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#Throwback to the 1910s!

Here's the entrance to what we now know as the Richard Hoggart Building, more than 100 years ago. Spot the man sitting on a box to the left? He was known as 'The College Beggar'.

Find out more about his mysterious story on the new Goldsmiths History Project blog! [ Gold.ac.uk Link ]
How can we use technology to translate sign language into text and speech?

Meet Goldsmiths Computing researcher Hadeel Ayoub and the 'Bright Sign Glove':
Campus photo of the week by @warmhealer
"When meeting up with former Goldsmiths students, the things they say can be very moving: 'You taught me to think'."

Anthropology academics got together recently to mark the department's 30th anniversary! Here they share stories, reflect on the department and talk about #anthropology and #Goldsmiths.

Department of Anthropology, Goldsmiths
Can music help stroke survivors? Goldsmiths' Pedro Kirk explores how music can be used to motivate movement.

#ResearchQuestions #MusicalStrokeProject
Campus photo of the week by Covee Wang
"When we dance and move in synchrony with other people, it creates bonding and affiliation." Why do we like to dance? Why do we feel good when we watch people dance?

Goldsmiths Psychology's Guido Orgs explores.

"Just before David Bowie died, he released a song and nobody in the industry knew about it. It was a surprise to everybody, except for him and his closest confidants."

Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth was at Goldsmiths recently, along with Tania Chen and David Toop. Here they reflect on the final months of Bowie's music and life, studying music, and the challenges of staying innovative.
Campus photo of the week by @st.justice
"How is religion connected to wider issues such as international relations and politics?"
Here's an intro the BA Religion at Goldsmiths.
"This installation traces the precarious journeys of refugees as they navigate the perils of land, sea and borders."

New video installation comes to Goldsmiths featuring music by Brian Eno.

Video installation explores the journeys of refugees

Zips, textiles, technology. How can these three things support communication between people with visual impairments?

Dr Sarah Wiseman from Goldsmiths explores.
"I feel terrific, I'm absolutely thrilled to win the Goldsmiths Prize."

The winner of the #GoldsmithsPrize2016 is Solar Bones by Mike McCormack! Here's the writer speaking just after winning the book award.
Campus photo of the week by @chiyomlon
"I do believe that to get at the truly good stuff, the writer needs to walk along the edge of a cliff"

Read Beatlebone author Kevin Barry's piece on the #GoldsmithsPrize:

Goldsmiths Prize winner Kevin Barry: award has developed 'serious cachet'

Can't get a song out of your head? Study led by Dr Kelly Jakubowski gets behind those earworm tunes.

Scientists find key to writing catchy pop hits

UrbanPhotoFest 2016 is in full swing! Photographers, artists, film-makers have come together for a six day festival of events, masterclasses, workshops, and a new Urban Photo Village.

More on #UrbanPhotoFest2016: [ Urbanphotofest.org Link ]
"London is a city full of new enterprises that will value your skills."
Why study economics in London? Dr Ivano Cardinale explores.
"A massive increase in the use of diesel vehicles in London since 2001 has created very poor air quality."
A citizen-led project based at Goldsmiths has just launched and will monitor air pollution levels in South London.
[ Gold.ac.uk Link ]
Have you ever woken up in the dead of night, completely unable to move?

For Halloween, Goldsmiths Professor Chris French talks about the disturbing phenomenon of sleep paralysis. Listen to the science, history and first hand accounts in this special episode: [ Gold.ac.uk Link ]

New X Change episode 02: Strange days