Programmer and Engine Architect.

PlayStation at GDC 2017: Develop With Us

God of War
02/23/2017 at 00:44. Facebook
A fan-made, life-size Kratos bust? Quite impressive Alexander Arias. [ Facebook.com Link ]
God of War
02/21/2017 at 23:51. Facebook
A journey awaits you; we’re hiring for God of War. Meet directly with our Technical Director, Ben Goldstein, at #GDC17.

Email sms@sony.com to schedule an appointment.

(Positions include: Senior Engine Architect, Senior Tech Artist-Materials and Senior Tools Programmer)
God of War
02/20/2017 at 19:39. Facebook
:O Who knew Kratos could look so good as cardboard art? Really impressive work by Nazary Chesalov.

See more pics: [ Pervee.net Link ] #FanArt
This Kratos is no joke.

Lots of awesome details thanks to Stefano Meo Leathercraft.
We're seeking a Senior DevOps/Build Engineer. [ Bit.ly Link ]

Come help make the new God of War (and share this job posting with those you think are eligible).
Going to the Game Developers Conference - GDC and want to join our God of War team?

We’re hiring! Meet with us by emailing sms@sony.com to schedule an appointment.
Enjoying some impressive Kratos #FanArt for Valentine's Day via...Vicente Valentine ;) [ Bit.ly Link ]
Another fan takes a swing at re-creating Kratos' axe.

Check out the results thanks to Studio Sparta. [ Bit.ly Link ]
"Show me what you know."

In the comments, share your Photoshopped + colored pics based on our studio whiteboard sketch (made by our concept artist, Mark Castanon). We'll share some of our favorites next Friday!

You can also email your creations to sms@playstation.com.

An epic Kratos cosplay photo shoot/collage by Verry OakenAss - thanks for sharing!

I AM HUNGRY...for this Kratos lunch set!

Big thanks to our Associate Environment Artist, Jason Tuttle, and his wife, Mari, for sharing this awesome food creation with us. [ Bit.ly Link ]

:O Kratos' axe is ready for battle.

Kudos to GoryashchiyeKlyuchi for this epic creation. Make sure to check out the link to see how it was made [ Bit.ly Link ]
Don't forget - today is the LAST day for PS Plus members in Asia to download the one-and-only God of War 3 Remastered for free [ Bit.ly Link ]

Kratos still looking FIERCE in this sketch in progress by Instagram user lil.kha93.

Big thanks for letting us share your work! [ Instagram.com Link ]
Kratos' RAGE face...as a fan-made sculpture!

Check out more images of Elton Rodrigues Martins' impressive work [ Bit.ly Link ]

For PS Plus members in Asia, only a few more days left to grab your free download of the epic God of War 3 Remastered as part of PlayStation Asia's Lunar New Year celebration [ Bit.ly Link ]
Fun Kratos/Atreus art by the talented Fergalinskasdrawings - thanks for letting us share your work! [ Bit.ly Link ]
Sketches from our studio whiteboard by our concept artist, Mark Castanon - adventure awaits.

(As always, send us your God of War fan content to sms@sony.com or in the comments below - we'll share our favorites in the near future.)