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11/16/2016. Facebook
5pm this evening New York time I'll be joining Irwin Chusid on his WFMU radio show to celebrate the music of Jean-Jacques Perrey.

I've been feeling sad since Jean-Jacques passed away only very recently. In recent years he became a friend of mine, and he was to have flown to New York to attend a tribute show I'm producing next Tuesday at National Sawdust.

I've found that playing his music...
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11/10/2016. Facebook
11/08/2016. Facebook
New York - join me in celebrating the life and music of Jean-Jacques Perrey on November 22.

Ondioline Orchestra, a new ensemble I've put together, will be playing much-loved Perrey classics like E.V.A. and Swan's Splashdown as well ultra rare collaborations with Angelo Badalamenti and French film score features that Jean-Jacques illuminated with his inimitable Ondioline playing.

With two...
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11/05/2016. Facebook
Hello friends,

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve written at greater length. I’m sorry for that. Today, unfortunately, it’s because I have sad news.

We’ve lost a long list of luminaries this year, but the saddest for me is the recent passing of Jean-Jacques Perrey, a visionary of alternative pop music, pioneer of wildly rhythmic tape-edit sampling techniques and sole virtuoso of the...
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11/04/2016. Facebook
New York - I'm playing a very intimate show on Tuesday Nov 22 in tribute to Jean-Jacques Perrey, a musical hero of mine.

It's at the wonderful National Sawdust in Williamsburg and tickets are extremely limited.

[ Nationalsawdust.org Link ]

This will be the debut of a number of rare Ondiolines I've had restored and been learning to play. If you're unfamiliar, Ondiolines are...
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11/02/2016. Facebook
At 5pm NY time today I'm joining Irwin Chusid on the excellent WFMU radio for a full hour.

I'll be spinning rare tracks by a musical hero of mine, Jean-Jacques Perrey, and talking about work I've been doing recently in his archive.

We'll also discuss the Ondioline - the incredible electronic musical instrument of which Jean-Jacques was the sole virtuoso - and projects I've got coming up that...
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09/07/2016. Facebook
The production on Braille Face's debut album is never less than stellar, but to hear the man simply sing this song on piano is breathtaking.

Because - Live Piano Version
[ Youtube.com Link ]

Braille Face - Because (Live Piano Version)

Recorded July 2016 in a converted church in North Fitzroy. Braille Face's debut album Kōya is out August 31, via Spirit Level/Inertia. Pre-order it now on Ba...

09/01/2016. Facebook
Kōya, the debut album from Braille Face has just come out!

Every corner of this record has something wonderful to discover, rhythmically and texturally. But it's the tender melodies, floating on such sublime vocals that tie everything together.

To Where We Sink is a highlight for me, but the thread of this whole album demands unabridged listening.

08/31/2016. Facebook
Listen up! New tracks from Zammuto, and they are simply brilliant.
[ Bandcamp.com Link ]

Veryone, by Zammuto

07/14/2016. Facebook
A superb piece of motoring history you can rest your coffee on...This coffee table features a Saab engine and is sure to put a smile on any motor-lovers face!

06/18/2016. Facebook
Love the way this new single from Braille Face shimmies out of the depths! Gorgeous artwork from Tommi PG too
[ Soundcloud.com Link ]
[ Spotify.com Link ]


06/16/2016. Facebook
Melbourne friends! Be sure to check out the fundraising exhibition starting tomorrow at Magnet in the CBD. You can pick up the below photo and help a worthwhile cause. Find more info here: [ Bit.ly Link ]

Gotye HQ

Photo by Barry Takes Photos
04/16/2016. Facebook
I love Stuart McMillen's work, he really tackles complex ideas in his comics. Also, making them available in multiple languages is excellent.

You can read much of his stuff for free online. Looky here:
[ Stuartmcmillen.com Link ]

Consider supporting him to complete his first graphic novel:
[ Australianculturalfund.org.au Link ]

Stuart McMillen comics

04/08/2016. Facebook
Kris from my band The Basics recorded a nifty synthy piece of music for the Human Rights Arts & Film Festival. I really like the unexpected drum breaks and odd time section against the pulsating bass synth that propels this!
[ Youtu.be Link ]
04/07/2016. Facebook
Tim Shiel and I started a label called Spirit Level a little while ago to support the Australian release of Zammuto’s brilliant sophomore recording Anchor.

We have something new to share with you, this time from a Melbourne producer who has been prolifically creating new work over the last year (12 albums in 12 months!) and this is the first song to be officially released from this...
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Braille Face - Glow

03/21/2016. Facebook
I'm super excited about this new electronic music studio concept for Melbourne:

[ Mess.foundation Link ]

Please share with anyone you think might be interested, whether producers, musicians or people who might be interested to learn more about electronic musical instruments. And your grandmother.
Hope to spend some time here working on new sounds after it opens in April!


03/09/2016. Facebook
I'm singing on Bibio's new track The Way You Talk.

Listen here with spotted flies
[ Smarturl.it Link ]

Really looking forward to hearing his new record A Mineral Love.
His last, Silver Wilkinson, was a gem.

The Way You Talk

12/08/2015. Facebook
12/08/2015. Facebook
Gotye has given triple j an update on the conceptual new music he's been working on and an incredible project involving Indigenous artists and their musical legacy. Gotye HQ

Gotye is "halfway through" a new record, talks incredible Indigenous music project

11/06/2015. Facebook
Tune into ABC RN’s "Live Set" program to hear me performing with The Basics live at Melbourne Festival – Friday 6 November at 8pm, repeated Sunday 8 November at 4pm.

You can also stream or download the program at the Live Set website: [ Abc.net.au Link ]

The Basics live at Melbourne Festival