Our Customer Connect Centres are equipped to attend customer calls in 10 different languages 24x7 & our service visits can be scheduled any day of the week till 9 PM.
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"My mom walks into my room at 2 AM just to switch off the AC".
This video about the quirky house rules of using an AC is the story of every household.
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With 625+ service centre & 4500+ qualified SmartBuddy technicians, Godrej SmartCare is one the most reliable service networks in India.
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Do you hear this often in your home?
Time to switch to Godrej NXW – India’s most power saving green inverter AC with 5.8 ISEER #SochKeBanayaHai
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Godrej NXW AC's Intelligent Air Throw Technology senses the room temperature and automatically adjusts the air throw resulting in maximum comfort whether you are near the AC or far from it. #SochKeBanayaHai
Know more -- [ Bit.ly Link ]
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Wondering which Air Conditioner fits your house best?
Here's a complete guide to help you beat the heat this summer - [ Bit.ly Link ] #SochKeBanayaHai
What makes Godrej NXW AC the best choice for you this summer? Watch this to know.
Replace colors with flowers and enjoy a truly eco-friendly Holi! #HappyHoli
Godrej Appliances’ Shirwal Manufacturing facility bagged the ‘Sandvik India Diversity Award 2017’ for exemplary contribution in women empowerment through women employment.
When everyone is craving for more power, here's one who does not lust for it! #SochKeBanayaHai #ElectionResults
Want to use AC even when you don’t have guests over?
Get home Godrej NXW – India’s most power saving Green Inverter AC! #SochKeBanayaHai
Do excuses hijack the conversation for new AC?
It’s time to introduce your family to Godrej NXW – India’s most power saving Green Inverter AC! #SochKeBanayaHai
Leaving the door open with the AC on is a complete NO-NO.
Unless you have Godrej NXW – India’s most power saving Green Inverter!
Congratulations to the winners of our #BrighterKitchenHacks contest. Kindly inbox us your contact details and ID proofs. Thanks for participating!
Here’s to those who redefine the limits of being a woman. Those who bust the labels and take the lead. This International Women’s Day, Godrej Appliances celebrates the women who dare to follow their dreams and promise to stop at nothing. #iamlimitless
A SOCH to make meaningful innovations that take care of your needs. Everytime.
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Godrej Appliances’ new ‘Soch’ gives India its most Power Saving Green Inverter Air-Conditioner.
Hum kafi sochte hai. Itna mat sochiye
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