Happy New Year, Gothamites! We hope you all have a splendid night and a fantastic 2017 .
Merry Christmas, Gothamites. Remember a Penguin is for life, not just for Christmas...
One more sleep, Gothamites. Merry Christmas Eve!
These two though .
You do not mess with the GCPD. (Well, unless you're one of Gotham's many villains!)
Butler goals.
Will we see another Falcone in season 3?

Gotham Casts Mob Scion Mario Falcone

Is this guy heading back to Gotham?

Gotham season 3: Could Jerome return?

How many can you get right, Gothamites?

Gotham Chronicle

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Gotham Chronicle

Gothamites, Channel 5 will be unleashing season three of Gotham onto your screens in 2017. We will post more news as soon as we know more.
If you like Gotham, check out My5's exclusive new drama #Chosen, which will be available from Thursday.
If you like Gotham, then you should give My5's upcoming exclusive drama Chosen a try.

All three seasons will be available from 9pm on Thursday 15th September.
Gothamites, we're afraid we still don't have an update on when season three of Gotham will be hitting our screens but we'll let you know, as soon as we hear more from Channel 5.
Den Of Geek have got their hands on some fancy new #Gotham pics.

Gotham season 3: image gallery

If you missed last night's EPIC season two Gotham finale, head over to My5: [ My5.tv Link ]