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Tomorrow night
26883 Ruether Ave.
Santa Clarita, CA 91351

Email iamsetfree21@gmail.com if interested
Tomorrow night
26883 Ruether Ave
Santa Clarita CA 91351

Email iamsetfree21gmail
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Have a blessed Good Friday
Have a blessed Good Friday
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Virtual Reality #GotHandles Mountain Dew dribbling game available now on Steam & HTC Vive now! #Innovation Get #HandleReady

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Virtual Reality GotHandles Mountain Dew dribbling game available now on Steam HTC

The Professor Presents: #GotHandles on Steam

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'Know it all' people be like...
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New Move. What do I call it?
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Dave Fernandez
Thank you to everyone who's supported YouTube.com/Professorlive! I genuinely appreciate it and love you guys. Praise God. I got to 1 million subs about 3 months ago but it takes awhile for the gold button to be shipped and received. And I know that there are many much bigger Youtubers with bigger followings than me but I wanted to post this to show my genuine appreciation and thankfulness to...
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Thank you to everyone whos supported YouTubecomProfessorlive I genuinely appreciate it and
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Its so interesting to me how these days when a decent amount of people watch my vids they actually believe they're scripted or choreographed lol. Number one, thats an incredible compliment first off. To think it's so good it has to be fake. So I appreciate the folks who are under this belief. Second, its really interesting too me because when my career first started with And1 14 years ago,...
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Its so interesting to me how these days when a decent amount

The Professor 1 on 1 Gets Called out by New Orleans College Hooper

Follow Professor: Instagram - @globalhooper Facebook - Professorlive Twitter - @Professor12 This footage is from New Orleans, LA 2017 during NBA All Star Wee...

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