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10 important questions. Guess how many answers?
Today the Government has appealed to the Supreme Court to deny MPs a vote on triggering the process of leaving the EU. We think MPs should be given a say. Without any proper plans for what Brexit might mean, Caroline Lucas will not vote to trigger article 50.
Not only are private rail companies running train services into the ground, now the Government wants to give them control of the tracks too! We don't need further privatisation - we need to return the railways to public hands to stop profits being put before passengers.

Private firms to take over rail maintenance work of Network Rail

The elections had been seen as a sign of how well populist candidates might do in upcoming elections in the EU, though the post is ceremonial.

Austria far-right candidate Norbert Hofer defeated in presidential poll

No one should be locked up for seeking asylum, yet in detention centres such as Yarl's Wood women seeking refuge are locked up indefinitely. They've committed no crime and are often survivors of torture. In support of the #ShutDownYarlsWood protest today we say: immigration detention is inhumane and has got to stop NOW.
If you do one thing today then watch and share our co-leader Jonathan Bartley's powerful message. This is the reality of 21st century Britain - but we will not let the Government get away with it.
Brave decisions are never easy. To be brave is to acknowledge your own vulnerability, to recognise the risks, and to decide that they are worth taking. ...

Richmond Park was a vote for hope - and against the regressive alliance | Jonathan Bartley

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The regressive alliance led by Brexit-campaigner Zac Goldsmith has lost in Richmond! Our local parties did not stand a candidate in order to increase the chances of beating Goldsmith, whose reputation is in tatters after his racist mayoral campaign. By standing up at this unique moment the local Green Party showed real leadership – this is a positive result for the fight against toxic politics...
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Caroline Lucas: Lib Dem Richmond victory a "hammer blow" to hard Brexit

Today we remember those who we've lost to AIDS, and continue to fight for those who have HIV.
If we do not stand up for free movement now we could find ourselves far poorer in every sense of the word. Keeping the right to live, study and work across Europe is one of the things the Green Party will not compromise on when it comes to any deal on leaving the EU – along with securing environmental protections and workers’ rights.
Some useful advice from our Peer Jenny Jones and Liberty in light of the Investigatory Powers Bill becoming law.

Liberty's Guide to Protecting Your Rights Online

Theresa May has been accused of trying to "blame children" for her failure to reduce immigration, after leaked letters exposed how as Home Secretary she backed draconian plans to push the sons and daughters of illegal immigrants down to the bottom of the list for school places. Ms May’s department e...

Theresa May planned to put children of immigrants on bottom of the list for school places

Is it arrogance or incompetence? Watch Caroline Lucas challenge Theresa May on why she is refusing to give any clarity on what Brexit might mean.
Jeremy Corbyn will miss a House of Commons vote on whether to order a fresh probe into allegations that Tony Blair misled Parliament over the Iraq War. Wednesday’s vote has split the Labour parliamentary party, with the Shadow Cabinet facing down calls by backbenchers for all MPs to be ordered to op...

Jeremy Corbyn to miss vote on launching fresh Tony Blair Iraq War probe

We've been fighting the Snoopers Charter very hard but today it was given royal assent, meaning that it will pass into law. It's a sad day for democracy.

Putting Government spying on this scale into law means our security services now have unprecedented powers to spy on us. This will inevitably result in abuses of power and it will come back to bite us in future years.

The British Government just officially got the most extreme spying powers ever seen

In the NHS you're more likely to be treated by a person from another EU country than to be queuing up behind one. EU nationals play a vital part in the running of our NHS. That's why we support freedom of movement and will fight for it.
Freedom of movement works both ways. More than 1.2m Brits currently enjoy their right to live elsewhere in Europe - yet the Government has made no guarantee to what will happen to them if we leave the EU. Greens are clear: we'll campaign to keep free movement and make it work for everyone.
Greens will always stand up for migrants' rights, and that's why without any guarantees for EU nationals living here Caroline Lucas will not vote to trigger the process of the UK leaving the EU. Help us stand up to migrant-blaming rhetoric by sharing the message that freedom of movement is a good thing and should be celebrated.