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Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop and AUS government is planning to replace the word "Mateship" on the Kokoda Memorial. Should the government change terms on a national memorial? or is the term currently placed correct?

STOP foreign affairs department removing the word mateship from a Kokoda memorial.
Over 50,000 signatures in 48 hours have helped save Buddy.

Buddy was ‘trying to save’ boy who escaped drowning
Should Planned Parenthood continue to be sponsored by the US government?

Congress Must De-Fund Planned Parenthood Immediately
Texas doesn't allow direct access to physical therapists. Should people have that right?

Give Texans the Right to Choose Physical Therapy, SB 728
Want to do something good for the world? Our friends over at StartSomeGood are organising an online summit to help.

Note: we are not paid for this, they make the world a better place.

#StartingGood Social Enterprise Virtual Summit on StartSomeGood: crowdfunding for non-profits, social entrepreneurs and changemakers
Baby animals are often left behind when humans have killed their parents. Should these animals be abandoned, humanely euthanised, or is there another way?

Review National Parks Policy for Murdered Mother Animals
Should defensive driving courses be mandatory for learner drivers?

Introduce “Jake’s Law” for Mandatory Defensive Driving Courses for Learners
E85 fuel reduces greenhouse emissions, yet certain regions only have access to dirtier fuels. People in Lafayette, Louisiana are trying to change that. Comments welcome

Bring e85 to Lafayette
Should countries control which international badminton players can enter tournaments?

@BWF Allow players to register individually for tournaments
We're seeing an increasing number of people supporting the call for a 5th UN conference on women. Comments welcome

Support a UN 5th World Conference on Women (5WCW)
The University of Leicester's Student Union plans to close The Queens Hall, which has hosted performances by countless artists, including Bob Marley, Led Zeppelin and The Cure. Surely history is worth preserving?

Save Leicester University's Queens Hall
Are we doing enough to prevent veteran suicide?

Erik Jorgensen's Law (Veteran Suicide Law)
Should public IT data facilities be outsourced to private companies? A group in South Australia thinks not and their campaign is gaining momentum...

[ Link ]

Keep your personal information in safe hands - Say NO to privatising ICT Services
Banning a public Christmas tree cross in Indiana, USA, just before Christmas is a sad case of "political correctness"? Surely the spirit of the law was not designed to attack a seasonal display that respects dominant cultural values? Comments welcome. [ Link ]

Save the Knightstown Indiana Christmas Tree Cross
Campaigners seek to stop the Montreal death sentence against thousands of innocent dogs. Comments welcome.
[ Link ]

My Montréal includes ALL dogs | Montréal: Ma ville inclut TOUS les chiens
Why should organ donation in the USA be opt-in? With an opt-out system more people like Anna can be saved. Sign this petition to help push the organ donation bill through

Anna's Organ Donation Bill
Farming bears for "medicinal" purposes probably says more about cultural weakness than medicinal accuracy. The efficacy of bear bile is widely disputed. Add to this the cruelty of conditions in captivity. Hence sanctuary is the answer.
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Time to stamp out child abuse forever, whether found on or supported by the Internet or otherwise. Comments welcome.
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April Jones abuse petition gathers new support