Cat Wils
Ia In
Dondi Smith
Accidentally closed a tab on Chrome desktop? Get it back quickly with Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + T! #Chrometips
Susan Senecal
Jason Jay Knight
Stephanie Palenik
A neat tip for our Chromebook users to go into full size screen mode with one tap. #Chrometips
Marilyn Myers
Luis Carlos Vieira
Paul Bridgwater
For our Chromebook users, try to switch tabs in Chrome with a 3 fingers swipe! #Chrometip
Benjamin Tomlin
Shahzaib Shah
Tom Linton
Hate losing all your tabs when you close Chrome? Change your settings to pick up where you left off #Chrometips
Lynda Sparks
Jeff Norris
Steve Kurtz
Swipe left or right on your address bar to switch tabs quickly! #Chrometips
Kellie Arrowood
Daryl Lees
Anerudh Athrey
Make Chrome yours! Find the theme you love to personalize your desktop Chrome Browser. Show us which are your favorites! [ Link ] #Chrometips
Make Chrome yours Find the theme you love to personalize your desktop
Brad Jäger-König
Andrew Simpson
Thomas Orlita
Lost your internet connection? Tap the T-Rex to play a hidden game and let us know what your highscore is! #Chrometips
Matthew Kaczynsky
Constantinos Tiphas
Rui Martins
Add new features to your desktop Chrome Browser with extensions! Check out the "Get Started" selection on the Chrome Web Store [ Link ] #Chrometips
Christian Weeks
Shahzaib Shah
Nicki Davis
Want to learn more about something while browsing? Try touch to search in Chrome on Android! #Chrometips
Matthew Kaczynsky
Osman Gedik
Peter Biro
The Mountain View #tcmeetups2016 is finally here! We’re beyond excited to hang out with Chromebook Top Contributor Program members. [ Link ]
The Mountain View tcmeetups2016 is finally here Were beyond excited to hang
Bruce Berry
Renate Blackwell
Saurav Kumar Singh
Save data, access content offline, and discover content. Learn more about how you can do more on Chrome, no matter what phone or network you have. [ Link ]
Save data access content offline and discover content Learn more about how

Chrome on Android: Do more on every phone and network
Konain Baig
Shannon Moana Morgan
Mircea Ciucă
Running low on data? Turn on Data Saver in Chrome for Android and save up to 60% data to browse more for less #ChromeTips [ Link ]
Running low on data Turn on Data Saver in Chrome for Android
Andy Robus
Vivek Kumar
Diplomatic Olaniyi Bolaji
Google Cast is now fully built-in to Chrome. It has never been easier to share what you love to watch with those around you. Make sure you have the latest version of Chrome installed! [ Link ]
Google Cast is now fully builtin to Chrome It has never been

Google Cast is now built-in to Chrome
Rolf Larsson
Jose Semidey
Cara Negus
The most "popular unpopular" Chrome extension around -- once people get it, they really don't get it. ????????????

[ Link ]
The most popular unpopular Chrome extension around once people get it they

Pipey the Piper from HBO’s Silicon Valley
Nicole Noelle Niehaus
Manuel Lanas Villarroel
Samuel T Cole
The Google I/O 2017 Experiments Challenge is open! Enter your Android, Chrome, or AI experiment for a chance to win a trip to Google I/O 2017 [ Link ]
The Google IO 2017 Experiments Challenge is open Enter your Android Chrome

Experiments Challenge
Mary A Griffin
Matthew Schulz
Moses Owolabi
Experience Virtual Reality on the web with Chrome [ Link ]
Experience Virtual Reality on the web with Chrome

Experience Virtual Reality on the web with Chrome
Mark Johnson
James Zagata
James Zagata
Land Lines, an experiment exploring Google Earth satellite images through gesture. Doodle to begin [ Link ]
Google Chrome 12/16/2016
Hayato D. Wada
Manuel Lanas Villarroel
Chris Moore
Riku von Bielefelt
Robert Ab
Ajmal Rashid