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There's something about a White decor theme that makes such an impact in a home. Using our Marbled wallpaper in Grey/White, this customer has taken their serene interiors and added one of this year's biggest trends for a modern uplift.

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#ShareYourWall Nursery Edition!

Alternative, classic and inspirational entries for our monthly competition this February, with some unique takes on Nursery decor that we absolute adore.
Find out how you could enter to win your order back here > [ Link ]
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Coming soon... Our Dotty Wallpaper in 2017's most stylish metallic - Rose Gold!
Who's excited to see this on their walls?
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Back in stock for #WallArtWednesday Our Watercolour Woods Printed Canvas > [ Link ]

It's hard to deny how beautiful this wall art is with the help of Emma's home styling.
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You might find it hard to go against the norm when it comes to decorating a Nursery but it can pay off tremendously, just like this customer did.

Kirsty took our Desire wallpaper to add a muted metallic element to her Nursery. Combining it with on-trend jewel tones, ensuring that this room is filled with energy & fun whilst remaining stylish >[ Link ] #transformationtuesday
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'Beautiful feature wall, inspired by your photography! Had lots of comments on how unique it is!'

Discover for yourself just how beautiful our Ink Mural is here > [ Link ] #muralmonday
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When you decide to decorate a room, most thoughts go to a bold design or pattern to give the character of a room. A common after thought comes when deciding whether to paint or paper remaining walls and this is where our Neutral Paint collection takes over. From classic Magnolia shades to more modern Grey like our Darcy paint, this range is suited to all walls and styles.

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A fibrous matte black backdrop combined with its sensational copper branch pattern makes our Linden wallpaper a firm favourite with our customers > [ Link ]
Monochrome decor with pops of colour and metallic is an interior design decision you'll never regret. It's timeless but modern and you can adapt it to your own style so easily. This customer paired our Monochrome Stripe and Dotty wallpaper from our Mix & Match collection with our Shining Star cushion.

Monochrome Stripe - [ Link ]
Dotty Black - [ Link ]
Shining Star Cushion - [...
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Het "Wallpaper of the Year 2017 Reflections" is geïnspireerd door de grote trend van dit seizoen: vlakken gecombineerd met een prachtige mix van metalen, marmer en zachte kleuren.

Mint Reflections Wallpaper - GrahamBrownNL
We've got 50 Darker Shades for you to embrace in your home. If you're looking to offset a lighter design or simply want to add some drama on to your walls then this is the collection for you.

Including Wallpaper, Paint & Accessories > [ Link ]
Once February is over it can be easy to fall in to bad habits again. Resolutions out of the window, why not add some inspirational words on to your walls to get you motivated again this #wallartwednesday ?

'Have Courage & Be Kind' > [ Link ] & 'Be Wild & Wonder' > [ Link ]

Our Wallpaper of the Year 2017 may be a bold design, but Reflections looks fabulous in any room. Here we see it styled in Gemma's lounge paired with pastel accessories to bring the entire room together.

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Claire from Heart Handmade UK has shown us just how easy it is to put up one of our wall murals. Using our Happiness mural, she put this on her wall in 30 minutes!

Discover for yourself how easy it is with our mural collection > [ Link ] #MuralMonday

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How To Hang A Wall Mural The Easy Way!

Learn how to hang a beautiful wall mural from Graham and Brown in a super simple way! It can be done in about 30 minutes once you have everything prepared. F...

Feel inspired to embrace your dark side like these customers have with a dramatic wallpaper. #ShareYourWall & you could win your order back.

1 winner is selected EVERY month! > [ Link ]
Let's take a closer look at one of our new wallpapers this weekend - the Lotus Flower in Duck Egg. You can see here the subtle texture this design has within the backdrop as well as the beautiful glitter finish on the Lotus detail.

Discover our new Lotus wallpaper here > [ Link ]
Taking her subtle decor and adding some wow factor without going too bold, this customer has used our Honolulu Green wallpaper by Julien Macdonald as a gorgeous backdrop for her fireplace > [ Link ]
So many new designs have landed this week. With 3 collections to choose from that include geometric, floral and glitter designs to update your walls with.

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For this week’s #WallpaperWednesday we’ve got lots of new designs to choose from, with one of our favourites being the Triangolin Gris wallpaper.

How gorgeous is this Nordic inspired, geometric wallpaper?
Taking their dining room to the next level, what do you think of this stunning #TuesdayTransformation this week?