God of War
03/23/2017 at 02:01. Facebook
God of War celebrates its 12th anniversary today.

Much appreciation goes out to all of our fans who have followed Kratos' journey for all of these years!
✍ Now, you are 'almost' ready.

Kudos to David Dias for this #FanArt - check out his FB page: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Feliz #DíaDelPadre. Para vosotros, jugadores. #PS4 #MiPapáLePuedeAlTuyo. #FelizDíaDelPadre
Excited to have new fan art on display via Vicente Valentine

Want your artwork shown off at our studio? Please continue to share them with us via the comments below or to sms@sony.com

Today, as we also remember the 7th anniversary of God of War 3, we wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for continuing to share your awesome and inspirational GOW memories with us.

#ThrowbackThursday (Kudos to RemisTattoo & Instagram user: insane.venum for this Kratos tattoo)
Algo está pasando con #GodOfWar en #Madrid y #Barcelona #MiPapáLePuedeAlTuyo
Sketches from the studio whiteboard: Kratos knows that the mastery of ping pong will be an invaluable life lesson for Atreus.
Today marks the mighty 10th anniversary for God of War 2.

What was your favorite moment?
"A new beginning."

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Catch the God of War throwback during this year's #DICEAwards intro (celebrating past GOTY winners)?

Full video: [ Bit.ly Link ] #ThrowbackThursday
✍ Appreciating this Kratos portrait sent to us by aspiring concept artist, Lucas Silva. Keep up the great work. #FanArt
What INCREDIBLE craftsmanship in creating Kratos' axe

Full video via AWE me's #ReForged team: [ Bit.ly Link ]
A cool artistic take on Kratos

Watch how it was made by Fuacka: [ Bit.ly Link ] #FanArtFriday
:O ✂ That precision

Check out how Nazary Chesalov made his Kratos cardboard art in his full video: [ Bit.ly Link ] #ThrowbackThursday
Kratos spotted roaming Katsucon 2017 (courtesy of Nwanzo).

Any God of War-related cosplays you'd like to share? Comment below OR email us at sms@sony.com.
"Now you are ready." Watch how this Atreus artwork was made: [ Bit.ly Link ]

Kudos to Adammressam (& thanks to Nihat Ozpay for sharing with us via sms@sony.com). #FanArt
A friendly reminder: at the Game Developers Conference - GDC & interested in being part of our God of War team (including the following positions: Senior Engine Architect, Senior Tech Artist - Materials & Senior Tools Programmer)?

Make sure to email sms@sony.com to meet with our Technical Director, Ben Goldstein in the next few days. #GDC17
+ = a GREAT piece of Kratos fan art via STAM's artwoks

(Don't forget to share your God of War art with us in the comments below or by emailing sms@sony.com.) #FanArtFriday
Our Technical Director, Ben Goldstein, will also be on-site at #GDC17 to speak to those interested in joining the God of War team.

Email sms@sony.com to schedule an appointment for open positions including: Senior Tech Artist (Materials), Tools Programmer and Engine Architect.

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