Happy Mother’s Day! We’re wishing everyone, including GOSH mums Ruth, Frances and Sara a lovely day. Share with us in the comments how you’re spending today, and read their stories: gosh.org/news/happy-mothers-day-2017
Play our Spring Raffle today, just £1 per entry! You could win a top prize of £5,000 and all of the money raised will help the hospital treat more patients just like Maia (pictured) [ Goo.gl Link ]
To everyone involved in our #OneDayatGOSH film – from the children and families to the hospital staff – thank you for letting us experience one day at GOSH with you.

One of our favourite parts of this campaign has been the number of your own stories and memories you’ve been inspired to share with us over the week. Here are just a few: [ Goo.gl Link ]
“That was the most awful thing, to see our little baby having so many problems.” Ten-year-old Freddie, who features in the #OneDayatGOSH film, has been treated at GOSH since he was just a few months old. In the film, we see Freddie getting ready for a night on the hospital’s Sleep Unit, where specialists monitor his breathing for his severe sleep apnoea. Meet Freddie and experience one day at...
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#OneDayatGOSH involved 3 cameramen, 25 different hospital teams, 18 families and more than 75 hospital staff. From the charity’s film crew to everyone at the hospital – thank you for letting us into your lives for 24 hours. Experience One Day at GOSH: [ Goo.gl Link ]
For #OneDayatGOSH, Consultant Plastic Surgeon Mr Neil Bulstrode opened the doors of his operating theatre to offer a rare glimpse at a complex and innovative procedure – using nine-year-old Lolita’s rib cartilage to create her new ear... Meet Neil’s patient Lolita and experience one day at GOSH: [ Goo.gl Link ]

Without you, we can’t help to fund the most advanced equipment for treating the...
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#ICYMI Yesterday on Twitter we shared a special moment every hour, on the hour, from our #OneDayatGOSH film. Missed it? Catch up now – plus read a few of our favourite reactions from parents, past patients and staff: [ Goo.gl Link ]
“All our pregnancy scans had been fine, so we had no indication that there were any problems.” Baby Phoebe, who features in the #OneDayatGOSH film, was diagnosed with a heart condition just a few hours after she was born. Five days later, she had life-saving surgery at GOSH… Meet Phoebe and experience one day at GOSH: goo.gl/8SZd91

Without you, we can’t help to fund the facilities and...
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Have you been following #OneDayatGOSH on Twitter? We’re telling the story of 24 hours at Great Ormond Street Hospital, hour by hour, meeting patients like Callum, Codey and Jess. Join us and keep watching as we discover what happens as day turns to night: twitter.com/greatormondst
Over on Twitter today, celebrating World Storytelling Day, we’re sharing #OneDayatGOSH. Every hour, on the hour, for 24 hours, we’re sharing the special moments captured during the making of the One Day at GOSH film: twitter.com/greatormondst

At 3pm, Lolita, with her parents and GOSH staff, prepares for a complex procedure to create a new ear from her rib cartilage.
Everything you’re about to see was filmed across 24 hours at Great Ormond Street Hospital and shows how your support can help transform the lives of seriously ill children at the hospital. Experience one day at GOSH here: goo.gl/GxqwYi
“Why did the nurse run away?
To catch a cold!”

Take a Joke was a project led by GOSH Arts and the Foundling Museum, which playfully explored the role of humour in the hospital and its potential for improving wellbeing. Patients and their parents worked over a period of five weeks with artist Davina Drummond to experiment with the idea of joke exchange.

Through developing their own medical...
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Lá sona Naomh Pádraig! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Ciara, who undergoes treatment at GOSH for a rare genetic condition, will be spending the day at her village’s St. Patrick's Day parade. There will be lots of music, fun and green! She will be marching with her scout group, Tulla 12th Clare.

Taithneamh a bhaint as an lá, Enjoy the day
Fancy learning about something amazing? It's British Science Week, so don those thinking caps and discover the marvels of genome sequencing!

This pioneering area of research explores the genetic patterns and connections we share, enabling experts to understand the most complex childhood conditions – and engineer exciting, life-saving solutions.
From the very first heart-lung bypass machine for children, to the transformative genetic treatments of today – GOSH has a long history of pioneering paediatric research for heart and lung patients.

On British Science Week 2017, explore our guide to the many breakthroughs that your support has made possible.

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Following seven years of dedicated support through the RBC Race for the Kids, Royal Bank of Canada went one step further and recently launched a new event, RBC Trade for the Kids, which we’re pleased to announce raised an incredible £150,000! The money raised will go towards funding the new neurosciences centre in the Premier Inn Clinical Building at the hospital.

Last night, we recognised...
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Established in 1947, the GOSH Heart and Lung Unit was the first of its kind in the UK. On British Science Week 2017, we are marking 70 incredible years of specialist cardiothoracic treatment at the Great Ormond Street Hospital.

We have dug into the archives and found this marvellous team photo from 1975. Check out the many questionable fashion choices, and even a cameo from a very young...
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Making things better, faster. Your donations enable GOSH to undertake clinical trials, support groundbreaking studies, and provide the latest equipment and resources to the hospital's clinicians and researchers. Thank you.

British Science Week 2017 is the perfect time to find out more about our research mission: [ Goo.gl Link ]
Meet the Myth Busters! To mark British Science Week 2017, Nicke, Freya and Esme – members of our Young Person’s Advisory Group – have been touring the hospital to learn more about clinical trials and break down preconceptions about this critical avenue of research.

Watch the full video on the hospital website: [ Bit.ly Link ]
“While the children slept, the toys were having races.”

With just over a week until World Storytelling Day, enjoy a new enchanting children’s tale from the classmates of GOSH ambassador Ezara-Mai.

This week, discover the secret double life of Ellie the Elephant and her friends, as they race about GOSH under cover of darkness! Read it here:...
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