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Woodland caribou in Canada are in urgent need of protection.

Call on Minister McKenna to take action for the Great Northern Forest >> [ Link ]

Conservation groups urge increased protection for boreal caribou habitat
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Did you know the Canadian boreal forest contains more than 1 MILLION lakes?

Take action to protect the Great Northern Forest now >> [ Link ]

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Discover the greatest forest you may never have heard of...

The Great Northern Forest Needs You
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The Water Docs festival is happening and in Toronto on March 29 don't miss this one!

RiverBlue Documentary Screening for World Water Day

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Coming to Toronto! Screening of the documentary Riverblue -

Can fashion save the planet? Through awareness, we evolve.

Following international river conservationist, Mark Angelo, RIVERBLUE spans the globe to infiltrate one of the world’s most pollutive industries, fashion. Narrated by clean water supporter Jason Priestley, this groundbreaking documentary examines the destruction of our...
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Beautiful words.

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Happy International #ForestDay!

If you do one thing today, sign to protect The Great Northern Forest >> [ Link ]

The Great Northern Forest stores more carbon in its trees and soils than all of the tropical rainforests put together.

Losing this forest would mean climate chaos. Act now >> [ Link ]
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What happens to The Great Northern Forest affects us all.

Sign the petition to call for its protection >> [ Link ]
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What happens to The Great Northern Forest affects us all.

Sign the petition to call for its protection >> [ Link ]
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Incredible! This river is now legally a person.
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This is why Standing Rock is so important.
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Yes, Sarah Silverman!

You can call on the big banks to #DefundDAPL by signing here >> [ Link ]
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Food security in West Africa is under heavy pressure from growing industrial fishing fleets - so Greenpeace is on patrol here to help authorities address what you could describe as a 'Wild West' at sea.

Find out more:
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Do you live on the Kinder Morgan pipeline route?

Not many people know this, but anyone who lives near the proposed pipeline can register their objection to the route with the National Energy Board. But you need to act fast: in some areas, the deadline to object is approaching!

Sign up to take action >> [ Link ]
Or share this post with a friend who lives on the pipeline route!
Victory! Thanks to your hard work and some determined internet cats, Mars, Incorporated and Nestlé have committed to make their pet food safer for our oceans and workers at sea.

Take action to ensure Thai Union, the largest canned tuna company in the world and a supplier for both companies, acts next: [ Link ]
Here's how one corporation is attacking your right to speak for forests.

A World Without Greenpeace? How One Corporation Is Attacking Your Right to Speak for Forests
Crystal Lameman of the Beaver Lake Cree Nation has spoken out around the world about the devastating effects tar sands production has had on her community.

Now, she's helping her Nation to take another step forward. The community just completed its first ever solar energy project — proving that even in the heart of the tar sands it’s time for solar to shine!

Read more in her latest blog [...
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The Norwegian government’s reckless rush for Arctic oil is getting even worse.

They know that oil fuels extreme weather from the Philippines to Haiti. Their solution? Planning to open up 93 completely new oil blocks for drilling in the Arctic.

Your name can help stop this madness in court: [ Link ]