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Refugees fleeing war and persecution are still dying crossing the Med. As hard as it is, we must not look away.

More than 70 refugees killed in boat disaster while trying to reach Europe
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Yesterday eviction of the #NoDAPL protesters at Standing Rock began. Those who could not risk arrest have left, while others remain in "passive resistance".

Still standing with #StandingRock as the situation unfolds.

Police forcibly evacuate #NoDAPL protesters from the main Standing Rock camp
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Over 120,000 people are calling on Theresa May to clean up air and get dodgy diesel of our roads.

Sign the petition >>> [ Link ]

Stop Theresa May ignoring the problem
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Here's a lovely conservation success story to brighten up your Thursday ❤

The Rare African Park Where Elephants Are Thriving
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No wonder they weren't discovered until now!

Meet the frog that can sit on a thumbnail - BBC News
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Sophie Scholl was executed on this day in 1943 for leading a non-violent student protest against the Nazis. Her final words still ring very true today.
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Is the government trying to "kill off" the solar industry?

From massive job losses to cuts to essential funding and a massive tax hike, the industry is under pressure like never before. This despite it having the potential to offer the public cleaner, cheaper energy.

Let's stick up for solar. Sign the petition >> [ Link ]
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Following a Greenpeace Energydesk investigation, Coca-Cola have announced a U-turn on their opposition to Deposit Return Schemes.

This is great news - but the drinks giant still have a lot of work to do on reducing their plastic footprint.

Read the full story here >> [ Link ]

Coca-Cola U-turn on bottle deposit scheme - Energydesk
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This is because of every single one of you who signed the petition, badgered HSBC online, donated, called or wrote to them!

It’s not everyday you topple the biggest bank in Europe. All in just 5 weeks.

HSBC promises to cut ties with forest-trashing palm oil companies
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Oil companies want to drill in the mouth of the Amazon river, putting the whole area at risk of a spill.

We can't let that happen. Join the campaign to defend this amazing place >> [ Link ]
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Today, Law Enforcement, Army Corp and private DAPL security will raid the #NoDAPL resistance camp. This is the last call from the water protectors.
Standing with you, Water Protectors. #StandingRock
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Snow drops: nature's way of making winter more bearable.

Where are your favourite places to spot them? Share your photos.

The best places to see snowdrops in Britain
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Prepared to be amazed - underwater photographer of the year winners

Underwater photographer of the year 2017 winners – in pictures
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One month on from Donald Trump's inauguration, here's a look at what he's done to the environment so far.

For more in depth articles link this, follow Greenpeace Energydesk

What has President Trump done to the environment so far? | Greenpeace Energydesk
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“High tides never used to enter the villages before. One portion of the island has already been washed away. I’m quite convinced it is happening because of climate change."

On the climate change frontline: the disappearing fishing villages of Bangladesh #GlobalWarning
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Sign the petition: [ Link ]

The mouth of the Amazon river is full of natural wonders - including a huge coral reef that we've barely explored.

Join the campaign to stop reckless oil companies drilling in this amazing habitat >> [ Link ]
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