Volunteers say decision to stop taking lone child refugees to UK and destruction of Calais camp has been a fillip to traffickers

MPs warn over child refugees sleeping rough after Dubs scheme closure

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It's Our NHS Demo: Green Bloc

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Yes, Caroline Lucas!
There are many reasons why Donald Trump should not be given a state visit. As Caroline Lucas told Parliament yesterday, his contempt for climate science is one of them.
You won’t be hearing from us here today. We’re supporting #1DayWithoutUs to celebrate the massive contribution migrants make to our society. Thousands of migrants are demonstrating that impact by coming together, holding rallies, and staging strikes.

This is our social media coordinator. She’s an EU national. And that’s why you’ll have one day without us on Facebook today.
Tomorrow is One Day Without Us: UK National Protest - a day to celebrate the contribution of migrants to the UK. We'll be taking part in events across the country to say loud and clear that migrants are welcome here. Share to spread that message!
"A lot of people turned to Ukip because they were angry, frustrated and disenfranchised with mainstream politics and until we mounted a proper campaign, there wasn’t an alternative.”

The Green Party defeat Ukip in a by-election with huge swing

See you on the streets this Monday!
That #FridayFeeling when you take a seat from UKIP! We now have a new Councillor in the Forest of Dean. And it wasn’t even close. Our vote share shot up by nearly 30% and UKIP support utterly collapsed. The politics of hope can defeat the politics of hate.
The dodgy trade deal CETA passed in the European Parliament last night. Once ratified it'll mean that corporations can sue Governments if they hinder profit. It's clear that Brexit will not free Britain from toxic trade deals - in fact the UK's trade minister sees CETA as a model for future deals! That's why it's so important we don't let the Government get away with this - and that we don't...
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Former PM says that the British people were misinformed by Brexit campaign and would be correct to change their minds

Tony Blair calls on remainers to 'rise up in defence of our beliefs'

The world might seem like an uncertain place at the moment, but you can always be certain that Greens are standing up for a different kind of politics – in Parliament, in the media and on the streets.
How many times do we need to tell this Government? It's time to clean up our dirty air!

European commission issues 'final warning' to UK over air pollution breaches

What do you think the Government would rather we didn’t talk about: their treatment of disabled people, that they’ve backed down on helping child refugees, or the huge protests planned for next week? Probably all three. Our co-leader Jonathan Bartley is here to chat and hear your views on these topics – talk to us in the comments below.
European Parliament will today vote on CETA - the dodgy trade agreement between the EU and Canada which threatens our democratic rights, public services, and environmental standards.

Signing up to CETA is the worst of all possible worlds for the UK. Read why our MEP Molly Scott Cato MEP and her fellow Greens will vote against it.

Brexit Britain should beware the trade policies of Justin Trudeau | Molly Scott Cato MEP

This Valentine's Day let's give some ❤ to democracy.

Want a fair voting system? Then sign this --> bit.ly/MakeVotesMatter
Response to petition calling for cancellation of visit signed by 1.8m people says No 10 does not support their view

UK government says Trump will receive 'full courtesy' of state visit

Yet the Government is ploughing ahead with building a new nuclear power station? ????

UK offshore wind 'will lower energy bills' more than nuclear

He discovered widespread drug use, a lack of control, door alarms that did not go off in one block and a hole in an internal security fence.

Undercover Panorama report reveals prison chaos - BBC News