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What do you think about this idea - the future of waste disposal?
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Baby elephant encounters mud for the first time.
We love the way elephants care for each other - we could learn a lot from this..
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Love this idea a nozzle that uses 98% less water than a regular tap....
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"Surrounding myself with green is simply how I love to live."
500 Houseplants in one small apartment - beautiful.
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Why I Filled My NYC Apartment With 500 Houseplants
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Real life Hobbit - this man lives in a comfy hole in the ground. Do you think you could do it?
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A wonderful symbiotic relationship..
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Sometimes you just have to take a nap...
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Web craft - I could watch this spider artist all day ...
Via Avantgardens
Forests are springing up in the Egyptian desert ...
This man is an inspiration don't you think? Thank you John Hardy.
Underground Methane Bubbles in Siberia.....
Senja island hosts some of the most spectacular hikes in the world. Imagine that you climb up to the Mountain top and see all the world beneath your feet! Small villages, ocean fog and wonderful midnight sun rolling over horizon...
Words and images by Daniel Kordan
In Antarctica these are what they call highways. Love it!
Image and words via Kelvin Trautman Photographer

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