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Africa Uncensored follows Prize winner Phyllis Omido as she investigates cases of lead poisoning in Kenya:

Watch the full film here: [ Bit.ly Link ]

Center for Justice Governance and Environmental Action-CJGEA
See why river guardian Myint Zaw was so passionate about protecting Myanmar's Irrawaddy River: [ Bit.ly Link ]
"The communities being affected often don’t have a voice to fight against this injustice. That’s why Destiny Watford is so special."

When these teens took on Baltimore over a garbage idea, the city actually listened.

Seven years after one of the most devastating natural disasters in the western hemisphere hit Haiti, see how agronomist Chavannes Jean-Baptiste led his community to plant over 20 million trees across the island.

These trees are vital to prevent soil erosion and land slides in an area prone to natural disasters:
Listen to more words of wisdom from Dr. Jane Goodall at our 2004 ceremony: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Your chance to support activists in the most dangerous region to be one:

Amnesty International

See how Prize winner and biologist Rudi Putra is building a "homegrown Sumatran conservation movement" to save the Leuser ecosystem, and its wildlife:

Local NGOs: Ecosystem services, not orangutans, key to saving Leuser

Check out how Prize winners continue to mobilize their communities and protect their natural resources:

Announcing International Grants to Support Former Prize Winners

Five years after her passing, we remember waitress-turned-activist Julia "Judy" Bonds for her heroic work against mountaintop removal.

Judy's work inspired fellow Prize winner Maria Gunnoe to take up the cause in West Virginia.
Activists continue to give us reason to hope for the Earth.

Learn more about Inupiat leader Caroline Cannon and her advocacy work against offshore drilling in the Arctic: [ Bit.ly Link ]

Read the latest findings from the UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of Human Rights defenders: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Great news to round up the year: Berta Cáceres and her mother are among Foreign Policy's Global Thinkers of 2016.

Both are "the sort of preservationists the world desperately needs" — Berta for stopping the Agua Zarca Dam, and Austra for taking up her daughter's cause:

Berta Cáceres and Austra Flores — Global Thinkers 2016

A new report by Earth Law Center once again sounds the alarm on the co-violations of human and environmental rights and makes recommendations on how to establish a better future for people and planet.

Over 2/3 of the 200 cases examined are due to mining, fossil fuels and agriculture.

Read the full report: [ Bit.ly Link ]
A fantastic video to end the year! A group of students in Spain pay tribute to Máxima Acuña with their own Prize called "Seeds of Resistance", for her commitment to the defense of life.

For "her fight to protect the land which belongs to us all" they also dedicate a song (starts at minute 2:00):
Ahead of the anniversary of the Endangered Species Act, learn about the activist who withstood a civil war to protect the severely threatened Okapi: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Prize winner Craig Williams is one of the water safety activists resisting fossil fuel development across the U.S.:

Goldman Environmental Prize

Their successes give us hope for the future:

Nine Ways Prize winners Rocked 2016

Watch Destiny Watford and Free Your Voice Group walk around their neighborhood to pick up trash destined for the Bresco incinerator — trash that is entirely recyclable:

"We are going to continue to clean up our community and recycle everything we can to make it clear that we can have a zero waste city!"

Baltimore students ask: "Is the litter our city burns recyclable?"

This passionate defender of wild spaces from Puerto Rico shares words to live by: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Wonderful to see Luis Jorge Rivera Herrera and Máxima Acuña on this list!

Remezcla Defendamos el Corredor Ecológico del Noreste Grufides

Goldman Environmental Prize