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Stuff Made by Humans Is 60,000 Times Heavier Than The Entire Human Population

Stand up. Resist. Fight with everything you have.

We need to get more familiar with our planet's vital signs

It's not just our planet's surface temperature that's changing

We need to #SavetheReef from catastrophic climate change.

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Coral bleaching on Great Barrier Reef could be "new normal" within 20 years

You’ll want to turn up the sound for this one....
Happening Now: Water protectors are being forcefully removed by the Trump administration. #NoDAPL
“With climate change, the situation will only get much worse”

Mexico City, Parched and Sinking, Faces a Water Crisis

Around 6,000 people face returning to homes with radiation levels similar to Chernobyl - it's the equivalent of having a chest X-ray every week in some homes.

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Japan government pushing Fukushima disaster survivors to move back to radioactive homes

This is what people power looks like! Your pressure made this happen.

HSBC promises to cut ties with forest-trashing palm oil companies

The fossil fuel industry wants you to believe that we can’t survive without them.

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BREAKING: HSBC UK have finally said they will CUT OFF palm oil companies that destroy rainforests. SHARE this to show that even banks can be made to see sense!

But the hard work doesn't stop here. We need to keep a really close eye on HSBC - and turn up the heat on other banks that fund forest destruction.
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How much space would need to be covered by solar panels to power every home in your country?
Nearly 100 environmental activists defenders have been killed in the Philippines since 2010. A third of those happened in 2015 alone.

Murder of environmental lawyer in Philippines sparks outrage

India’s air pollution is getting so bad it’s rivalling China as the world’s deadliest. It’s time to keep coal in the ground #SolutionNotPollution
Take a moment to enjoy the beauty that lies beneath our oceans

Underwater photographer of the year 2017 winners – in pictures

Tune in to Charity Fashion Live to find out how you can create the hottest new looks from London Fashion Week at your local thrift store! #CFL