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Golden Cloud
yesterday at 06:00. Facebook
Baking tip: Preparing the ingredients before starting to bake with your kids is a no mess no fuss solution! :)
Golden Cloud
01/13/2017 at 06:00. Facebook
Lunch is fun! Decorate a plate like the #SuperMom you are!
Golden Cloud
01/11/2017 at 06:00. Facebook
Every #SuperMom knows that this is how you'll get the little ones to eat their greens...
Making your own bread is easier than you think! [ Bit.ly Link ] #SuperMom
The perfect back to school treat - just imagine the smiles! #BackToSchool #CupcakesAreHappiness
Get ahead this year with your own ready mixes of your favourites - just add the dry ingredients for your favourite recipes in a big jar and store. This is the best way to prepare quick treats for your kids lunchbox this year! #BackToSchool #SuperMom
Happy 2017! This is the year of efficiency and #SuperMoms
2016 has been completely devoured! What was the cherry on top of your delightful year?
Baking tip: cool your cakes upside down for level stacking.
Red velvet cake in a mug? We have a mix for that!
The more, the berrier! Make up to 24 berry muffins with our berry flavoured muffin mix!
Who said hats were only meant for your head? 'Tis the season to be creative!
This season, bake - don't buy. It's extra-special to receive something homemade!
This delectable recipe is no trifling matter! [ Bit.ly Link ]
Create golden moments with those you love - the Golden Cloud way :)
Stock up for Christmas with Golden Cloud's 1kg muffin mix!
Nutty for something zesty? Then you'll love this recipe for orange and ginger cake, topped with almonds! [ Bit.ly Link ]
Planning a big dinner and no idea what to serve for dessert? These mini chocolate orange cakes are just the thing! [ Bit.ly Link ]