God's Not Dead
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It's so easy to get overwhelmed, but if you trust in God you will never feel alone. #faithoverfear
God's Not Dead
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Tickets are available for The #CaseForChrist! Find your theater here: [ Bit.ly Link ]
God's Not Dead
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Grace said this when she stood up for her faith in #GodsNotDead2 and proclaimed her love for Jesus!
Be a soldier in the army of Christ and proudly proclaim you love for Him! #VerseOfTheDay
What does this verse mean to you? #VerseOfTheDay #GodsNotDead
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In a recent Barna poll, nearly 79% of #Americans said they were comfortable with a female priest or pastor in the #church. Read more in our latest blog post!

Is the American Church Embracing Female Leadership?

We are saved by God's #grace and His grace alone. #SavedByGrace
Knowing Jesus is our most basic right! Do you agree? #GodsNotDead
NOW STREAMING on #PureFlix: Summer Snow: The story of a father trying to keep his family afloat despite the hardship of life's stresses. Watch the trailer now: [ Hubs.ly Link ]
Just 1 week until tickets go on sale! Follow The Case For Christ for updates!
Who needs #luck when you have God on your side?! #StPatricksDay
This #StPatricksDay, remember this Godly meaning behind the #shamrock: The 3 leaves represent the 3 members of the Trinity.

Also, check out these Prayers for St. Patrick's Day: [ Hubs.ly Link ]
While waiting for The Case For Christ to come to theaters, learn more about related topics with #PureFlix! For example, you can learn how to help skeptics of Christianity here: [ Hubs.ly Link ]
You are made in His image. Never ever forget that. #MondayMotivation
In response to a slew of recent bomb threats to #Jewish community centers, some Muslim community members are stepping up in support. Read more in our latest blog post!

American Muslims Condemn Vandalism of Jewish Sites, Offer Support

If God is making you wait, don't worry. He is keeping you in good company! #trustinGod
My #GodsNotDead He's surely alive! #Amen
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Blog: The Case For Christ: "Equally Relational and Relentless"

The Case For Christ: 'Equally Relational and Relentless'