Good Will Hunting turns 19 today! #MiramaxIcons
Good Will Hunting makes the list of Hollywood's 100 favorite films. Industry insiders such as studio chiefs, Oscar winners and TV royalty were all surveyed and The Hollywood Reporter publishes, for the first time, the definitive ranking of Hollywood's 100 favorite films.

Good Will Hunting - Hollywood's 100 Favorite Films
The incredibly talented Matt Damon celebrates his birthday today. How do you like them apples?
Cheers to those who teach us, believe in us, and help us change the way we look at the world. #WorldTeachersDay
Happy Birthday Robin Williams! Thank you for sharing your genius with the world.
Find your mentor and follow his lead. #FathersDay - Good Will Hunting available on VUDU [ Link ]
"So, this is a Harvard bar?" #NationalHighEducationDay
Rare are those who help you shake things up. Robin Williams aka Sean. Forever father figure and inspiration. #MiramaxIcons
Celebrate #PiDay with #MattDamon and #BenAffleck in #GoodWillHunting on iTunes: [ Link ]

Good Will Hunting - You'll Probably Fit Right In
It's #DoAGrouchAFavorDay so put them on sandwich welfare.
A real friend only wants the best for you. #MiramaxIcons #FriendsDay
Change for better reasons... For #MiramaxMonday, re-watch Good Will Hunting - now available on iTunes. [ Link ]
Matt Damon's out of this world performance was awarded tonight. Congratulations! #GoldenGlobes #MiramaxIcons
Matt Damon is no stranger to the Award game. #GoldenGlobes #MiramaxIcons
Januray 9, 1998 - Good Will Hunting is released wide in theaters and goes on to win 2 #AcademyAwards and a #GoldenGlobes for Best Screenplay. "How do you like them apples?"


Good Will Hunting - Official Trailer (HD)
Let no one hold you back. Live up to your full potential this year. #MiramaxMonday
Thankfully, he didn't pursue that welding career. #TBT to when Robin Williams won the Oscar for Best Actor in a Supporting Role. #MiramaxIcons
#TBT Whether it’s math skills or survival skills #MattDamon has always been golden. Congratulations on today’s #GoldenGlobe nomination!
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