At first, it is hard to tell what you are looking at. Can you guess what this is?

He’s Unrecognizable When Brought Into The Hospital, But A Quick Bath Transforms Him [video]
Giving birth is an adventure no mom can prepare enough for, but Joana was certainly not expecting to encounter a situation like this, especially so soon after her son’s birth.

Dad Puts Newborn In Mom’s Arms, Then She Pulls Back Blanket And Sees His Onesie Looks Different
This mom's smart storage idea is so simple, you'll be surprised you didn't think of it sooner! [ Link ]
These clips are crazy hilarious. My family and I can't stop watching! Which is your favorite?

So Far No One I Know Made It Through Video Without Laughing. Now It’s Your Turn [Video]
Within seconds of this song starting, I was instantly transported back to the good ol' days. Do you remember it?

Even Though This Song Is 50 Years Old, I Listen To It On A Daily Basis. Do You Remember It?
Even on this manic Monday, I will still remember to say these 5 words over and over - "Thank You for this day!"

20 Prayers to Pray throughout a Busy Day
"He was like a father, a brother, a partner and one of my best friends. I feel like a piece of my heart is missing today," she wrote.

Dolly Does The Hardest Thing She’s Ever Had To Do, Says Goodbye To Her Mr. Everything
Just before Drew and Gina said their vows, the priest asked their parents to stand. They had no idea why, and even the priest said he had never done anything like this before. When Drew and Gina's parents realized what was actually going on, they were stunned.

Bride And Groom Go To Say Vows, But Suddenly, Priest Tells Their Confused Parents To Stand Up
Matt Gault was driving with some friends on Interstate 270 in Maryland. He overcorrected while changing lanes and zoomed right into a metal guardrail. When a few people pulled over to help, a woman name Katelyn Losquardo refused to have him pulled out of the car.

Man Crashes Car Into Guardrail, But Nursing Student Screams For Everyone To Leave Him There