Deuce Fam Grayson 'Professor' Boucher always ????
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Had to get some BBQ in Texas... Bboy Wicket had us right. And had us posed in a Bboy stance lol #HandleReady #TexasBBQ #Jesus1st
Out here in Austin, Texas to launch an exciting game I helped make with Mountain Dew ... If you're in the area do come check it out! 201 Brazos St, Austin, TX 78701
My System to Elite Handles (The #GotHandles System) Is Dropping On March 27th at

Be sure to go to right now and join the waiting list for free.

A very limited number of programs will be available.

If you consider yourself a serious hooper, be sure to go sign up right now to make sure you're one of the first to be notified when The...
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#GotHandles challenge issued on IG
Zaila is a 4th grader. One of Got Handles Global's favorite family members. Unreal talent! #SheHowOld #StopPlayin #Noooo #HandleReady
The Giver created your role model and his gift. The giver deserves the praise. God the Father and his son Jesus Christ is where it's at. #Jesus1st #RealKnowledge #TheTruth #WordsOfAnNFLHallOfFamer (#RP Dieon Sanders)
Locals come and hang out! I'll be in Compton on Fan Truth on Dash Radio at Tom's Jr Burger(1725 N. Long Beach Blvd.) Saturday, March 18th at 10am. I'll be on air with Clipper Darrell #Jesus1st #HandleReady
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How do people continue to fall for moves over and over?
Becuase there's a science to it. God bless.
One of the greatest to do it and still underrated..
New Move... ran a contest to come up with the name. Ended up with the 'Tax Return' aka 'Back to the Future'
Tough one... who y'all got?
When kids and hoopers ask me how to not feel pressure when thousands of people are watching them, I try and give them this perspective. Its not life, end of the day it's just a game. There's bigger issues in the world than ball games. Don't be scared during what's at the end of the day, just a game.