Grant's Whisky
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Mood: When you meet up with your day ones this weekend. #StandTogether
Grant's Whisky
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Grant's Whisky, the instigator of great vibes since 1887 #StandTogether
The true nature of a team's morale is in how it reflects, and Grant's Whisky is the perfect companion on such occasions #StandTogether
Take me back to the time we created the most memorable moments. #StandTogether
When everything is in formation and you're here to slay #StandTogether
Satisfy that Thirsty Thursday urge with a fruity Grant's Whisky cocktail #StandTogether
Sithi moja to those who plan to succeed together. #StandTogether
Concoct a Grant's Whisky cocktail and stand a chance to WIN a hamper. Answer this question: What would you pair a glass of Grant's Whisky with? Only entries with #StandTogether will be deemed as valid.
The moment that matters the most, the one that comes right after the toast, is one to be savoured #StandTogether
Find the perfect location and connect with your loved one, that glass of Grant's Whisky #StandTogether
Our #WCW goes out to all the ladies that enjoy the consistent, clean and complex nature of Grant’s whisky #StandTogether
Pay homage to your team for striving to win together #StandTogether
Mix it up this weekend and enjoy our Grant's Manhattan Whisky Cocktail. Here's what you'll need:

- 50ml Grant’s (Recommended blend: Family Reserve Whisky)
- 12.5ml red vermouth
- 12.5ml extra dry Vermouth
- 10ml Marashino cherry syrup
- 2 dashes of orange bitters
- 1 dash of Angostura bitters
Optional: dash of sugar syrup.

Add all the ingredients together and stir on ice. Pour into glass....
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Celebrate your wins with those who have been there since Day 1 #StandTogether
There is nothing greater than Grant's Whisky in the eyes of its Valentine. Who's yours? #StandTogether
The power of any team is found in its morale. Boost yours with Grant's Whisky #StandTogether
Calculated actions produce the best results #StandTogether
Valentine's Day is around the corner, where would you and your partner go to share a Grants-inspired toast? #StandTogether
A successful relationship is defined by sharing everything at equal measure #StandTogether
In the presence of great company, you become alive. #StandTogether