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03/25/2017 at 10:59. Facebook
By the time you finish watching this video ONE person in India would have died due to #airpollution. Let us demand our right to clean air! Let the ministers know our health challenges due to air pollution.

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Help Delhi Breathe
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More power to young activists!
You can volunteer your time with Greenpeace to be an environmental champion: [ Link ]
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Every year, 1.2 million Indians are dying due to toxic air!
One of the major sources of #AirPollution are coal-fired thermal power plants.

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Take a look at these incredible rainbow washed mountains. Nature is awesome!
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This little one from Korba in Chhattisgarh (a land with multiple coal based Thermal Power Plant), suffers from chronic and acute respiratory disorders and skin related challenges. Dr. S.K. Agarvwal, child specialist says, “this could be due to #AirPollution”.

We need #SolutionNotPollution ->>[ Link ]
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Good news!

Ganga and Yamuna now have ‘human’ status. Polluting them is like harming a human. Watch out!

India court gives sacred Ganges and Yamuna rivers human status - BBC News
Quality of life = Quality of air
What do you think? Put it in the comment section and let us know about your thoughts.

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#BreakFree #SolutionNotPollution #CoalKillsAir
Many have said no to coal.
Our recent visits to document effects of coal thermal power plants in Tamil Nadu and Chhattisgarh have established #airpollution due to #coal as the silent killer!

Have YOU said no to coal - [ Link ]


Boom and Bust 2017
Happy #WorldWaterDay!
Someone living far away from us, is paying the true price of what we call development.

Join us to end the dirty energy era:

Beyond What Meets The Nose
It's the #InternationalDayOfForests today!

Let's pledge to protect our forest here->>[ Link ]
Folks in Bangalore, interested to make a positive difference?
Catch us at the panel discussion on Sustainability Activism tomorrow with EcoFolk at The Humming Tree!

Let's exchange ideas and hear different perspectives about the social and environmental challenges we face. See you there!
Children in Ennore, Chennai are asking for something that benefits us all: Freedom from air pollution! Do you agree?
Your chance to #BreakFree now:

#SolutionNotPollution #CoalKillsAir

Bengaluru's very first vertical garden that aims at curbing pollution and making the city beautiful!

We need #SolutionNotPollution>>[ Link ]

Bengaluru Gets Its 1st Vertical Garden To Curb Pollution & It Already Has Over 3,500 Plants
Be a #BreakFree Art Activist!

Submit your own 'break free from fossil fuels' inspired design here >>[ Link ]
Bees, bumblebees and other pollinators are vanishing at an alarming rate.

If bees disappear, we will be in trouble too!
Baby elephant seal says hello from the other side.

Image: Ondrej Zaruba/ National Geographic
These kids staying at Sipat, a small town in Chattisgarh, have to spend their entire childhood in the shadows of a thermal power plant. The hazardous emissions from these coal-fired thermal power plants and the ash from the nearby ash dykes have serious health impacts, especially on kids.

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There is power when people who care come together. They always win.
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