We're celebrating today because we just won two new council seats! In Liverpool 19-year-old Kai Taylor beat Labour with an incredible 70%, while Herefordshire Greens took their third seat on the council with Trish Marsh on 40%.

Greens everywhere are standing up for their communities and a future to be proud of. Want to get involved? join.greenparty.org.uk
Abhorrent comments from UK Independence Party (UKIP)'s Paul Nuttall MEP, trying to capitalise on this terrible tragedy to create division between communities. A brief look around would have revealed to Nuttall a resilient, multicultural society coming together to reject violence.

London attack: Nuttall says cut out radical Islam cancer - BBC News

Only one week left until we're in Liverpool for our Spring Conference, which this year is part of Global Greens & European Greens - Congress 2017. We can't wait! All the info in the event below.

GPEW Spring Conference (part of Greens2017)

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Statement from Caroline Lucas on today's eventsCaroline Lucas, the co-leader of the Green Party, has responded to today's attack in Westminster.

Caroline responds to attacks in London | Caroline Lucas


Very near Queen Elizabeth Gate at Hyde Park Corner, it's just a 3min walk away from the Hilton on Park Lane where the Demo begins. See here: [ Bit.ly Link ]


With Theresa May set to trigger Article 50 on the 29th March, we need to send a clear message to Government that we reject their vision for an extreme Brexit.

The Green Party was proud to...
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Green Bloc: Unite For Europe

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This is a right royal stitch up. Princess Anne holds no elected public office and is supposed to remain politically neutral - yet she is using her unearned status to push a political agenda which does not help the GM debate.

Princess Anne backs GM crops and livestock – unlike Prince Charles

Today we've broken the story of a new police scandal. They've been illegally hacking into the personal accounts of peaceful campaigners. This is an abuse of privacy and an abuse of power. It must stop.

Watchdog investigates claims police used hackers to read protesters' emails

BREAKING! Have you ever taken part in a peaceful protest? You'd better make sure your emails are secure. Jenny Jones uncovers a spying scandal, with the Police illegally hacking into the personal email accounts of campaigners. Sign the petition to keep cops out of innocent inboxes >>> action.greenparty.org.uk/stopspying
We've raised over £10,000 to #MakeGortonGreen! MASSIVE thanks to everyone who's already donated.

Together we can elect a Green MP in Manchester. Please help us push that little bit more!

Manchester By-Election - Crowdfund a Green Surge!

Get ready for Green Party Conference! This year it'll be part of Global Greens & European Greens - Congress 2017 - we are very excited. Find out more --->> greenparty.org.uk/conference
"The Conservatives have pretty good form in getting themselves into roles for which they are astonishingly unqualified (Boris as Mayor of London; Boris as Foreign Secretary) but George Osborne's improbable new appointment as editor of the Evening Standard might take the biscuit." - our co-leader Jonathan Bartley writes about why George Osborne can't edit a newspaper and be an MP at the same time

If George Osborne wants to be editor of the Evening Standard, he must step down as an MP

We've all have had a good laugh at George Osborne's expense today. But jokes aside, Caroline Lucas has asked Theresa May how she intends to make sure Government Ministers don't influence the London Evening Standard now he is editor - or vice versa.

This is what she wants to know:
Could Britain’s Greens experience the same surge as GroenLinks in the Netherlands? That’s the question Molly Scott Cato MEP has taken on in The Guardian today.

"The political landscape is going through a period of seismic change. Broadly speaking, it is young people who embrace the reality of the global village and recognise their place as citizens of a world they share and need to protect,"...
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What can Britain's greens learn from their resurgent Dutch counterparts? | Molly Scott Cato

We've got the #FridayFeeling today! You've raised £1000 to #MakeGortonGreen in the last couple of hours alone! That puts us at £6,500 in total!

SHARE and DONATE right now to help run a campaign that puts a new Green MP in Manchester.

[ Crowdpac.co.uk Link ]

Manchester By-Election - Crowdfund a Green Surge!

The Dutch election has proved what we know to be true, that a positive, optimistic vision for a better future can successfully take on the politics of fear.

This could be a taste of things to come here in Britain – and it’s my mission to make it so, writes our co-leader Jonathan Bartley.

What the UK Greens can learn from the Dutch elections

We're thrilled to introduce our candidate for the Manchester Gorton by-election. Meet Jess Mayo, ready to #MakeGortonGreen.

This seat is a fight between Labour and the Greens. In the last vote, we came second, ahead of the Tories, UKIP and the Lib Dems. Help make history by donating to the campaign today >>> [ Bit.ly Link ]
The Government is boycotting talks to rid the world of nuclear weapons.

Utterly absurd.

123 countries to meet to discuss world free of nuclear weapons but UK decides it's not worth turning up to

This U-turn is a good start. But if the Government is serious about creating a fair economy then they'd also reverse their deep cuts to local Government and tax cuts for the richest as well.

Philip Hammond ditches national insurance rise for self-employed

Unemployment fell by 31,000 to 1.58 million in three months to January, official figures show

Unemployment falls to 31,000 - BBC News

We've always supported proportional representation, and a Parliamentary petition calling for it is at almost 100,000 signatures.

First past the post is an outdated electoral system, denying millions of people a meaningful vote. Sign and share to #MakeVotesMatter >>> [ Parliament.uk Link ]

Petition: To make votes matter, adopt Proportional Representation for UK General Elections