This great video was made 14 days ago at Olympiazentrum Campus Sport Tirol Innsbruck
A day where it did not look like I will be coming here to Lahti.
Thank you Christoph for making this possible. ????
I was a great #Seahorse ????
My current Lahti playlist is special:
Because YOU built it with YOUR comments on my last playlist.
I am so grateful that I have fans, who even know the kind of music I like Thank you so much!!
Let's build the next one in the comments! ????

Gregor Schlierenzauers Fan-Playlist!

I will join the Skijumping Austria Team to Lahti ! #sohappy #nextstep
Thanks for your support, it makes things so much easier for me!!

Mein persönlicher Blog über Heilungsverlauf, Blick in die Zukunft und was mir aktuell Mut gibt.

Alles schon wieder auf Heilung ausgerichtet

Wie Ihr vielleicht schon auf #Instagram gesehen habt, bin ich seit ein paar Tagen wieder in Seefeld, Tirol.

Hier fällt mir vieles irgendwie leichter. Auch meine ersten Sprünge auf Schnee hab ich vor einigen Wochen hier gemacht. Es scheint als würde mir Seefeld die Ruhe und die Kraft geben, die ich für meinen Weg brauche.
I had been looking forward to Oberstdorf and the flying ... Then everything changed
My Vlog on redbull.com looks back one last time.
With your touching support my direction ist already forward again

Schlierenzauer VLOG: Schockmoment in Oberstdorf

Setbacks are part of the process.
I was depressed yesterday, but now I'm relieved that the knee is not hurt.
finally flying again ????
The comeback of Roger Federer impressed me deeply. He is a great role model. He has brought his sport to a new level. He strives for the highest quality in his shots. He never gives up and, although he has already achieved everything, he fought back in a high sports age after a long injury pause. The combination of handling defeats and returning purified makes him a great sportsman and human...
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Glücklich über Rang 2 im Team von Willingen! War sogar noch mehr drinnen, aber besser waren wir in der Saison auch noch nie! Wir nehmen die positive Energie mit!

Happy about 2nd place in todays team competition! Even more would have been possible, but on the other hand it was the best result this season! We recieved a lot of energie for upcoming tasks! #skijumpinfAUT #wcwillingen #omv...
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good morning! @daniel_a24
#wcwillingen #nextstep #training
step by step
My Red Bull Vlog is looking back at the past weekend.
Featuring: 2 videos behind the scenes.
...and again THANK YOU for your encouraging comments!

Schlierenzauer Vlog: Demut in Zakopane

Tired resumee after a hard, but wonderful weekend in Zakopane.
I'll stay patient and continue to work hard
We are ready! #skijumpingAUT #WCZakopane
"Jump around" in practice yesterday #houseofpain
New Blog explaining my feelings in Wisla.
...and the moment when my emotions overwhelmed me #twentypointzero

Es ist ein tolles Gefühl, wieder zurück zu sein!

Red Bull asked me to share my Spotify playlist. So: Here it is!
Now i want YOUR feedback and songs, that should be on my next playlist.

Gregor Schlierenzauer zeigt seine Playlist

This was a great weekend.
It was an amazing feeling beeing back on the hill and I didn't expect that I would already do as well as today.
But this was just the beginning.
I will continue working hard and move on step by step.
Skijumping is wonderful #WCWisla

P.S.: Dziękuje moim polskim kibicom!
#lastpreparations when Hupo suddenly starts filming
There is a 1cm limit how the material of the suit has to be cut to the seams. ???? i fix it myself to be sure not to be disqualified. ✂ ???? #WCWisla #skijumping