Nice work Byron Bay! Think Commonwealth Bank is getting the message yet?

It's time to Break Free from coal, CommBank: [ Link ]

Byron Bay residents give CommBank branch a makeover
Looks like the Commonwealth Bank in Byron Bay just got a facelift! The people of Byron have spoken: it's time to break free from coal CommBank!

Speak up with them: [ Link ]
Good news: our new report shows that the world is turning its back on coal, led by China and India. So why does the federal government still want to give $1bn of taxpayer money to Adani's Carmichael coal mine?

Coal In "Freefall": The World Is Suddenly Building A Lot Fewer Coal Plants
AMAZING work Thailand! Over 300 people gathered to send a message: Break Free from dirty energy and embrace renewables!

Sydney, it's your turn to Break Free this Monday: [ Link ]

Adelaide, it's your turn to Rise Up this Saturday: [ Link ]
We just got back from the Reef. What we found was heart-wrenching.

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When dangerous fly-ash engulfed the town of Port Augusta, the community fought back.

Help us spread this positive, people-powered message far and wide!

Welcome to Port Augusta
Heroes of the week! This Break Free Australia 2017 action in Martin Place, Sydney is too excellent. Wanna get involved? Join us this Monday to tell Commonwealth Bank to invest in the future, dump coal.

Sign up here: [ Link ]
Take a moment to remember the forests.
Then get on board to save them >> [ Link ]
We did it! With your help, we raised enough money to install independent air monitoring in the town of Port Augusta. The device goes live at 9:30 am, March 22.

Take a look at how you made this happen.

Welcome to Port Augusta's Independent Air Monitoring
March 2017: A message from the Great Barrier Reef to the world.

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Commonwealth Bank's PR team have made a new ad asking questions about the future.

But given Commbank were the biggest funders of fossil fuels in 2016, we think there are some bigger questions they should be asking.

If you think it's time for Commbank to stop funding new coal projects and start funding Australia's future, share this video and add your name: [ Link ]
Kenya has become the latest African nation to ban plastic bags! Time for Australia to catch up: [ Link ]
POLL: Voters don't want their tax to pay for coal.
Are you listening Peter Dutton?

Take action. Add your voice here >> [ Link ]

Most voters in Peter Dutton's electorate oppose subsidising Adani coalmine, poll says
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Check out these Greenpeace activists and volunteers marching alongside the Rainbow Warrior Float in this year's Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras!
Food security in West Africa is under heavy pressure from growing industrial fishing fleets - so we're on patrol here to help authorities address what you could describe as a 'Wild West' at sea.

Find out more:
Victory! Thanks to your hard work and some determined internet cats, Mars, Incorporated and Nestlé have committed to make their pet food safer for our oceans and workers at sea.

Now let’s tell the largest canned tuna company in the world to take action [ Link ]

**Many thanks to our feline friends: Lil Bub, Captain Pancakes, Oskar & Klaus, Princess Monster Truck Forever, Cole &...
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Can you believe it's been 10 years since the launch of the first smartphone?
Here's what's happened since then.
Commonwealth Bank are rolling out a slick new ad campaign. But what it doesn't tell you is that they funded more dirty fossil fuels in 2016 than any other Australian bank - so we fixed their ad for them.

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