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The top drawer of the desk in the VP Ceremonial Office has been signed by five vice presidents, as well as two presidents who were looking to borrow a stapler.
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If you look closely in Law Library for the Executive Office of the President, you’ll also find New Releases and a Community Book Swap.
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The Eisenhower Executive Office Building is The White House's younger, bigger sibling, serving as offices for a majority of White House staff.
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The State Dining Room serves over 50,000 people each year, making it the most heavily used and most often renovated room in The White House.
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Today there are considerably fewer antlers, pelts, and snake skins in The White House Entrance Hall than when Thomas Jefferson was president.
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The White House receives up to 30,000 visitors per week. Today you can skip the crowds and explore the grounds and interiors with #StreetView.

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