Mein Blog zum Saisonabschluss

Ich werde Planica, wie letztes Jahr, auch heuer nicht erleben.
Manchmal muss man eben Geduld haben

Eighth and penultimate day of the "Raw Air"
with full #Energy into the ski flying ???? and hopefully the wind plays along.
#givesyouwings #audiroadtrip #skijumpingAUT
Conditions like today frustrate me more than I would have thought. ????
I wanted to take the next step today, but it was simply not possible.
This is a pity, because I feel that I’m moving on and that I’m becoming better.????

I will continue from training to training and from jump to jump and hope for stable weather.

So tonight there was at least time for a billiard game against Andreas...
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Enjoyed the day off in the city #secondhome

I would love to be part of the Skijumping Austria team today, but I'm not angry that I was 0,5 pts short yesterday.
Once I'm back on the level I wanna be, qualification won't matter.
So all I need to do is to continue to go #stepbystep and work diligent.

#givesyouwings #audiroadtrip
In meinem heutigen Blog schau ich zurück auf Lahti2017 und nach vorne nach Norwegen
Ich hoffe er gefällt euch und freu mich auf euer Feedback
#audiroadtrip #givesyouwings #skijumpingAUT

Bronzemedaille ist eine Riesen-Genugtuung
After the wunderful finish in Lahti ????, I want to say THANK YOU today.
- to my team that has built me ​​up when I had doubts #stepbystep ,
- to every single positive comment of the last weeks
- and also the Hotel Klosterbräu & SPA, where I could prepare perfectly the last days before Lahti

Next step: Norway! #audiroadtrip #givesyouwings
Wir sind bereit!
#audiroadtrip zum Teambewerb Lahti2017

#skijumpingAUT #volksbank #givesyouwings
Good morning from the apartment of Skijumping Austria
Featuring combined 111 World-Cup wins and especially the Lahti2017 Double-World Champion Stefan Kraft ????????

#givesyouwings #volksbank #audiroadtrip #skijumpingAUT
great clip!!
come inside our apartment @Lahti2017

#skijumpingAUT ???? #Hefel #audiroadtrip #givesyouwings
It's a hard way back, but i will make it with your support #stepbystep
Good luck Markus Schiffner for Thursday!
#audiroadtrip #givesyouwings #volksbank #skijumpingAUT
Alles Gute dem Team Skijumping Austria beim Mixedbewerb. Lahti2017
Ich drück die Daumen , kann aber leider nicht im Stadion sein. #stepbystep Vorbereitung auf die Großschanze läuft schon.
#givesyouwings #volksbank #skijumpingAUT
???? World Champion Stefan Kraft ????
Skijumping Austria rock Lahti2017
#skijumpingaut #Volksbank(Gepa Pictures)
The tension feels good. I'm ready! Lahti2017 #stepbystep
This great video was made 14 days ago at Olympiazentrum Campus Sport Tirol Innsbruck
A day where it did not look like I will be coming here to Lahti.
Thank you Christoph for making this possible. ????
I was a great #Seahorse ????
My current Lahti playlist is special:
Because YOU built it with YOUR comments on my last playlist.
I am so grateful that I have fans, who even know the kind of music I like Thank you so much!!
Let's build the next one in the comments! ????

Gregor Schlierenzauers Fan-Playlist!
I will join the Skijumping Austria Team to Lahti ! #sohappy #nextstep
Thanks for your support, it makes things so much easier for me!!

Mein persönlicher Blog über Heilungsverlauf, Blick in die Zukunft und was mir aktuell Mut gibt.

Alles schon wieder auf Heilung ausgerichtet
Wie Ihr vielleicht schon auf #Instagram gesehen habt, bin ich seit ein paar Tagen wieder in Seefeld, Tirol.

Hier fällt mir vieles irgendwie leichter. Auch meine ersten Sprünge auf Schnee hab ich vor einigen Wochen hier gemacht. Es scheint als würde mir Seefeld die Ruhe und die Kraft geben, die ich für meinen Weg brauche.
I had been looking forward to Oberstdorf and the flying ... Then everything changed
My Vlog on looks back one last time.
With your touching support my direction ist already forward again

Schlierenzauer VLOG: Schockmoment in Oberstdorf