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We received an interesting follow-up question after this podcast first aired: What is the plural of "deputy attorney general?"

'Attorneys General' or 'Attorney Generals'
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When you do something in one fell swoop, you do it all at once.

One Fell Swoop
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More huge style changes announced at the ACES conference today! Much more at the link.

Major AP Stylebook Changes! Singular 'They' Now OK, and More ...
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The words "that" and "up" can be many different parts of speech.

Limber Up Because English Is Flexible
In my TEDx Talk, I talked about the kind of language change we're seeing today from the Chicago Manual of Style. People vote, and it's not always logical. (And by the way, I didn't write that headline with the lowercase "you." Blame the TED people.)

Who votes for new words? you do! | Mignon Fogarty | TEDxUniversityofNevada

Mignon Fogarty is the founder the Quick and Dirty Tips podcast network, the creator of the Grammar Girl website and Grammar Girl podcast. She is also the Don...

BREAKING NEWS: The Chicago Manual of Style says to stop capitalizing "internet" and hyphenating "email."

Breaking news! Chicago says don't capitalize 'internet' or hyphenate 'email'
"Aloud" is still the more formal option.

‘Aloud’ or ‘Out Loud’?
Style guides don't bother with "centigrade" anymore.

Centigrade or Celsius?
From tablets to paper, Edwin L. Battistella explores words that come from bookmaking.

Words from Bookmaking
Watch the video to find out how to pronounce "tumult."

How to Pronounce 'Tumult'
For many years, in the Roman Catholic Church, there was actually a devil's advocate.

What Is the Meaning of ‘Devil’s Advocate’?
Do you confuse the words "reluctant" and "reticent"?

Reluctant or Reticent?
If you love the Oxford comma, this story is for you. [ Link ]
Supreme Court lawyer-turned-thriller-writer Anthony Franze shares his secrets for writing sentences with punch.

3 Tips for Creating Sentences with Punch
Before using slang in your writing, consider the risks.

Writing with Slang
Fiction Writers: You won't want to miss this editor's thoughts on sentence fragments.

Sentence Fragments
Use complex-compound sentences to your advantage.

Complex-Compound Sentences
If we didn't have a need to switch tenses sometimes, there’d be no need for English to have different tenses at all! [ Link ]