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Snow in sunny Spain and plenty more strange goings on. ❄

It's our week on wheels!

This week on wheels: snow way to cycle

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From Stockport to Southampton, Tommy from our Programmes Team has picked out ten great road rides for you to try this year.

Download these and over 400 more over on the website!

Ten great road rides to try this year

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There are now 20,000 signatures on the #TurningTheCorner petition!

Add your name here ➡ [ Po.st Link ]
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We caught up with Zym from Coffee Cranks Cooperative as he took us on a two-wheeled tour of the city of #Manchester. ☕ ☕
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We all know that cycling is good for our health and fitness, but did you know it’s also good for our wellbeing?

Don't let #BlueMonday get you down - getting out on your bike is one of the best ways to boost your mood! [ Po.st Link ]
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Blow off those winter cobwebs and #ShareYourRide this January with Ride Social.

Find out more here ➡ [ Po.st Link ]
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Strikes, sub-zero cycling and stolen cows. ❄

It's our week on wheels.

This week on wheels: Mind the gap

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Last month we joined Jane Trott on her ride in the beautiful Peak District.

Join HSBC UK #RideSocial today and #ShareYourRide with people like Jane across the UK.

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With snow forecast, be careful where you leave that bike tonight. ❄ ⛄
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Looking for some inspiration ahead of your next ride? ???? We've got over 400 great cycle routes ready and waiting to be downloaded over on our website.

Find them here ➡ [ Po.st Link ]
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Meet John and Barrie from Bradford (aka, the Big Lads on Bikes), proving that size really doesn't matter when it comes to cycling.
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Just amazing to hear how Anna from Swindon has used Ride Social to aid her recovery from leukaemia. ❤

» From Leukaemia to cycling an amazing journey – a Swindon woman shares her inspiring story

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WOW, check this out!

105 year old Robert Merchand is attempting to break the record for the furthest distance cycled in an hour by someone over the age of 100!
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Don't let winter put you off your wheels. Here's our guide for winter cycling po.st/CylingInWinter ‍♀ ❄
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The incredible story of how Marshall "Major" Taylor beat racial prejudice, and just about everyone else on his bike [ Po.st Link ]
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So true! Time for a bit of winter riding I think...‍♂ ☃
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Got a bike for Christmas? We've got plenty of ways to help you ride your new wheels. Here's some mountain bike routes for inspiration [ Po.st Link ] ‍♂
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Merry Christmas everyone! Time to spread some festive bike-based cheer ????
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Are you ready?