Your chance to send a message of solidarity with Copinh Intibucá ahead of the anniversary of Berta's assassination next week. (En español).

Video campaign to remember #BertaCaceres
Some heartening news for Máxima!
"I know that my life and even my family is at risk. I could be criminally charged and arrested or get killed, [but] I still try to save the forest."

The bravery of Leng Ouch highlighted by The Guardian last week. [ Link ]

Leng Chrtf Center for Global Development Forest Trends
Since being awarded the Prize last year, this activist has seen leatherback sea turtle populations increase, and more people volunteering to protect the Puerto Rican nature reserve he helped establish.

See how you too can get involved: [ Link ]

World Day of Social Justice Defendamos el Corredor Ecológico del Noreste Sierra Club Puerto Rico
It has been over one month since Isidro Baldenegro's assassination, see how you can support his family left behind: [ Link ]
Our statement following the recent threats to Prize winner Phyllis Omido and members of the Center for Justice Governance and Environmental Action-CJGEA.

Goldman Environmental Foundation Calls for Immediate Safety Measures, Investigation into Threats Against Phyllis Omido, CJGEA Members in Kenya - Goldman Environmental Foundation
“They are the heroes; we are just trying to help them be recognized.” — our co-founder Rhoda Goldman (right) who passed away 21 years ago today.

More about our founders: [ Link ]
The Goldman Environmental Prize is the world's largest award for grassroots environmental activists. The Goldman Environmental Prize ceremony is held at the San Francisco War Memorial Opera House each year to celebrate the achievements of six heroes from around the world for their sustained and significant efforts to protect and enhance the natural environment, often at great personal risk....
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Explore the legacy of spiritual leader Berito Kuwaru'wa and his inspirational work protecting the rights of Colombia's Uw'a people.

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Berito’s Vision — How The Goldman Prize Bolstered The U’wa Struggle For Territorial Rights
VIDEO — Watch TIME's next generation leader Destiny Watford talk about the obstacles to her victory stopping the incinerator, and how they made her stronger. (From minute 1:40).

Goldman Environmental Prize
This World Radio Day, learn about Feliciano Dos Santos whose internationally acclaimed band, Massukos, uses music to spread messages of sanitation and hygiene to some of the poorest villages in Mozambique. [ Link ]
Watch Prize winner Maria Gunnoe talk about the communities she defends from the coal mining industry in the Appalachian Mountains.

You can help this activist tell their stories by supporting the Blood on the Mountain outreach campaign: [ Link ]
Today is the first birthday of South Arran's marine protected area coming into effect!

Helping to establish the first community-developed Marine Protected Area in Scotland was the reason Howard Wood won the Prize in 2015.

Marine Protected Areas helping to limit climate change
The story of Consuelo Soto echoes that of Berta Cáceres:

"I will not be silenced because I am defending my people."

Share the new report by Global Witness which exposes those responsible for the deaths of 123 activists killed in Honduras since 2010: [ Link ]
Watch the rest of Philippe Cousteau's speech introducing the 2013 Prize winners here: [ Link ]
Almost one year on, read about the circumstances that led to the assassination of Berta Cáceres and many other Honduran environmental defenders.

Honduras: the deadliest country in the world for environmental activism | Global Witness
Prize winners have joined together to demand an investigation into the assassination of Isidro Baldenegro Lopez last month.

Goldman Prize winners stand with Isidro Baldenegro
Ahead of #WorldWetlandsDay watch Prize winner Azzam Alwash passionately talk about the Mesopotamian marshes, or "cradle of civilization" he successfully restored.

More about the founder of Iraq's only environmental NGO, Nature Iraq: [ Link ]

Azzam Alwash: Lessons from Iraq's beautiful marshes

Azzam Alwash is the Founder and President of Nature Iraq, an NGO dedicated to protecting and preserving Iraq's natural environment and rich cultural heritage...

Youth leadership month kicks off this week and Destiny Watford has some words of wisdom for aspiring young activists.
“If BRESCO were to go away, what would take its place?”

Destiny Watford is looking beyond her next goal — shutting down another harmful incinerator in Baltimore.

Goldman Environmental Prize