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Dear President Donald J. Trump. We totally understand America is first - but can we just say, let's make Planet Earth the hottest thing in the universe?

#EverySecondCounts It's great.
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What if renewable energy was the new normal?

Join the movement >> [ Link ]
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Some of the most powerful aerial photography you will see.

Explore this stunning photo essay exploring the threats to Brazil’s least developed state.

Brazil's forgotten state – in pictures
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"Justin Trudeau told First Nations that if we elected him, he would absolutely respect our legal right to veto any development on our territories. And yet, his government has approved two major pipelines."

Say NO to tar sands pipelines like Kinder Morgan >> [ Link ]

Justin Trudeau has forgotten his promises to Indigenous Canadians
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Indigenous communities in the Peace Valley, B.C. are fighting for their rights to stop the Site C dam.

Turn on your sound to hear their story.
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Lawsuits are piling up against the Kinder Morgan pipeline! Indigenous rights, whales, and democracy are all at stake.

Say NO to tar sands pipelines >> [ Link ]

Lawsuits pile up as Kinder Morgan opponents prepare next pipeline battleground in the courts
After nearly 10 years of Harper, Canadian environmentalists have learned a thing or two about fighting a press-hating, scientist-muzzling political leader.

Here's their advice for allies south of the border.

Advice for Americans from Canada’s top environmentalists on how to fight Trump
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"I hope people will start seeing the outdoors as less of a commodity and more of a community that we respect and value.”

These men walked from Mexico to Canada and picked up every piece of trash they saw along the way
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Kudos to local activist groups Ontario Clean Air Alliance and Durham Nuclear Awareness for taking action to make sure nuclear risks aren't swept under the rug-- and with a sense of humour too!

Ontarians deserve protection from Fukushima-scale accidents. Tell Premier Wynne to put public safety first >>

'Elephants' not wanted at public meeting on nuclear safety
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For more than 40 years, Grassy Narrows First Nation has been fighting to clean up the industrial mercury that poisoned the community's river. This week, they were finally given that commitment from the Ontario government!

But the work of implementation hasn't started yet. Please to support Grassy Narrows until the river is truly clean and mercury justice is achieved [ Link ] via No...
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The Pope agrees that Indigenous Peoples have rights over their land.

So why doesn't the Dakota Access Pipeline's biggest funder? >>

Pope weighs in on Dakota pipeline dispute: Native people have rights over their lands
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YES! Laval has become the FIRST university in Canada to stop investing in the fossil fuel industry!

This is what real climate leadership looks like.

Shout out to ULaval sans fossiles and 350 Canada for leading on this campaign!

Laval becomes first university in Canada to divest from fossil fuels | Ricochet
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Big news!

Our court case against Arctic oil begins on November 13th. Here Michelle, one of the attorneys behind this groundbreaking climate case, briefs you on the story.

Add your name to support the case:
Happy Valentines Day from Greenpeace! <3
Every Valentine's Day, missing and murdered Indigenous women are honoured in marches and ceremony across Canada.


March for missing and murdered women takes place tonight
Trudeau is meeting with Donald Trump for the first time today. He should be taking this opportunity to stand up to Trump — on immigration, on pipelines, and on Indigenous rights!

But what do you think he’s really saying? Caption contest in the comments below!
How does organic food affect your body? Take your own challenge >>> [ Link ]