Grant's Whisky
yesterday at 09:00. Facebook
Live to tell the tales of the greatest memories shared with Grant's Whisky. #StandTogether
Grant's Whisky
01/21/2017 at 10:00. Facebook
Your ideal socialite for any occasion. #StandTogether
Grant's Whisky
01/19/2017 at 08:00. Facebook
When the squad is in formation. #StandTogether
Your most trusted partner, since 1887.
Reward yourself with a glass of Grant's Whisky this weekend. #StandTogether
Team work has always made the dream work, since 1887. #StandTogether
Do the most for your team and create the most memorable moments with Grant's Whisky this weekend. #StandTogether
Grab onto the prospect of a specatular 2017 with Grant's Whisky. #StandTogether
Kick off this year in the perfect way with a win for the team. Send us the perfect "Squad goals" selfie of yourself and your friends and stand a chance to win a Grant's hamper to celebrate the good times. #StandTogether
You owe it to your team to make sure that this year is filled with achievements. #StandTogether
The end of the year marks a new beginning. Here's a toast to a new chapter in your quest to #RaiseTheBar. Happy New Year #StandTogether
As we close in on a new year, gather your Day Ones with Grant's Whisky and reflect on what's been a successful 2016. #StandTogether
#RaiseTheBar with Grant's Whisky wherever you are this Boxing Day.
We've been creating the most memorable moments with loved ones since 1887. Have a merry Christmas! #StandTogether
You have until Christmas Eve to wrap up that perfect gift for your Day Ones. Look no further than Grant's Whisky #StandTogether
A festive serving suggestion: Try out the Ginger Grant cocktail, a succulent fizzy taste for those who choose to #RaiseTheBar

1 cup of ice cubes
1 dash of grenadine syrup
2 shots of Grant's Whisky
1 maraschino cherry
80 ml of chilled ginger ale
Reconcile your differences over a glass of Grant's Whisky on this beautiful day. #StandTogether
When the relationship is so healthy that the glass runs to you. #StandTogether
Take a break from gift wrapping and let the bartender serve you the gift of Grant's Whisky. #StandTogether
Honour the road to success with your Day Ones. #StandTogether