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It's Friday, are you set for a movie night with some crispy popcorn to binge on?
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Congratulations to all the winners! Thanks for taking the survey.
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Sweet and succulent cherries. Here’s a tip to store them well in the refrigerator and prolong their freshness. #FoodStorageHacks
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Congratulations to the winners of our #GiveLoveAChance contest. Kindly inbox us your contact details and ID proofs. Thanks for participating!
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Men do it their way. Tag someone who does this or let us know if you do it yourself.
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How do you store your peas? #FoodStorageHacks
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What could be more enjoyable than cooking a little something to eat with your loved ones over the weekend!
There's only one way we like to share our love and that's with these freshly baked cupcakes. #BeAnInstaChef now!
If you are someone who always has mushrooms on their shopping lists, but don’t have a plan them to use them soon. Here is a tip to store them right. #FoodStorageHacks
ISRO - Indian Space Research Organisation's record-breaking mission, which saw the launch of 104 satellites also saw Godrej Aerospace manufacture critical components for the PSLV, 4th stage reaction control system and 2nd stage liquid propulsion engine. A proud moment for the entire nation!
Opposites attract, even in food! Have a Happy #ValentinesDay by tickling your taste buds with some of these wacky food combos and #GiveLoveAChance
Food blogger Food Of Mumbai feels traditional rice with the richness of chocolate sauce is a great combination for a Valentine's Day. Will you give this uber-simple chocolate rice pudding a chance today?
Creamy pasta with tangy pickle has got a thumbs up from The Bombay Glutton
Will you give it a try? #GiveLoveAChance

The combination of smooth ice-cream and crispy fries gets a thumbs up from Food Of Mumbai! Share an unusual food combo that is your personal favorite in the comments section below & we will get it tasted from the food bloggers! Let's #GiveLiveAChance today!
Branded Bawi's Biography gave scrambled eggs and jelly a chance and she loved it! Have you given it a chance yet?
To have our food bloggers taste your wacky food combos, send us your entries in the comments section below. #GiveLoveAChance
#ContestAlert - Would you #GiveLoveAChance with Noodles & Curd? Share with us that one odd food combo that you just can't get enough of. And if it pleases our food bloggers love it, you win! #ValentinesDay
#ContestAlert - Hot out of the kadhai and dipped straight into ketchup!
Tag that friend who enjoys such off-beat food combos or share your favorite food combos. #GiveLoveAChance
This one's like two different worlds coming together! Share with us your unusual food combos that you would want our food bloggers to try and #GiveLoveAChance. If they like it, you win exciting prizes! #Contest
#ContestAlert - Shout-out to all the foodies! This Valentine's Day, #GiveLoveAChance and show your love for wacky food combos.
Share your own favorite odd food combos in the comments and we'll get your favorite food bloggers to try them out to pick the winning combo. Exciting prizes up for grabs!
Everybody loves a midweek treat. Savor appetizing grilled food with friends to lighten up your midweek.