Final data confirms record-breaking temperatures for third year in a row

2016 hottest year ever recorded – and scientists say human activity to blame
The free movement of people between the UK and the rest of Europe is under threat. We will always defend the principle of free movement, and we call on Theresa May to defend it too. Sign this petition now - & share this post ->
Caroline Lucas on how the British Government is cosying up to Donald Trump. As Trump becomes President of the United States this Friday, we're supporting a national wave of banner drops from bridges to stand up to the politics of hate. Find out what's happening near you --->>>
Millions of people benefit from free movement. Now is the time to extend these benefits and share them more equally - not shut them down altogether. Sign our petition to protect freedom of movement:

Millions Of Britons Benefit From Freedom Of Movement - It Must Be Protected
"The Green Party will continue to stand up for free movement and keeping close ties with the European Union, and we’ll fight any attempt to slash our state through corporate tax cuts and a race to the bottom on regulations."

Yes we will! Help us doing so by signing the the petition to protect freedom of movement --->>>

Carolina Lucas nails the problem with Theresa May's Brexit announcement
URGENT: In her Brexit speech today Theresa May made clear that she's determined to scrap free movement between the UK and the rest of Europe.

We now need to show her how many of us want to keep it. We will always defend the principle of free movement - sign and share the petition calling on Theresa May to defend it too ↓

Keep freedom of movement | Sign and share the petition now
Politicians including Caroline Lucas say UK risks having to compromise on issues such as environment and food safety

Brexit rush for US trade deal could force tough concessions, say critics
This is such a stark reminder of why we’re fighting for a better world. If this makes you angry then use that anger! Now is not the time to stand aside - it’s the time to get involved.

World's eight richest people have same wealth as poorest 50%
"The European parliament, especially, must strengthen its commitment to promoting and defending democracy worldwide. I will fight to ensure the EU is working to safeguard people’s everyday needs, be it job security or the ability to provide a future for themselves and their families."

Why I, a Brit, am standing to be president of the European parliament | Jean Lambert
There’s nothing novel about a ratio of top to lowest pay, says Natalie Bennett - Former Green Party Leader.
This has been Green Party policy for many years – but we’re calling for a ratio of 10:1, not 20:1.

Saints and sinners in the pay cap debate | Letters
"For us it's an issue of social justice." Our co-leader Jonathan Bartley on why we are unapologetically standing up for freedom of movement.

Jonathan Bartley: Greens are the 'principled' pro-EU immigration party
Wave hello to tidal power!
Given the government’s obsession with nuclear power and fracking, it's refreshing to see it backing a truly green energy technology. What do you think of the idea?

Swansea Bay tidal lagoon backed by government review
Jean Lambert MEP on why she is standing for President of the European Parliament. Could the next President be our Green MEP? Candidates are currently debating live - watch it here: [ Link ]
Caroline Lucas is leading a cross-party challenge on the privatisation of the Green Investment Bank:
The Labour leader seemed to hesitate in his support for freedom of movement.

We should be unequivocal in our support for freedom of movement
Let's be very clear: migrants are not to blame for Britain's problems.

I'm really pleased to have co-signed this letter in today's Guardian, making clear that i'll continue standing up for free movement.

[ Link ]
We stood up for freedom of movement in the EU Referendum campaign and we will continue to do so. Migrants are not to blame for Britain's problems - the Government is.
We can never get enough of news like this!

UK wind power overtakes coal for first time
With the Conservatives, Ukip and Labour happy with the ending of free movement, there is one party that will continue to stand up for migrants & oppose the Tories' hard Brexit -->

Jeremy Corbyn: UK can be better off out of the EU