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Have a look and share this book by photographer artist Ahmed Mater: the Unofficial Histories behind the Mass Expansion of Mecca.
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Desert of Pharan

Please note we are closed on Thursday, January 19, 2017 to attend a book presentation at Leiden University.
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Invitation Book Launch Western Arabia in the Leiden Collections

Read about this revealing and honest book about Mecca by one of Saudi Arabian's most intelligent artists with an eye for both truth and beauty. Typically for the region, it seems, he once listened to music played by one of the 9/11 hijackers. We saw the manuscript in Jeddah (the New York Times prefers Jidda) in February and admired it. I am sure it will be for sale soon not only in the United...
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A Physician-Turned-Artist Offers a Diagnosis for Islam’s Holiest City

Saudi Arabian artist Abdulrahim Turkistan, who has studied communications engineering and works as a business professional in The Netherlands, follows evening classes at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague and will give us a talk about his work and experience as an artist. On show is one of his works from a series named Atlas, acquired by the museum in June, and inspired by the city and...
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Afternoon with artist Abdulrahim Turkistani

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Have a look at 'Going Green' an article about the museum with some photographs that Artscoops from Beirut published yesterday.
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Going Green

Planning to bring some works to the framer tomorrow.
With her work Al-Muallaqat or 'Hanging Poems' Maha Malluh reaches back to an ancient Arabian story of poems that used to hang inside or on the walls of the Kaaba in Mecca. Replacing the idea of such poems or words Malluh hung used and discarded large community cooking pots, which she collected on the flea markets of Riyadh. What happened to the traditions of her community, the viewer may...
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[About the constitution of Madinah] .. explained that since the dawn of Islam, Madinah had embodied the application of Islamic teachings as regards coexistence with others, and has been living proof that Islam is a religion that accepts differences and respects them, and values diversity without discrimination on the basis of shape, color or creed.
“These are our pure unadulterated Islamic...
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Yesterday we visited the Royal Academy in The Hague, the Netherlands, to have a look at the work and experiments of Abdulrahim Turkistani, who with a day job as an engineer in that city, attended evening classes for fine art at the academy. Here a few impressions of the year-end presentation of his work in which he was inspired among other things by the colors of tradition in Turkistan, from...
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This is something new for artists from Saudi Arabia: ART RIYADH. The website linked here includes an application form.
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We crossed paths with French former minister Jack Lang in Jeddah this year and this seems to be why: an exhibition in Paris, the capital of France. It looks like a presentation of what some Saudi's call 'safe art,' but a selection that shows patience and devotion of a curator able to make a convincing presentation. Unfortunately the video doesn't say at which location, but presumably at the...
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معرض الفن السعودي المعاصر في باريس L'Exposition d'Art Contemporain Saoudien à Paris

Amsterdam students visiting the museum this afternoon.
An online museum of traditional Saudi Arabian costumes. Here a dress from Asir. It used to be, they say, that men embroidered the women's clothes. In the modern age women all wear abaya.
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The Bani Sa'd tribe: Costumes - Mansoojat Foundation

Article about Saudi artist Abdulnasser Gharem, making bit of fun with and taking his share of the oil drums.

Artist Nurtures a Creative Oasis in Conservative Saudi Arabia

Three Saudi comedians popular on YouTube. [ Bbc.com Link ]

The funny side of Saudi - BBC News

Al Hangar exhibition in Jeddah this month features young artists who insist they curated themselves.
We will try to write a regular report in the future. Here is the first one about calligraphy at an exhibition in Madinah.
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Greenbox Museum Report: Actually, there is calligraphy in Saudi Arabia