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Grant's Whisky
11/30/2016 at 12:17. Facebook
To celebrate #BlackFriday, we’ve gone to the pub. Let us know when it’s safe to come back out.
When down at your local watering hole, don’t forget to actually enjoy a water or two. #DrinkResponsibly
Here’s to the designated photographer. Not this guy. The guy taking the photo of this guy. #Meta #SnapResponsibly
This is the only time you should be lifting Grant’s while driving. Please #DrinkResponsibly
Our philosophy? #StandTogether. #WorldPhilosophyDay
Family built. Family owned. Family reserve. #StandTogether
Old fashioned wins every time #Movember
William Grant always said success is best shared. We couldn’t agree more. #StandTogether
The unmissable smell. Vivid explosions. And the long beautiful finish. The fireworks aren’t bad either. #5thNovember #BonfireNight
It’s a little know fact, but the nosing sharks off the coast of Scotland can smell #FamilyReserve from up to 0.4km away.
Very popular among the spirits. #IsThatAGhost #Halloween
Often imitated, never equalled. #FamilyReserve
Save your celebrations for the moments that really deserve it. #DrinkResponsibly
Today’s Grant’s. Tomorrow’s candle. #Upcycling
When it comes to great whisky, everyone sings from the same hymn sheet. #FamilyReserve #StandTogether
The first Scotch to be finished in barrels that once held ale, #AleCask is full of irresistible creamy maltiness.
William Grant firmly believed that you should hold those that are dear close to your heart.
Our #FamilyReserve is carefully aged in three types of wood for a smooth, rich, mellow flavour.
#TBT to an unforgettable summer