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"Okay should ask me out to dinner."
Grey's Anatomy
03/25/2017 at 12:30. Facebook
The #TearsOfGreys are coming full force.
Grey's Anatomy
03/24/2017 at 11:30. Facebook
Find yourself some time.
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Grey's Anatomy
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Previously on #GreysAnatomy...
Grey's Anatomy
03/23/2017 at 00:58. Facebook
"Are you serious, or aren't you?"
Grey's Anatomy
03/21/2017 at 15:44. Facebook
For better or for worse.
Grey's Anatomy
03/20/2017 at 14:17. Facebook
Sometimes a simple "thank you" is all it takes.
Being a parent is more than just the name.
Every relationship has its moments.
Big moments last night. Are you all caught up?
Japril's track record in hotels...
The past can't stay hidden forever.
Is Jackson ready to confront his past?
Are your feels ready for Japril The Sequel?
"What's going on with you?"
That look on Webber's face.
You know it's on when someone doesn't invite you to Hamilton.