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Jen Fitzpatrick shares her advice for #womenintech & her journey from intern to VP of Google Maps: [ Link ] #WomensHistoryMonth
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Explore the kingdom of the mighty Kong. #KongSkullIsland #KongIsKing [ Link ]
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Introducing Lists, a seamless way to organize and share your favorite places.
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Join Game of Thrones star Nicolaj Coster-Waldau as he takes on a new role as a Trekkersguard, bringing the changing beauty of Greenland to Street View.
The average phone screen will wear down after approximately 30 million taps. Keeping that in mind, we updated our home screen to include one tap navigation and travel time for your commute.
It’s okay if you enjoy opening the the ride services tab in Google Maps just to watch the little cars drive around. It’s soothing. We get it. Super useful when you need to go somewhere, too.
When you book an Uber through Google Maps, info about your destination is just a swipe away. It’s like astral projection without the years of training.
Today's Google Doodle celebrates Australia’s big blue backyard. Read on to take a virtual dive in the Great Barrier Reef with underwater Street View (captured by The Ocean Agency):
Our integration with Tock can help you get a table at some of the world's best restaurants.

Side note: You're worth it.
The top drawer of the desk in the VP Ceremonial Office has been signed by five vice presidents, as well as two presidents who were looking to borrow a stapler.
If you look closely in Law Library for the Executive Office of the President, you’ll also find New Releases and a Community Book Swap.
The Eisenhower Executive Office Building is The White House's younger, bigger sibling, serving as offices for a majority of White House staff.
The State Dining Room serves over 50,000 people each year, making it the most heavily used and most often renovated room in The White House.
Today there are considerably fewer antlers, pelts, and snake skins in The White House Entrance Hall than when Thomas Jefferson was president.