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From food preservation to microbe appreciation, check out this podcast with featuring Meredith Leigh and Gianaclis Caldwell.

Real Food in the City - Podcast - MOTHER EARTH NEWS
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The flavor of snow peas pairs beautifully with salad turnips and tangy miso in this light springtime dish.

Miso-Glazed Turnips and Snow Peas - Food - Heirloom Gardener
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Check out these ideas for saving money when you buy seeds this year.

6 Ways to Cut Seed Costs - Organic Gardening - Heirloom Gardener
The benefit of tiny homes is their relatively low impact on your budget and on the earth; by salvaging construction materials, you can save yourself and the environment even more.

Tiny Homes: Green and Cost-Efficient - Farm and Garden - GRIT Magazine
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Learn why to grind your own flour, and experience the flavor of the freshest flour you can use!

4 Reasons to Grind Your Flour - The Farm Barbie Blog - GRIT Magazine
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With so many tomato varieties available, choosing what to grow can be daunting. By understanding the difference between indeterminate, determinate, and dwarf tomato varieties, you can make better decisions for your particular growing conditions and needs. [ Link ]
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Agriculture-based schools provide students with farm know-how that complements their more general academic education.

Agriculture and Farm School - Farm and Garden - GRIT Magazine
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Learn about the ups and downs of bottle-feeding a calf!

6 Things About Bottle Feeding Calves
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Our Managing Editor, Kellsey Trimble, has been busy recording with MOTHER EARTH NEWS to bring us the Power of Poultry podcast series! Here is an outtake from the first Episode "Beginning with Chickens".

Minisode 1 Dr. Green - Podcast - MOTHER EARTH NEWS
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Gather barn wood or other materials around the farm and successfully market your produce by building farm stand signs that highlight your farm-fresh vegetables and more.

How to Make Farm Stand Signs - Farm and Garden - GRIT Magazine
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A common question for gardeners is, how much do I plant? When answering that, you should consider space, taste, climate, and preservation.

How Much Do I Plant? | Homespun Seasonal Living
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This blueberry-port mustard makes the perfect addition to grilled duck or pork.

Blueberry-Port Mustard Recipe - Food and Recipes - Mother Earth Living
Pick up some trivia about the horse who played "Mr. Ed" on television, and about other (non-talking) horses, too!

Horse Sense - At Home in Ohio Blog - GRIT Magazine
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Make a mason bee house to encourage these native pollinators to move in around your garden.

DIY Mason Bee House - Gardening Jones Blog - GRIT Magazine
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While planning a more energy sufficient home, you may be weighing a wood stove vs pellet. For insight to that and more listen to Kale Roberts and Dan Chiras in this episode of Urban Homesteading.

Sustainable Energy Options for Urban Dwellings - Podcast - MOTHER EARTH NEWS
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If you're considering buying a horse for children to ride, check out these tips to pick a good one!

Tips for Choosing the Right Kids' Horse - Life and Adventures at Diamond W Ranch Blog - GRIT Magazine
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1. Leave Them on the Lawn If you’re striving for a perfect lawn, you probably remove your glass clippings every time you mow. But you’re actually robbing the grass of certain nutrients that it needs to thrive. In future, leave your short clippings lie, as they will break down quickly, nourishing the...

8 Things To Do With Grass Clippings You Probably Never Thought Of
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Honeysuckle syrup lends a lightly sweet flavor to lemonade, fizzy water, tea, and more.

Honeysuckle Syrup Recipe - Food - Heirloom Gardener