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The rules of attraction are...complicated.
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Need something to do...?
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"I don’t do reunions but I can see why people do. They can make you feel like you haven’t felt in a long time. It’s comfy, it’s familiar, it’s kind of like coming home. You see how people turned out, if they realized their hopes and dreams or if they’ve lost their hopes and dreams. Or maybe you see that they’ve found what we all should find – brand new hopes and dreams."

-Meredith Grey
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Is it job stealing or just accepting a job?
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Some people are embracing this new method of teaching, others not so much.
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"You refuse to believe that I got this because I earned it, because I'm good."
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It is officially Phase Two.
“You let it hurt and you put it behind you so you can face forward to the next kid who needs you. I remember my first, like it was yesterday…” –Arizona
Kepner's taking control.
Everyone is adjusting to April's new role.
April has her work cut out for her as interim Chief of General Surgery.
So much history between these two.
"I gave you every chance to say that. For months you could have just said that."
There's a new chief in town.
There is no excuse to not be caught up!