“We are now the fifth or sixth richest country in the world and yet we have a record number of people who are now dependent on food banks – over one million food parcels handed out last year. That is the biggest scandal, the biggest indictment of this Government that I can think of.”
We are now the fifth or sixth richest country in the world

Caroline Lucas: Food poverty is the biggest indictment of the Tory Government

John Fairbrother
Martin DeFreitas
Tom Myzak
It's an exciting day for us today as Molly Scott Cato MEP opens her campaign base in Bristol West. Here she tells i News why there's the chance to make history in June:

“The sense from people is that they would like to have a Green MP but can’t have one. That’s the key to Bristol West this time – it’s obvious people can have a Green MP if they want one. There’s no longer an argument over...
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Its an exciting day for us today as Molly Scott Cato MEP

Green MEP Molly Scott Cato on why she is favourite to win Bristol West

Warwick Michael Dumas
Kim Hope
Lindsay Gauntlett
At the launch of our LGBTIQA+ manifesto at the Trinity United Reform Church in London we pledged to provide HIV prevention, stand up for LGBTIQA+ refugees and fight for intersex and trans rights.

Co-leader Jonathan Bartley and LGBTIQA+ spokesperson Aimee Challenor tell us why this is so important!
Green Party of England and Wales
Lewis Morton
Charlotte Edwards
Stand up for what matters - get involved this weekend!
Simon Oliver Maximilian Johnson
Young Greens
Will Hsac
Green Party co-leader Jonathan Bartley criticises Lib Dem leader Tim Farron over his gay sex is a sin row.
Green Party of England and Wales 04/28/2017

Green Party co-leader: As a Christian, I know gay sex is not a sin

Claire Notthefulltrainset Hornby
Nicholas Cliff
William T Sleet
LGBTIQA+ rights are under threat, all around the world, to an extent which feels unprecedented. But while other political parties struggle to say what they believe, Greens are clear – we will always stand up for LGBTIQA+ people and today we present our boldest LGBTIQA+ manifesto yet.

We believe in a fairer world, a more equal economy, human rights protected by law, recognition and...
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LGBTIQA rights are under threat all around the world to an extent
Green Party of England and Wales
Chris Humphris
Simon Oliver Maximilian Johnson
Meet our lead candidates! We're proud to be represented by these trailblazers. As things stand the concerns of women, who are often hardest hit by government cuts, are too easily brushed aside by the men in power. With Greens in power we'll make sure everyone's voice is heard
Meet our lead candidates Were proud to be represented by these trailblazers
Ben Hills
Lucius Stranix
Ani Brayley
It shouldn't take a court case for the Government to do what's right. They've been trying to delay this for ages but now the court is forcing them to take action. Time to clean up our air!
It shouldnt take a court case for the Government to do whats

Air pollution plan cannot be delayed, high court tells government

Kate Green
Trevor Howard
Brendon Moorhouse
The local Lib Dem party has stood down in Caroline Lucas' seat, and Greens have done the same in Brighton Kemptown. But the movement for electoral alliances isn’t just happening in Brighton, it’s kicking off across the country. Despite the leaders of both the Liberal Democrats and Labour trying to shut these discussion down, their members are taking things into their own hands. What do you...
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The local Lib Dem party has stood down in Caroline Lucas seat

In Brighton we’re working together to oust the Tories. Corbyn and Farron take heed | Caroline Lucas

Thomas Anthony Carroll
Tsha Philps
Glen Mor Angie
Did you watch our Election Broadcast tonight? This is what's at stake in the General Election. But we can choose a better future. On June 8 that choice is yours. Watch and share ↓
Jeanette Wilcott
Jenny Helene
Victoria Whelan
We don't accept money from unethical sources - we're people powered and with your help we can run our boldest campaign ever. It's less than 50 days until the General Election and we need YOUR help - please donate, share this & tag your friends!
We dont accept money from unethical sources were people powered and with

Donate to the Green Party General Election Fighting Fund

Max Smith
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Today we're launching 3 policies for young people to give them a liferaft in this Brexit storm. We believe that education is a public good. We will scrap tuition fees. We will reinstate maintenance grants - and we'll match any EU funding for students & universities that would be lost after Brexit.
Today were launching 3 policies for young people to give them a
Green Party of England and Wales
Heather Calver
Neil Franks
The Tories, Labour and the Lib Dems support a renewal of Trident nuclear weapons. We don't. The cost of Trident could pay for 85,000 midwives, nurses and staff - Greens would scrap nuclear weapons and invest the money in our NHS instead.
The Tories Labour and the Lib Dems support a renewal of Trident
Daniel Argument
John Wootton
David Hopcroft
"For us, proportional representation must be central to this project, because our hugely undemocratic electoral system is so stacked in the establishment’s favour that the Tories can win a majority on just 24% of the eligible vote. To crack open our politics we must hack the system – and respect the fact that no single party has a monopoly on wisdom."
For us proportional representation must be central to this project because our

The case for an anti-Tory electoral alliance | Caroline Lucas

Jake Furby
Andy Smith
Elizabeth-Soraya Matthews
Tridents costs £110billion – enough for more than 85,000 midwives, nurses and health workers every year.

We would scrap this nuclear monstrosity and use the money to give the NHS an emergency kiss of life. People are being treated in corridors while we flush money away on nuclear weapons. Real security means having a world class health service, not locking ourselves into replacing these...
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Tridents costs 110billion enough for more than 85000 midwives nurses and health

Tories are ‘fanatics’ for saying they would start a nuclear war, Green Party says

Digdog Smith
Mark Soffe
Malcolm Hart
The General Election is an opportunity for progressive parties to work together to get the Tories out. Our Bristol West candidate Molly Scott Cato MEP explains just why we must seize it.
Green Party of England and Wales
Dylan Brown
Phil Minns
UKIP's proposed ban on full veils worn by some Muslim women has "great public support", it claims.
Green Party of England and Wales 04/24/2017

UKIP: Full face veils are 'barrier to integration' - BBC News

Paul Wagland
James Sam Potter
Marc Adelaide
The General Election will define Britain for generations to come. Let's not hand it to the Tories on a plate. Let's work together to build a better Britain - and get the Tories out.
Steve Gibbs
Fliss Watts
David Hopcroft
Caroline Lucas has been voted UK's environmental hero! Against worthy competition from David Attenborough and many more, CEOs from leading environmental charities awarded her first place for her work in forcing environmental issues into mainstream politics
Caroline Lucas has been voted UKs environmental hero Against worthy competition from
Sean Usher
Leon Sea
Beth Thomas
David Hagan
John Purdy
Michael Bannerman