Greater Than AIDS
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"There is nothing shameful about having HIV...Everyone affected by HIV deserves love, support, encouragement and proper healthcare." (via HIV Plus Magazine)

Beloved HIV activis Regan Hofmann Says Health Care Providers Need to do More For Women & HIV
Greater Than AIDS
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"HIV will always be a part of my life... by running towards it, you can decide exactly how you want to live with it." Inspiring read from Tyler Curry on how he lives his best life. (via HIV Plus Magazine)

How Running Towards HIV Can Save Your Life
HRH Prince Harry continues his mother's work to support people around the world living with and affected by HIV (via People).

Prince Harry Visits HIV Charity 25 Years After His Mom Princess Diana Paid a Visit
Nico comes from a tight knit family, and his mom and sister worried about his risk for #HIV. So when they found out about PrEP – the HIV prevention pill – they were thrilled. Watch this amazing story of family acceptance and support.
"If Trumpcare were to be enacted as written, it would be a devastating blow to all of our HIV efforts, both care and prevention." #HIV advocates express worry about impact of healthcare proposal. (via Upworthy)

How Trumpcare would affect the fight against HIV
"I did everything I needed to do to make sure she got here HIV-negative." Masonia Traylor talks with TIME about learning she was living with HIV and how ongoing treatment helped her have a healthy, HIV negative child.

No Baby Should Be Born With HIV. What Will It Take to Save Them All?
Vox reports on the administration's proposed budget & plans to maintain the Ryan White HIV/AIDS program - which provides care to people living with HIV.

Learn more on Ryan White programs: [ Link ]

One important exception to Trump’s budget cuts: programs to fight AIDS
"My status and my story are what I have to offer." (via Salon)

Adler University President Dr. Raymond Crossman Speaks Out about Living with HIV
The 1A show on NPR talks with experts about PrEP - the #HIV prevention pill - what it is, who it's for and what's in store for the future.

Get the facts on PrEP at

Be PrEPared!
“The story of AIDS is more than a disease. The real underpinnings of that story are about humanity, social justice, human rights and what it means to be a citizen of the world." (via The New York Times)

An AIDS Museum: The Challenges Are Huge, but the Timing Is Right
“Love yourself. Protect yourself.” Today is National Women & Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. Watch. Share. Add your voice! #WeAreEmpowered #NWGHAAD

The Women of Empowered Get Real About Love, Life & HIV
"Though it may seem appropriate to discourage HIV transmission, laws that create HIV-specific crimes 'are unjust and harmful to public health around the world,' according to the Infectious Diseases Society of America," reports.

HIV Criminalization Is Detrimental to Public Health. It’s Time for the Law to Catch Up.
TIME looks at how a roll-back of the Medicaid expansion provided under the Affordable Care Act - aka Obamacare - would affect access to #PrEP.

This HIV Drug Is Making a Difference. Now Republicans Want to Make It Unaffordable
"I thought I was sharing my weaknesses but I was actually sharing my strength." Greg Louganis (via USA TODAY)

Four-Time Olympic Gold Medalist Greg Louganis on Living with HIV
“I want people at church to know this is who I am." This week is the National Week of Prayer for the Healing of HIV/AIDS. Watch Deondre and Kathy’s powerful story of family, faith & HIV! #WeAreFamily
“I had the great honor of representing my mother and Mrs. Taylor by wearing that same 25-year-old Red Ribbon to continue to bring awareness and solidarity to the fight against AIDS." (via Entertainment Weekly, The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation)

'Moonlight' Oscar Winner Tarell Alvin McCraney Explains AIDS Ribbon Tribute
"The quilt ended up being the largest community-arts project in the world and touched the hearts of tens of millions of people across the planet.” Powerful interview with Cleve Jones in People about becoming an activist and how an #HIV diagnosis inspired him to create the now-famous AIDS memorial quilt.

When We Rise Inspiration Cleve Jones’ Journey from Suicidal Teen to World-Famous LGBTQ Activist
"Ensuring affordable and accessible care for people with HIV is also necessary to prevent new HIV infections." examines the role of the Affordable Care Act - aka #Obamacare - in increasing access to #HIV testing and #PrEP, the prevention pill.

For more about health coverage and HIV, go to:

Note to Congress: The Affordable Care Act Is Critical to Prevent Rising HIV Rates
"He taught all of us that AIDS is a disease with a human face and one that affects every American, indeed every citizen, of the world." (via HIV Plus Magazine)

Remembering Pedro Zamora on His Birthday
A leading San Francisco doctor says stigma is the "greatest challenge" he confronts in his work treating women with HIV. (via The Sacramento Bee op-ed)

Modernize California Laws Targeting People with HIV