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Her family called the police and the cops went out looking for the little girl – but they had little hope. But then three lions came and changed everything...

12-Year-Old Abducted, Beaten By Men. Pride Of Lions Realizes What’s Wrong, Steps Into Action

I’m so glad he was able to capture this on film to share with all of us. <3

101-Year-Old Mom Wants Out Of The Car Immediately. Son Captures Footage That Has Everyone Laughing

The bizarre discovery was made after a 63-year-old Korean woman experienced intense pain in her mouth after consuming a plate of parboiled squid.

Woman's Mouth Pregnant With Baby Squid After Eating Calamari

On "The Wall," Jarrod and his wife Shantelle were separated: while Jarrod continued playing on stage, winning $1 million, Shantelle was backstage signing a contract guaranteeing them only $135,001. When the game ended, she had to come out and tell her husband what she'd done.

Wife In Tears Says She Gave Away Every Cent Of Husband’s $1 Million, Then He Breaks His Silence

This story had me in tears. This reaffirms my belief that there are truly good people out there.

Her Husband Beat Her Every Day. When The Movers Show, She Can’t Stop Crying [Watch]

After hearing that day care owner 28-year-old Christina Williamson showed unusual behavior toward the kids she watched, her husband decided to take action and record her around the house — but he was absolutely blown away by what he saw.

Little Boy Says Day Care Worker Is Acting Strange, So Her Husband Installs Camera To See Proof

He puts kitchen chairs in a circle. What they become? This backyard idea is INCREDIBLE! [ Bit.ly Link ]
When Raquel found out that she would require a C-section because her baby was in breech, she was shocked — she didn’t think a real mother would have a C-section. Then she took a photo of her scar and looked closely at it.

Mom Fears C-Section Isn’t Really Giving Birth, Then Posts A Photo Of Her Scar

Not only is this guitar still completely playable, but it is now extremely valuable. This is awesome!

This Guitar From 1679 Is Only 1 Of 6 In The World, Wait Until You Hear Him Play It [video]