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Beautiful starling murmurations, nature is incredible ...
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A 94 years old brilliant inventor still works every day to help save our planet..
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Living in harmony with nature, doing in life the things that you love...
What do you think about their home and vision?
Hjertefølgerne / The Heart Followers
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Jill Redwood lives entirely off the grid, she has devised unique means of self-sufficiency to reduce her footprint on the earth - she is such an inspiration...
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In search of the Rusty Patched Bumble Bee - great short film..
Via Day's Edge Productions
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An incredible village made of recycled plastic bottles...
I love the idea of being plastic negative, using recycled plastic to build your home..
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Family lives in the Arctic Circle by building Cob House in a solar Geodesic Dome...

Family Lives in the Arctic Circle by Building Cob House in a Solar Geodesic Dome
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We live in such a beautiful world - incredible footage.
Via Tavish Campbell Coastal Photography
Another beautiful dome home. Could you see yourself living in a space like this?
Via Avantgardens
Customized sustainable energy - SolPad. What do you think about this invention?
Incredibly beautiful cactus flowers...
We live in a beautiful world - a special interaction with a Dugong - Bangka island, Sulawesi, Indonesia.
Little changes can make a big difference. Obviously the biggest would be less flight travel but if you do travel make small changes like bringing your own cup and bottle on board..

One Flight Attendant’s Letter to Travelers Around World - Let's Do It interesting view on dealing with stress! Do you agree?
The challenge for the world is to get everyone out of extreme poverty and get the richest people to use less fossil fuels...
Another beautiful home.
A beautiful Water harp. I had never heard one before.
Would you like living in a dome?
Geodesic Interior taken from Woodstock Handmade Houses.
Via our friends at Avantgardens