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This totally validates you telling your friends that you're an illustrious architect.
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Without Swiftkey: If you're husky I have some lice.

With Swiftkey: If you're hungry I have some rice.
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Proof that being square doesn’t mean you can’t have fun.
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If you love the there’s a strong chance you’re gonna love the
There's a good chance you prob don't drink enough water, and that’s a big H2NO.

Spread hydration awareness
Eternally grateful to live in a world where more and more marvelous indie games like these exist ???? #indiedev
Merriam-Webster Dictionary


: helpful; informative
: official emcee of comedic roasting
A new kind of hero has been unleashed. His objective? Get toasted.

Introducing: A slice of bread.
We're not crying, you're crying!!!

Perfect movies for #ValentinesDay
Roses are red
Violets are blue
We this texture pack
And so will you

Gettin' in the V-Day spirit w/ Minecraft PE
We’re celebrating #BlackHistoryMonth with a collection of inspiring and thought-provoking films.

There’s an infestation problem and you have a license to kill…

Bugs, that is.
IF [friend's birthday] THEN [post on their wall]

You set the rules, IFTTT's got your back.





Avoid using five alarms. Puzzle Alarm Clock is the answer.
It's here! It's here! Why are you still reading this?!

If you build it, they will come.
Next level creativity.

Let us know which Indie Game Contest finalist you're pulling for
Name a more deadly duo than Crimson and Scarlet from Phantom Blade.

We’ll wait…
It’s #NationalPuzzleDay so you know what that means...

Unlock your brain & treat your eyes with #Klocki
Grab your axe. It’s time to shred