Golden Crumpets
03/22/2017 at 06:42. Facebook
Swap your pizza base for a toasted crumpet and take your pick at toppings. We are loving these capricciosa crumpet pizzas with ham, olives, artichoke, mushroom and bocconcini. Perfect for afternoon tea, or an all hands-on-deck dinner.
Avo is our topping of choice today. Happy St. Patrick's Day! #StPatricksDay
Maths is more fun when breakfast is involved! Celebrate International Pi Day with a delicious Pi-kelet. #PiDay
Happy #InternationalWomensDay!
Who's feeling fruity this morning?
Words of wisdom from the birthday man himself. Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss from Mr Golden.
Catching Summer’s last wave
You can tell an Aussie hamburger by the fried onion and a beetroot slice. To be extra Australian, why not try this version which begins and ends with Golden crumpets? We added eggy deliciousness to ours, but you can also experiment with your favourite toppings.
At least there are always delicious, delicious crumpets
Spread the love this Valentine’s Day!
You’ll be scrambling for this delicious take on a breakfast classic
Repeating the same moment over and over sounds good to us. Happy Groundhog Day!
Breaking holiday habits can be tough… but hurrah for 6 hours of quiet time!
A delicious start to your Australia Day.
A Golden start to your morning with this deliciously hearty crumpet concoction of avocado, crispy bacon, egg and drizzled with tomato chutney. Full recipe available in our Unleash album: [ Link ]
Mr Golden makes fruit more fun!
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Which topping really hits the spot?
Start the new year off with Golden and this delectably scrumptious take on a High Tea favourite. You'll simply need 2 toasted crumpets, a drizzling of white chocolate, succulent strawberries, mascarpone, and a sprinkling of toasted almonds. The perfect New Year's Day breakfast.