The 'secret stuff' may not always be what you think it is...
Thank you GOOD TV 好消息電視台 for allowing me to share on your show.
Praise God. #Jesus1st

地虎的籃球夢-The Professor 格雷森‧包契爾
2016 Instagram most viral part 2. Thank you guys again for the interaction support! Praise God!
I want to take a second to say thank you to all the faithful supporters!!! Continually humbled! Praise God. I appreciate you guys to the fullest! I always wanted to play ball for a living when I was younger but I can't say I ever envisioned having this kind of support. You all are incredible! #HandleReady #GotHandles #Jesus1st
Tag Someone you hooped w/ in 2016...

Big thank you to the Lord Jesus Christ for blessing me FAR beyond what I deserve this year. Big thank you to all of you for supporting heavily. Your love is definitely felt over here. In 2017 I want to interact with you all more because of that support. Happy New Year!! Be safe!! #HandleReady #GotHandles #Jesus1st (Most Viral Part 1)
Up here in North Hollywood, for the Rise video promo shoot. Mogul talk with Chris Staples lol #Jesus1st #HandleReady #BallUp #RiseUp
YouTube Mix Part 2.. thank you again for the heavy support! #Jesus1st #GotHandles #HandleReady #RiseUp <---- My Secrets to Elite Handles

A few days ago my channel passed 1 million subs on YouTube. Big thank you to everyone who's supported my YouTube channel!! Praise God! Im beyond blessed and thankful to have heavy supporters like you. Big thank you to my staff and friends who've helped me raise the platform to where it's at. Without you guys it wouldn't even be even half of what it is. #Jesus1st...
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Shout out to Complex for using my video 'When ball is ACTUALLY life' for the Christmas NBA promo ft Steph and KD. (First vid is Complex version. 2nd my original version ft. Airdogg
Merry Christmas! Isaiah 7:14
Mountain Dew got my ugly sweater game on point Thank you! Merry Christmas to all my supporters and the entire #GlobalHooperFam! #Jesus1st #HandleReady #GotHandles