Grace Soups
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Unwind from a long day with 'likkle tea' - Grace Fish Tea Mix, of course! Share a shot with us of your super tasty fish tea. #TeamGrace #WarmUpYourLife
Grace Soups
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Superior taste in a bowl - that's Grace Soups for you! Which flavour do you have on the stove tonight? Comment below.
Grace Soups
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What have you redeemed on the #GoHardWithGrace dashboard #TeamFnM? Comment below and let us know. Haven't cashed in your points yet? Click here: [ Link ]
Grace Soups
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Grace Soup mixes - the ultimate way to put some spice in your life. To taste it, is to fall in love with it! What was your first Grace Soup flavour? Comment below.
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Grace Soups
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You know we go international . Tag someone abroad who loves our Grace Cock Soup.
: @mandisatomtom #FanRepost
Grace Soups
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We're in the mood for noodles today, what say you #TeamGFSoups? If you're serving up noodles seasoned with one of our Grace soups for lunch today, comment below. #MoreThanSoup
Grace Soups
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When you #GoHardWithGrace, you CHOOSE your Grand Prize! Tell us #TeamGrace, if you chose the $5,000,000 home makeover, what room would you redo first? Comment below and tell us what you'd change.
Grace Soups
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We're about to go IN on this beautiful Monday afternoon. What other Grace products would you add to this mix before we begin? Comment below.
Grace Soups
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So smooth and so rich. What's your trick for thickening your pot of Pumpkin Soup? Let us know in the comments.
Grace Soups
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Grace Cock Soup Mix isn't just for soup - use it to season the flour for fried wings! Are you in the mood for some fried chicken wings this Sunday? #TeamGrace #GraceFoods
Grace Soups
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Share a photo with us of the big packet of an open Grace Cock Soup mix when you're about to prepare your soup, for a chance to gain extra points. With more points, you'll be able to redeem more prizes. #GoHardWithGrace
Grace Soups
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Get patriotic in the kitchen by using our national fruit to make Ackee Soup! Have you made this meal before? #TeamGrace
Grace Soups
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We hope you haven't forgotten how versatile our Grace Soup mixes are. Stew Chicken & Callaloo? No prob! One pack will give you all the flavour you need. Have you ever used our cock soup mix for meals other than soup? #GraceCockSoup
Grace Soups
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The more, the merrier! #GoHard with your Grace Cock Soup and push the taste level of your lunch today! Drop #SpicyAllDay if the Spicy Cock Soup is your favourite. #GoHardWithGrace
They're all smiles because they know their dinner will be simply fantastic, thanks to Grace Soup Mixes! How does our soup make you feel? Comment below.
The best way to #WarmUpYourLife is to have a little fun with your food #TeamGFSoups. How do you bring fun to the kitchen? Comment below.
Her Grace Cock Soup looks yummy! How about yours? Share your soup pics with us for a chance to be featured on the page.
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It's time to call in the squad, #TeamGrace. Boost your #GoHardWithGrace points when you refer your friends! Click here to have your friends join the fun: [ Link ]
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