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Forest destruction is creating a crisis for both people and planet, thanks to funders like HSBC.

Ask them to stop funding forest destruction >>> [ Bit.ly Link ]

Revealed: HSBC is funding forest destruction

Today, the US celebrates Martin Luther King Jr. Day — forever relevant and powerful.
We need gadgets as innovative for the planet as they are for our lives.

Find out how you can get involved >>> [ Act.gp Link ]

E-waste in Asia has risen by 63% in just 5 years

The year has just started, but the fight for our planet cannot wait.

This week in pictures

One windmill running for an hour can power a train for 120 miles!

Dutch electric trains become 100% powered by wind energy

Unless there’s strong action on climate change, these underwater graves will continue.

Almost 75% of Japan's biggest coral reef has died from bleaching

From House of Cards to Stranger Things, Netflix has changed TV for the better. Wouldn’t it be incredible if they also changed our planet for the better?
Join us and ask Netflix to commit to 100% renewable energy: [ Clickclean.org Link ]
Words to live by. Help break the cycle of overconsumption >> [ Act.gp Link ]
An inspiring example of how transforming our food system is possible.

Seeing is believing: Growing food for people, with people and with nature in Cuba

#NoDAPL is about more than just a pipeline.

And the fight is far from over: [ Act.gp Link ]
We can't accept that the Hungarian government wants to get rid of certain civil society organisations.

Civil society organisations work for societies' well-being. We work towards making Hungary a better place. We highlight the problems and we offer solutions to them.

In Hungary, just as in any other democratic state, there is a high need for civil society organisations to function freely,...
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Did you know that air pollution is the 4th leading cause of death worldwide? And coal is a major culprit.
Right now, two Greenpeace boats are on their way out to intercept THE BEAST - the world's largest seismic blasting vessel off the East coast. Click here to see how it unfolds.

LIVE: Greenpeace boats tailing seismic blasting ship

Music, videos, photos — nowadays we keep more and more things in the cloud. But what kind of energy keeps it running?

How green are the apps you use every day?

Thank you Netflix: For making us laugh, cry, and giving us hours of entertainment to binge on. Now, we need you to help us make the world a bit better. [ Greenpeace.org Link ]