Had a nice walk along the Fighting Creek Nature Trail and found a Yellow Trillium (Trillium Luteum) in bloom. After passing the Ownby Cabin, we came upon the arrowhead shaped leaves of Little Brown Jugs (Hexastlis Arifola) with buds just about ready to open!

Remember, when viewing and photographing wildflowers in the Smokies, take only pictures and leave only footprints, but be careful where...
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Sure, it's Monday, but more importantly it's the first day of SPRING! Let's do this!
Hepatica, Trilliums, and Spring Beauties started to emerge over the last few weeks, however this weeks snow fall might delay the peak of the spring wildflower season by a week or two. However, that might be a good thing for those that are attending the wildflower pilgrimage event this year. The way things were going, it looked like we were going to have a very early spring bloom, but these...
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March arrived with above average temperatures and ferocious winds, but this week old man winter is letting us know that he is not ready to depart just yet.. What will the end of the month bring?
It's cold outside, but sunshine warms our hearts in the smokies. Hopefully the hard working park service crew and those working on LeConte stay safe out there!

March 15, 2017

Knoxville American Advertising Federation recently selected the ‘Airport Park’ display at McGee-Tyson for several awards including a Gold Addy, Best of Category award, and Best of Show award in the Out-of-Home and Ambient Media division. Thanks to support from park visitors, GSMA was able to fund a large portion of this project.

Centennial 'Airport Park' Experience Wins Award

What should you do for Pi Day? Bake a Smoky Mountain pie and share it with your friends!

Great Smoky Mountains Association | Food & Recipes Of The

A change of seasons is making its way to the Smokies. Just as spring awakens bears and buds alike, our park’s roads, picnic areas and campgrounds are putting out the welcome mat for the 2017 season. Should we be expecting you soon?

[ Smokiesinformation.org Link ]

Smoky Mountain Explorer - Seasons of the Smokies Trailer

On May 22nd, we will be releasing our second film in the Smoky Mountain Explorer Series, "Seasons of the Smokies: A Wondrous Diversity of Life". This is the ...

March is Women's History Month and we would like to introduce you to women who love the Smokies. In 1925 LauraThornburgh, a photographer, writer, and resident of Gatlinburg, hiked to Gregory Bald with an inspection team considering development of a new national park. In 1930 she and a small group convened in Washington D.C. to watch the Secretary of the Interior accept the deeds to over...
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It was worth walking in the cold this morning when I found this Halberd-Leaved Violet and its distinct arrowhead shaped leaves. It's one of the first wildflowers to bloom in the Smokies.
Park officials are asking for comments on a Cades Cove Solar Energy Project.

National Park Service - PEPC - Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Remember when... Read how events unfolded in the Smokies here: [ Smokiesinformation.org Link ]

Remembering the Blizzard of '93

Secretary Ryan Zinke said today: “Our National Parks are our national treasures, and it’s important to recognize that they are more than just beautiful landscapes. ... I understand the value these places bring to local economies and in preserving our heritage. As we enter into a second century of service and visitation numbers continue to increase, we will focus on maintenance backlogs and...
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Secretary Zinke Announces Record Visitation to America’s National Parks

Star Chickweed (Stellaria Pubera) is the star of the show today!
It can be found in moist woods along many of the trails in the Smokies. Birds forest eagerly for its seeds, hence the common name "Chickweed" This photo was taken March 26, 2016.
Have you made summer plans to visit this historic Smoky Mountain destination?
March is Women's History Month and there's a lot of women that made history in the Smokies!

When the Great Smoky Mountains National Park was created in 1934, most people that lived within the boundaries moved away, but the Walker Sisters of Little Greenbrier refused to give up their family home, and remained living a completely self-sufficient lifestyle until 1960's!

Great Smoky Mountains Association | Walker Sisters of Little Greenbrier

Waterfall Wednesday in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park! Did you know we have over 3000 miles of streams? What's your favorite waterfall in the Smokies?
March is Women's History Month, when we highlight the contributions of women to events in history and contemporary society.

Get to know Smoky Mountain history makers like Lydia Whaley, one of the first advocates for the creation of Pi Beta Phi Elementary School in Gatlinburg, TN. Learn her story and 18 other tales in "Women of the Smokies: No Place for the Weary Kind" by Courtney Lix.


A river of green. So lush!