Gregor Salto
03/22/2017 at 16:04. Facebook
Salto Sounds vol 138 with news from my label Salto Sounds presents: Moganga
Gregor Salto
03/20/2017 at 12:00. Facebook
Studio talk with the next generation. This 14 year old guy came all the way from Belgium to visit Dancefair 2 weeks ago. He showed me some serious beats ! Who knows, next year I might do a little seminar.
this weeks Salto Sounds ✌ Enjoy!
yesterday guggenheim venice
listening testing 1234 new studio monitors.. too many choices...???? advice anybody?
time for a new Salto Sounds enjoy!
this weeks Salto Sounds with the upcoming release on G-REX Music ' Colorada', out on Monday
salto zeeman pose
its time again a new Salto Sounds mix
holidays in misty Bretagne, France
2 great musicians & 1 wittie visie Iwan Esseboom Nelson Freitas Latin Lovers - AIR Amsterdam
meet my new tourmanager, cant remember his name yet though.. don giovanni don camilo don juan don quichote..?
this weeks Salto Sounds is online with the upcoming release on my label G-REX Music by Antoine Clamaran & ALEX GUESTA called 'Colorada'. Enjoy!
My new track 'PULA' with Roulsen & DuduCapoeira in out now on Flamenco Recordings Add it to your favorite playlist here: [ Link ]
new track 'PULA' with Roulsen & Dudu Capoeira is out today on Flamingo Recordings!

Rotterdam R U ready for some Salto Sounds? On February 18 I’m playing at my favorite Latin Lovers area during the Metz XXL 18 Years Anniversary - WTC - Rotterdam event in the amazing World Trade Center! This famous event is celebrating their 18 (!) years anniversary, what a milestone! Catch me there! -X- G

Tickets: [ Link ]
Join the event: [ Link ]
my new track Pula with Roulsen & Dudu Capoeira will be out February 2nd!
here's the new Salto Sounds featuring my upcoming track Pula!
and its time again for a new Salto Sounds some new and upcoming dope tracks in this one, hope you'll enjoy!
for those of you that prefer soundcloud for streaming, i just uploaded the full version of my Wittie Visie remix

Iwan Esseboom - Witte Visie (Gregor Salto Remix)