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"I shouldn’t have to teach doctors how to treat me, both professionally and as a human being." (via BuzzFeed)

And watch the women of #TransEmpowered taking control of their health to live well with HIV: [ Link ]

15 Struggles Black Trans People Face When Getting Health Care
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Congratulations to Barry Jenkins, Tarell Alvin McCraney and the rest of tremendously talented team behind #Moonlight for best picture win at tonight's #Oscars! ????✨

Read about the film's #HIV backstory (via Poz Magazine)

Moonlight Has an HIV Backstory
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“For our grandmother, the importance of it, was to show the fight against AIDS was — and is — really about educating people and destigmatizing [the disease],” says Naomi Wilding who is carrying forward her grandmother Elizabeth Taylor's legacy. (via People) #Oscars The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation

25 Years After Elizabeth Taylor Wore the AIDS Ribbon to the 1992 Oscars, Her Grandchildren Carry on Her Fight
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"I am slowly building myself up, and that feels amazing." Watch Phoebe's inspiring story and learn how she is #TransEmpowered.
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"This gives an easy visual to create a moment of pause, of awareness and hopefully a dialogue in homes, churches, neighborhoods.” (via The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Art Piece in Downtown Atlanta Charts HIV Rates to Raise Awareness
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“There is a life-saving medication available, and women don’t know about it. That seems important.” Philadelphia Inquirer reports on uptake of #PrEP – the pill to prevent #HIV – among women.

For more about PrEP visit:

Why Don't More Women Protect Themselves with PrEP?
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"The threat of Obamacare repeal comes even as Indiana officials are asking the Trump administration to tweak its own Medicaid expansion program. The updated waiver proposal vastly expands substance abuse treatment coverage to anyone in Medicaid and includes inpatient, as well as outpatient, treatment for substance abuse." (via POLITICO)

How Mike Pence used Obamacare to halt Indiana's HIV outbreak
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"Right now, we are at a turning point in the AIDS epidemic. Either we can redouble our investments and eradicate the disease, or we can retreat from our leadership in the world." Congresswoman Barbara Lee in The New York Times letters to the editors.

Also writing in are Greater Than AIDS friends at The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation and The SERO Project speaking out against HIV...
View details ⇨

How to Move Toward an AIDS-Free Generation
A powerful, inspiring read from featuring some familiar faces from the Greater Than AIDS family, Lolisa, Damaries, and Maria Hiv Mejia-Laing ❤❤❤

Landmark Moments in the Lives of People with HIV
"Little did we know that All Star game in '92 was a new beginning in Magic's journey, proving this one truth: ball is life." The Undefeated pays homage to Magic Johnson who went on to be a leading voice against #HIV stigma. #AllStarWeekend NBA

Ode to the 1992 All-Star Game MVP - ESPN Video
Naomi Wilding – Elizabeth Taylor’s granddaughter and ambassador of The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation – writes for The Hill about outdated #HIV criminalization laws that have not caught up with science.

HIV Bill in CA Could Decrease Stigma and Discrimination
"Golden Girls was one of the first sitcoms to mention HIV and AIDS at all, and further to suggest that the epidemic was a problem for everyone, not just the gay community." (via Vulture)

The Golden Girls Proved Its Fearlessness Yet Again When It Tackled HIV/AIDS
"You won't be doing this alone." Powerful read from Greater Than AIDS Ambassador Deondre B. Moore about how he and his mom, Kathy, faced his HIV diagnosis together. (via The Huffington Post)

Learn more about supporting loved ones living with HIV at

Deondre Moore: Faith, Family, & HIV
New study from Kaiser Family Foundation finds that in states that expanded Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act – aka Obamacare – many more people being treated for #HIV now have insurance. (via Reuters)

For more about insurance options for people with HIV, go to:

Obamacare significantly expanded insurance for people with HIV
Good news! CDC attributes a decline in #HIV to more people knowing their status and being on treatment, POZ Magazine and others reporting today.

After Two Decades of Stagnation, U.S. HIV Infection Rate Falls
“Don’t let #HIV discourage you from going for true love." Watch Victor & Brian's #love story! #ValentinesDay
"They raised their voices, created representation and left it up to viewers to determine what to do next." (via Salon)

Bad times make great art: The AIDS movement and the New Queer Cinema
King County - which includes Seattle - is possibly the first major U.S. city to reach the "90-90-90" goal of the National HIV/AIDS Strategy. The county's strategy focused on improving access to HIV testing and providing support to people living with HIV to get the care they needed. (via HIV Plus Magazine)

This U.S. County is the First to Reach a Huge HIV Milestone!
"Being able to live out loud and be confident in the life that I am living will hopefully help teach someone that being HIV-positive isn't something to be ashamed about." (Ken Robert Williams for NBC News)

HIV Counselor Ken Williams Shares His Story of Living with HIV to Help Others
Pepfar reaches 11.5 million people with antiretroviral drugs. Two million babies with infected mothers have been born HIV-free and 6.2 million children receive care from the U.S. global #HIV funding program.

Senator Bill Frist, M.D. is a former Republican Senate majority leader from Tennessee (via The New York Times Opinion Section)

Bill Frist: The Case for Keeping America’s AIDS Relief Plan