Throwback to Goldsmiths 40,636 days ago!
Here's how Goldsmiths students spent their evenings in 1905: "Now I am going to have onions for supper as I have a cold."

The postcard was discovered recently in a shop by current student Evie Russell.

The full text reads:
Dear Frank
Sorry I have not written you another letter, but you of course know I have plenty to do. E.g, this evening I have been...
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Aspiring music producers, coders and web designers! New Goldsmiths short courses for you to grow your skills. Have a search here: [ Link ]
#LogicPro #UXDesign #VR
‘A huge part of human experience goes unsaid, it’s felt, it’s experienced in the body.’

Dr. Alex Rhys-Taylor serves up a ‘sensory ethnography’ meal deal, investigating the smells and tastes of London through its chicken shops.

His book, ‘Food and Multiculture: A Sensory Ethnography of East London’, is available in the Goldsmiths Library now.
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Mark Fisher 1968-2017
"At Goldsmiths you have this community feeling. You feel at home and people make you feel at ease." Student Sixtine on Goldsmiths.
Throwback to this vintage photo of Goldsmiths!
Exact date unknown
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Have you got what it takes to be on the jury at a murder trial? Are you good at interpreting evidence?
The Great Hall at Goldsmiths will be transformed into a 1950s courtroom, and you're invited!

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Event organised by Goldsmiths Psychology, first night sold out!
"Code Liberation exists because there's a lack of support for women in the games industry."
Goldsmiths students and Code Liberation in action!
The Code Liberation Foundation
#gaming #coding
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"We developed it with audio engineers with visual impairments. It allows people to feel waveforms when editing music."

Goldsmiths Computing's Adam Parkinson on the device that offers new ways of editing music.
"We found immediate improvement in body image and self-esteem." Does being naked improve how you see your body? Dr Keon West explores.
Video contains nudity.

Goldsmiths Research Questions: does being naked improve your body image?
Keith Church is a former Goldsmiths art student whose life was cut short over 30 years ago. Now, the first ever exhibition of his work has just opened on campus.
Here his cousin Kurt Barling reflects on Keith and his art.
Open until 9 February 2017.
"It's really important to me that I'm doing something that is worthwhile."
Goldsmiths grads at work and making a difference.
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"We all need to be completely committed to eradicating discrimination based on race."
Afua Hirsch speaking after the Aspiration and Representation conference held at Goldsmiths yesterday.
"14 young black people between the ages of 14 to 22 had their futures stolen from them."
Remembering the New Cross Fire. #OnThisDay, 18 Jan 1981

New Crass Massahkah: Remembering the fire at 439 New Cross Road
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It is with the deepest sadness that we can confirm Mark Fisher has passed away. His loss has come as a huge shock to all within Visual Cultures and the wider Goldsmiths community. Mark was deeply loved and his work and passion inspired so many of us. Our thoughts go out to all those who were lucky enough to know him, and at this sad time we send our love to his family, friends and...
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