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Don't miss a workout this festive season! From December 17 until January 8, all Goodlife members can train at any club across Australia during staffed hours. So whether you're at home or holidaying interstate, you can stay committed to your goals and finish 2016 strong
Fighting the end-of-year fatigue? It might be time to rethink your daily schedule.

6 tips for reorganising your routine

Build strength and endurance with this #workoutwednesdy routine!

Complete each exercise for 45 secs
15 sec rest after each round
Repeat 4 x

Bent over barbell rows
Incline push ups
Reverse lunges
Sumo squat
Machine row
Trim, tone and tighten your entire body like never before. A Bootybarre class will get your heart pumping, legs burning and that post-workout feeling will torch extra calories all day long.
Want to save money and eat the tastiest, freshest, most nutritious fruits and vegetables?

Your guide to seasonal foods

Long week? Help your body recover with a MIND BODY class.
Is your training partner the right fit for you?

How to choose the right workout buddy

Summer is officially here! Have you had your first swim of the year?
Treadmills? ✔
Kettlebells? ✔
Cross-trainers? ✔
Squat racks? ✔
20m long sled track? ✔
Goodlife Ashgrove members have their #workoutwednesday ready and waiting.
Want abs like Emily Skye? Complete your almost-summer workout with a killer core sesh to tone your tummy!
Friends that train together, stay together! Check out the Silver Bullets working out at Goodlife Health Clubs Australia.
Thanks to Goodlife Prahran for serving up this Monday mantra!
Yoga? Cycle? HIIT? Bootybarre? What group fitness class moves you to achieve great things?
Today - Friday November 25 - marks White Ribbon Day, dedicated to the prevention of domestic violence and support of victims. Goodlife Health Clubs would like to take the opportunity to raise awareness alongside our members. If you know someone suffering from domestic violence, now is the time to stand up, speak out and act. Visit to show your support.
If anyone needs us, we'll be at the barre. Will we be seeing you there? bit.ly/bootybarre-at-goodlife
Don't forget to spring clean your fitness routine before summer hits!

How to spring clean your fitness routine

New to the Goodlife? Team up with a Fitness Professional and hit the ground running with the know-how and confidence that'll have you reaching your fitness goals faster! bit.ly/hit-the-ground-running
Don't let Monday slow you down.
Our friends at Lorna Jane pliéd, squatted and arabesqued their way to a longer, leaner, tighter body in our Bootybarre class. Have you tried it yet?

Four Reasons to Get Your Butt to the Barre - Move Nourish Believe

It never gets easier, you just get faster. Find your pace with a cycle class at your local club bit.ly/find-your-pace