Merry Christmas (-:
Our kind of stocking!
Who loves a cosy night in?
How about a treat?
Remember remember the 5th of November!
Happy Halloween!
Chilled gummies anyone?
Get our mixed bag of goodies from Sainsbury’s for your Free From Halloween!
Bigger, better, with new, exciting categories for 2017, the FreeFrom Food Awards continue to lead the freefrom sector to ever greater heights of excellence!

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Make your Monday a little brighter with Goody Good Stuff!
When you realise it’s nearly the weekend….
Autumn is nearly here!
Cola Breeze or Koala Gummy Bears? Decisions!
In the spirit of The Great British Bake Off we've found a very tasty recipe for Vegan cupcakes! Why not top them with Goody Good Stuff as an added decoration?

Jemma’s vegan vanilla fudge cupcakes | Jamie Oliver
Check it out guys if you are around :)
Hope everyone’s having a goody good bank holiday! We think a competition will make it even better! Like & Share for your chance to win our brand new berry mix!
It’s a berry nice life….
Do you love our vegan sweets? Do you like taste testing and reviewing products? We are looking for 5 bloggers/vloggers/instagrammers to participate. Inbox us for more detail!
We've been nominated in the Vegfest UK Awards for best Vegan Snack! If you love our products please vote!

VegfestUK London - 2016 Awards Voting
We can’t believe it was nearly a year since we were at Teen VGN! Happy memories guys! Are any of you at the camp this year?