Get ready for some payback, and this's personal.

Get ready for some payback and this timeit's personal
Julia Womer
Adam James
Alfarouk Werdany Eltahawy


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Foster Tan
Adrían Luna
Now here's a Prime candidate for smashing on some Decepticons.
Transformers: Forged to Fight
Abhishek Gupta
Ayesha Faraz
Ayesha Faraz
So Archer's a P.I. now...this ought to be fun.

Keepin' our eyes open for clues on the season premiere tonight [ Link ]
Ayesha Faraz
Ayesha Faraz
Mitul Sarkar
Don't get too lost in the mind-melting graphics, you got a battle to win. Transformers: Forged to Fight [ Link ]
DoMo Alex
Jd Vaughn
Jeremy Brent
It’s Spring Break so you know what that means

Fun and wholesome movies. Lots of ‘em.
It’s Spring Break so you know what that means
Nariman Faeq
Vípìñ Gùptä Ärýän
Silvia Silvia
What your pets REALLY dream about might be this...
Josh Avilla
Vípìñ Gùptä Ärýän
Susan Lang
Hold me closer Sky Dancerrrrr – count the hangtime off the highwayyyyy.
Sheer intensity. That's what director Garth Davis must have known Dev Patel would bring to Lion Movie.
Vao Lee Vao Lee
Soumya Ranjan Padhy
Ayesha Faraz
K-2SOmg he’s got comedy chops.

Watch #RogueOne #StarWars →
Jit Wang Lim
Steve Bar
Soumya Ranjan Padhy
With simple geometric and organic shapes, #Prune’s design elicits nothing but relaxation.
Steve Bar
Soumya Ranjan Padhy
Don’t feel bad Heihei, you can be our emotional support any day

Gabriela Nica
Noor Parvez Tanvir
Mezba Uddin
From running plumbers to 2D kingdoms, this week’s Fresh Updates can’t be missed.
Steve Bar
Kacper Łodziński
Nicole Schuster
Super Mario Run is officially available on Android!

Go all out and never look back!
Rolando Ramirez
Steve Bar
Bam Bam Saratan
This game made us access parts of our brain that we never even thought about.
Tijana Tubić
MůsȚafā Yøůsry
Henry Arteaga
Absent of color but still so vivid. #Limbo's disorienting aesthetic is something special you need to get lost in.
Oussama Benkherif
Steve Bar
Terri Bennett Day
If bad habits are the villains, then 7 weeks is the superhero you've been looking for
If bad habits are the villains then 7 weeks is the superhero you've been looking for
Steve Bar
Proshanta Chakroborti
Mõhãmëd Mondher
The competition is getting dice-y.

So punny it hurts. #DiceWithEllen
Steve Bar
Lelinno Le
Quang Hùng
Your fear of math isn’t ‘irrational.’

Happy Pi Day!
Your fear of math isn’t ‘irrational’
Steve Bar
Barry Brent Schuster
Magesa Kutama
U.S. East Coast → Layer up!
Everyone else → Consider yourself lucky.

#blizzard2017 The Weather Channel.
US East Coast Layer up Everyone else Consider yourself lucky blizzard2017 The
Shubham Sinha
Julian Montecino
Saul Bautista