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"Number" is for count nouns, and "amount" is for mass nouns, but there are exceptions to the rule. Should you take note or ignore them?

Amount Versus Number
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You’ve Probably Been Signing Your Emails the Wrong Way

You’ve Probably Been Signing Your Emails the Wrong Way
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"Nor" is a tricky conjunction. Here's how to use it.

How to Use the Conjunction "Nor"
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Here's how to use punctuation with trademark symbols.

Punctuation with Trademark Symbols
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Graduating soon? If yes, you'll need a good resume. Start here.

5 Resume Tips for College Seniors
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Research on the brain in 2014 revealed what every writer should be doing.

What New Research on the Brain Says Every Writer Should Do
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"Buccaneer," "maven," and "zenith" have roots in lesser-known languages.

10 Words With Roots in Lesser-Known Languages
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Find out how to use dangerous words, such as "always," "never," and "often."

Always, Never, Usually, Often, Most, and More
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You may have missed the little joke in "tl;dr."

Is the Semicolon in tl;dr Ironic?
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We use the idiom "a bull in a china shop" to call someone clumsy (among other things), but now we have proof that bulls actually aren't clumsy.

"A Bull in a China Shop": It turns out bulls aren't actually clumsy.
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You don't always capitalize a country name when it appears in the name of a food.

Should You Capitalize the French in French Fries?
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"It's not a good idea to use the positive anymore in your formal writing. You should know that it’s not a grammar mistake; it’s a regionalism."

The Positive 'Anymore'
Initialisms are abbreviations, but they are not the same as acronyms.

Abbreviations, Acronyms, and Initialisms
"Each culture has its own opinions about certain animals, and this is often reflected in its language."

International Animal Idioms
Find out the origins of popular color idioms, such as "tickled pink," "red handed," and "yellow journalism."

Color Idioms
"Phlegm," "muscle," and "asthma" all have one thing in common: unusual silent letters.
Should we say that Squiggly pled guilty or Squiggly pleaded guilty?

Pled or Pleaded
"Some silent letters appear in just a few words, but silent E appears so regularly that there’s even a spelling rule about it: A silent E at the end of a word makes the preceding vowel long."

Why English Has Words With Silent Letters