Great Manchester Run
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2.3km Junior Run βœ…
1.5km Mini Run βœ…

Let your kids get involved in the huge sporting weekend in Manchester.

Entries are open for the Saturday events - don't miss out.
Great Manchester Run
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Tough it out this week runners!
Great Manchester Run
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"I run for my Mum."
Who are you running for this year?
Great Manchester Run
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"Being blind the lads always give me a great running commentary (no pun intended!) of my surroundings."

The inspirational Blind Dave Heeley will be taking on the Great Run series to celebrate turning 60 this year including the 10k AND new half-marathon on the same day in Manchester in May!


The Challenge Begins for Blind Dave
Great Manchester Run
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If you want to feel good today, get out there for a run.
Great Manchester Run
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Thinking about stepping it up a gear this year? We've got just the thing.
Brand new #GreatManchesterRun Half Marathon entries are OPEN
Great Manchester Run
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10k and Half Marathon
Sunday 28 May 2017
Manchester, UK

Lace up. It's time to run ➑
Great Manchester Run
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Make a difference in 2017 and raise money for a charity close to your heart

Once your place is secure, just get in touch with your charity directly to arrange your fundraising pack.

Simple, and great motivation for your training too!

Great Manchester Run
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Plan your day at Great Manchester Run.
10k & Half Marathon timetables are online now
Monday. Time to smash it!
"If you're out there running, you're still faster than the person on the couch."
Lace up those trainers. It's time to run.
They did it. So can you.
2017 Great Manchester Run awaits ➑
You've got this.
Manchester City βœ”οΈŽ
Manchester United βœ”οΈŽ
Mancunian Way βœ”οΈŽ

Your brand new 13.1 mile running tour of Manchester awaits
Work pals - assemble!
Could you be crowned Manchester's fastest business?
Entries for Great Manchester Run Business Challenge are open
Happy Friday, folks.
Take care if you're heading out in the snow today
Fancy joining the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital Charity team at 2017 #GreatManchesterRun?
Help raise funds for an amazing cause at the 10k or NEW half-marathon on Sunday 28 May
More info -
A fantastic shot of Beetham Tower - your #GreatManchesterRun finish line