Be inspired by the stories of three water guardians — from West Virginia to Kenya.

Make Everyday World Water Day
“Anyone, environmentalist or not, should mourn the irreversible loss of biodiversity. But we must move forward. While what has been lost is immeasurable, we must focus on what remains and what needs to be saved. Our challenge is to save it.” — Prize winner Corneille Ewango


A hero of the Congo forest
Ahead of International Day of Forests tomorrow, learn about tribal leader and founder of Coica Amazonía Evaristo Nugkuag. [ Link ]
"My dream is to see women speak up, women become leaders to save the environment where they live."

The inspirational Aleta Baun is launching a $100,000 fund to help other women fight to protect their communities.

Indonesian environmentalist who diced with death hopes to inspire more women
Find out what Luis Jorge Rivera Herrera, Leng Ouch and Edward Loure have been up to since winning the world's largest environmental award last year.

Defendamos el Corredor Ecológico del Noreste CHRTF Ujamaa Community Resource Team

Revisiting the 2016 Prize winners
See how Prigi Arisandi is inspiring the next generation care for one of Indonesia's most precious natural resources — the Surabaya river.
Ahead of International Day of Action for Rivers tomorrow, meet the activist who is cleaning up waterways contaminated by industrial farming. [ Link ]
Wonderful to see Prize winner and Maasai leader Edward Loure inspiring the next generation!
ICYMI: Explore the newly launched Business & Human Rights Resource Centre portal which features over 400 cases of attacks against activists, with mining as the main driver of the violence. [ Link ]

Since our establishment, we have recognized 26 environmental defenders for standing up to oil and mining interests. [ Link ]
"As a woman and as an environmentalist, here are ten incredible females that I am looking to for inspiration in this time of deep challenge."

Great to see four Prize winners included in this list!

Top 10 Kick-Ass Female Environmentalists to Watch
"Giving our lives for the protection of the rivers is giving our lives for the well-being of humanity and of this planet."

Ahead of International Women's Day tomorrow, send a message of solidarity to activists in Latin America who are still under threat, including Sofia E Gatica in Argentina and Maria Elena Foronda Farro in Peru:

[ Link ]
Use our interactive map to send messages of support to Prize winners at risk in Latin America.

Honor Berta's Legacy: Tell Activists Under Threat That They Are Not Alone
Our statement a year after the assassination of a member of our Prize family, Berta Cáceres.

#BertaLives #COPINHcontinues #1YearWithoutJustice

Goldman Environmental Foundation Marks Anniversary of Berta Cáceres Passing, Honors Legacy to Grassroots Environmental Activism
Bay Area supporters: don't miss your chance to join a vigil in her honor this Friday.

Justice for Berta Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity

Berta Caceres, Presente! 1 Year Anniversary Vigil SF

Remembering the powerful performance by three spoken word poets at the 2016 ceremony, honoring Berta Cáceres.
This week marks a year since Berta's assassination and we have yet to see a full investigation and prosecution of those responsible for her murder, and the Agua Zarca dam remains viable.

March 3 marks the anniversary of a tragedy, but it is a day to honor and celebrate the legacy of Berta Cáceres.

See how you can get involved: [ Link ]
An important reminder for activists like Leng Ouch who continue to risk their lives to protect what unites us all.

Interamerican Association for Environmental Defense (AIDA) Leng Chrtf
Your chance to send a message of solidarity with Copinh Intibucá ahead of the anniversary of Berta's assassination next week. (En español).

Video campaign to remember #BertaCaceres
Some heartening news for Máxima!
"I know that my life and even my family is at risk. I could be criminally charged and arrested or get killed, [but] I still try to save the forest."

The bravery of Leng Ouch highlighted by The Guardian last week. [ Link ]

Leng Chrtf Center for Global Development Forest Trends