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A Brewer and Farmers' work on growing great hops doesn't stop just because there's snow on the ground. #RoadtotheHarvest

The Road to the Harvest
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Extracting a special 'Fly the W' beer from Bourbon Barrels
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Brewers Dave and Paul survey the hop farm back in January. Even though the fields lay barren, work towards the next harvest never stops. Learn more about the #RoadtotheHarvest [ Link ]
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Bourbon County Stout fills continue
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The Road to the hop harvest is a long one. Under a blanket of snow await the rootstock of hop plants that will soon overtake this valley in Northern, Idaho. Learn more about what it takes to grow hops for #GooseIPA

#RoadtotheHarvest #ElkMtnFarms
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BREAKING NEWS- We still have bottles of Grand Prestige available to go from our brewery taproom. Take it home, share with your friends, neighbors, mail carriers, we don't give a dang!
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So many new beers! All are available for you to take home from our brewery Taproom at 1800 W Fulton St.
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Tickets still available! Don't miss this event!

Goose Island presents Grit & Grain

Did you know that we give tours of our brewery? Well now you do! Find more info and book a tour here- [ Link ]

P.S. There's beer.
Whether you're spending the night with your Valentine, out with some friends, or taking in some quality 'me' time, we hope you're having a happy Valentine's Day. Now go drink beer!
Join Ken on his quest to find a Valentine!
Heard you folks in the Northeast are getting a bit of snow. Don't worry, we've got you covered.
Thinking of giving flowers to that special someone? Hide a bottle of Sofie in the bouquet and be a Valentine's Day hero. Trust us. We're love experts.
‪Dog in office = productivity at an all time low ‬
Our beers got together and decided once and for all- pizza rules. #NationalPizzaDay
New Green Line stop?! This is big news to us over here at Fulton & Wood!

CTA to open new L stop on Green line near United Center
Lolita is back! Join us at the Taproom on February 12th starting 12pm. We will be celebrating the release of one of our favorite Sour Sisters, Lolita.
We will be featuring Lolita from 2015, 2016, and 2017 on tap as well as 2017 bottles to go. Bonus - you'll also get a complimentary raspberry hand pie from Bang Bang Pie & Biscuits!
*handpies are on a first come basis, limited quantities...
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FASSINATOR is back! This blonde doppelbock was released in the spring of 2016 as part of the #FultonAndWood draft-series, but it has returned as the first Fulton & Wood bottle-series release of 2017. Fassinator has a subtle hop aroma with a moderate body, smooth biscuit malt flavor and moderate bitterness creating a unique balance to this classic style. Try it, you'll be Fassinated. Limited...
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Last Friday we extracted Bourbon County Stout from a handful of rye barrels that have been aging since 2011 with close to 50 lbs of raspberries & cherries. It's tasting amazing out of the barrel, hopefully we'll see it in the Taproom (1800 W Fulton St.) soon!
You don't need a special occasion to enjoy the hell outta this combination!