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A little hope for you today:

"There’s no doubt the world will lose out if America decides to relinquish global leadership on battling climate change. But Mr Trump’s fossil fuel plans are likely to flounder... [as] no one will frack for gas unless profits can be made... The price of electric vehicles is dropping; offshore wind power has become dramatically cheaper. For the first time, the...
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The Guardian view on Trump and global warming: the right fight | Editorial
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An actual quote from its website says HSBC UK take sustainability seriously to protect their reputation.

See how seriously they really take it in this video: [ Link ]

The bank is funding palm oil companies who are destroying rainforest in Indonesia. We’ve even caught the catastrophic damage on camera.
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Yup. This actually happened.

For four days last month, Scottish wind farms generated more electricity than all of Scotland used. On Christmas Eve, the total amount of wind energy produced was also the highest ever, with more than 74,000 MWh sent to the National Grid.

Want to help renewable power break more records? Join the movement of people working to make it happen >> [ Link ]
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As Trump becomes President on Friday, 100 events will be happening across the UK calling for a politics of unity over hatred -
calling for #BridgesNotWalls.

Find an event near you by clicking below.

On the day of Trump's inauguration: Build Bridges Not Walls
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Solar power is AWESOME. But here in the UK, the solar industry is under attack. Sign the petition to push back against government plans to inflict huge tax hikes on the industry >> [ Link ]
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Greenpeace UK are looking for a new Head of Data, Planning & Insight to join the team in our London office.

We’re looking for an excellent communicator and a strategic thinker, with proven expertise in data management and analysis. Does this sound like you? Download the job pack here: [ Link ]

Tag a friend who might be interested :)
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HSBC have been lending millions to palm oil companies that are destroying homes of orangutans. Experts say that orangutans are on the brink of extinction.

Please urgently ask HSBC UK to stop funding forest destruction before it is too late for orangutans:
[ Link ]
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Campaigning works.

Obama has just written his second cheque for $500 million to the Green Climate fund after organisations such as Corporate Accountability International called on him to do more for the fund.

The fund was a key aspect of the Paris agreement signed in 2015, which aims to keep global warming “well below” 2C and aspires to keep warming to 1.5C.

Barack Obama transfers $500m to Green Climate Fund in attempt to protect Paris deal
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We've exposed HSBC UK in the national press for funding forest destruction!

Please urgently sign the petition demanding they clean up their act: [ Link ]

Forest fires which are exacerbated by destruction for palm oil threaten the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in South East Asia. The destruction also puts orangutans closer to the brink of extinction.

HSBC funding destruction of vast areas of Indonesian rainforest, new report claims
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HSBC UK is funding palm oil companies who are destroying rainforest in Indonesia. Forest destruction causes fires which are linked to thousands of deaths & help push orangutans closer to extinction.

Please sign the petition insisting HSBC takes urgent action now: [ Link ]
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BREAKING: Caught on camera. HSBC UK is funding companies that are destroying rainforest in Indonesia. Sign the petition:
[ Link ]

The palm oil group responsible for the destruction in this secretly filmed footage borrowed millions of pounds from HSBC.

SHARE this video now.

HSBC don’t want their customers to see burning forests and choking orangutans when they look at their bank card...
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An inspiration on #Martinlutherkingday and on every other day.

Here's to always fighting for what is right, even when it is tough.
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The letter was from 100 researchers, including many of the most prominent climate scientists in the UK.

Leading scientists urge Theresa May to pressure Trump over climate change
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Artistic and practical - this is a beautiful approach to cleaning up air pollution

In Praise of Air, the world’s first air-cleansing poem
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Oh Monday! Nope. #MondayFeeling
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It's cold outside but Summer is coming, and we're starting to make our festival plans. What about you?

Mass Participation at Glastonbury 2016 - Bailes + Light
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Sign the petition to stop huge tax hikes on solar power [ Link ]

Government funding cuts have already put solar firms out of business. But now tax hikes on the industry mean that businesses, hospitals and other public buildings will face 6-8 times higher rates.

Schools with solar panels will be on the receiving end of these huge tax hikes too. But incredibly, private schools and...
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