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Listen to the audio sample to hear the correct way to pronounce "etcetera."

How to Pronounce ‘Etcetera’
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You spell it differently depending on where you're going.

Capital vs. Capitol
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If you are peer editing an essay, read it all the way through before writing any comments.

How to Peer Edit an Essay
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Improve your writing this year with these four tips.

4 Ways to Improve Your Writing This Year
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"Surreal" and "xenophobia" made the list of 2016 words of the year.

Words of the Year, 2016 Edition
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Thanks for including Grammar Girl, Real Simple!

7 Twitter Accounts English Grammar-Lovers Should Follow
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Best new books to read this month (via Real Simple)

The Best New Books to Read This Month
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Thanks to Ragan Communications for including Grammar Girl in this list of outstanding podcasts for writers.

You can listen to the Grammar Girl podcast free at iTunes, Stitcher, SoundCloud, YouTube, TuneIn, GooglePlay, Spotify, and NPR One.

15 outstanding podcasts for writers
You have probably heard "Pulitzer" pronounced several ways. Here is how Joseph Pulitzer pronounced it.

How Joseph Pulitzer Pronounced His Name
When someone vanishes into thin air, where does he or she go? And is the air thinner there? Grammar Girl guest writer Samantha Enslen investigates.

Into Thin Air
Which word means "huge"? Traditionally, only one of these words does.

'Enormity' or 'Enormousness'?
If you've been calling it "badmitten," you've been saying it wrong.

How Badminton Got Its Name
If you want to clarify your writing, cut "it" out.

Do Your Readers a Favor: Cut ‘It’ Out
Find out why some words are homophones in American English but not in British English.

Why Are Some Words Homophones? Alveolar Flapping!
The phrase comes from the way sailors made old ships watertight during storms.

What Does 'Batten Down the Hatches' Mean?
Science Says Reading ‘Harry Potter’ Makes Kids More Tolerant
(via 22Words)

Science Says Reading ‘Harry Potter’ Makes Kids Better Human Beings
To hone something means to sharpen it.

‘Hone In’ or ‘Home In’?
How to Use Quotation Marks: Infographic!

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