It's never too late to find love! #HappyValentinesDay!
New Years Resolution... leave the couch.
Don't let the monkey drive. #MonkeyDay
The struggle makes it so much more rewarding. #WorldTelevisionDay
We still remember all the laughs you gave us, Doris Roberts. Celebrating her life today.
At least it's healthier. #SandwichDay
Wake up, dude. Happy birthday, Allen Covert!
Happy Birthday to funny man, Nick Swardson.
TGIF! 8 great quotes from Grandma's Boy to end the week with.

Check Out 8 of the Best Quotes From 'Grandma's Boy'
It’s been over 10 years since Grandma’s Boy! Check out what the cast looks like now.
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Happy Birthday Joel Moore, you're a genius!
Monkey see, monkey do. #NationalVideoGamesDay
Have a laugh it's #GrandparentsDay!
The microwave oven might be a safer bet. #NationalTVDinnerDay
These guys know how to relax. #RelaxationDay
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It's Saturday, who needs pants? [ Link ]
"Always exceed expectations." You can’t stay on the couch forever. Here are 9 more ways to seize the day this Father's Day. #DadAdvice