Let's get it right.
“If we don’t get it right … we are going to potentially see the resumption of fish wars, a return to over-fished and collapsed fish stocks, decimated marine ecosystems, and perhaps a squandering of a critical food and economic resource.”

Global 'fish wars' could break out due to climate change

It's real – our court case against Arctic oil will begin on November the 13th. Be there with us!
Add your name and we’ll use it as evidence of the global movement against Arctic oil: [ Greenpeace.nz Link ]
Awkward! HSBC UK has been having a hard time on social media lately - thousands of comments are appearing on Facebook and Twitter.

This will no doubt continue until they stop funding deforestation.

Sign the petition >>[ Greenpeace.nz Link ]
There’s a chemical trees release that actually improves your immune system

The Japanese practice of ‘forest bathing’ is scientifically proven to improve your health

Industrial dairying, driven by big Irrigation is degrading NZ's rivers.
TAKE ACTION: [ Greenpeace.nz Link ]

NZers believe fresh water resources in poor state - survey

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The Earth is the best planet in the world.
Best planet.
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If you can get to Wellington on Tuesday morning, please come down to Te Papa. Together, we can stop the dam and save the Wairarapa.

Stop The Dam Protest in Wellington

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Climate change will increase future risk of big wildfires like the tragic fire in Christchurch's Port Hills ... Yet the NZ Govt continues to seek new oil that would drive climate change.
TAKE ACTION HERE: [ Greenpeace.nz Link ]

Climate increasing future risk of big wildfires - rural fire expert

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Together with Kiwis Against Seabed Mining we're at the EPA hearing to present a case against TTRL's massive iron sand mining proposal for the seabed off Taranaki ... Watch this space!

EPA hearing opens on massive Taranaki iron sands project

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HSBC definitely wouldn't want you to SHARE THIS VIDEO ;)
SIGN THE PETITION: [ Greenpeace.nz Link ]
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Climate change fuels extreme weather events around the world - more frequent and severe storms, floods and droughts - and yet Norway is opening a new frontier for Arctic oil drilling and NZ is still trying to find new oil.

That’s why we’re suing the Norwegian government, and doing everything we can do stop oil exploration in NZ.

Add your name to support the Arctic oil case: [...
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Following the huge protests at the annual oil industry conference last year, Big Oil has retreated to Taranaki for the 2017 conference ... and for the first time ever, we got an invite.

We'll be going to Taranaki - but we've refused their invitation to join the conference.

We'd love to talk with the industry about how they can ensure a just transition for their workers into jobs in the...
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Greenpeace opts to protest rather than attend 'climate cancer' oil conference

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Greenpeace is fighting new oil exploration in New Zealand and globally. From the waters of Te Ikaroa to the North Pole. At sea, on land and in the courts - we're confronting on the oil giants head on.

Overnight things just got real in the North ... Our court case against Arctic oil now has a date: It begins on November 13th.

Watch as Michelle, one of the attorneys behind this groundbreaking...
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