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Neuroscientist Joe Herbert’s recent book Testosterone: Sex, Power, and the Will to Win, leaves readers at no risk of underestimating its potency: “At the end of any discussion of the impact of testosterone on the history of mankind… a simple fact remains: without testosterone there would be no humans to have a history.”

Now there’s a conclusion to inspire the reverence the testicle deserves …...
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Why Testosterone Rex is extinct | Cordelia Fine
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"My first thought when I see another story of a woman taking control of her destiny through a wedding for one, remains: 'Poor cow, she doesn’t have a decent friend who is brave enough to sit down with her and explain gently and firmly why this is a plan that makes you look bonkers and will end in tears."

It’s finally time to say ‘I don’t’ to the solo wedding craze
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A judge in the US has ruled an attack on a black high school football player was "not a rape" and "not a case about racial bias", handing down a light sentence for assaulting a disabled team-mate in a case that has drawn comparison to Stanford swimmer Brock Turner.

Idaho judge rules attack on high school football player was 'not a rape' or racist
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"It’s her life, she’s run it for a long time and the accruing years don’t mean she has no right to continue in just the same vein."

My grandmother is lying to concoct a fantasy love life
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87-year-old Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama is celebrated as an avant-garde visionary, known for her iconic polka dot spectacles and immersive environments. She has a history of mental illness and has used art as a form of therapy. Simultaneous exhibitions opened this week in Washington and Tokyo, celebrating her career and the different way she sees the world.
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From labelling them the 'opposition', now Donald J. Trump openly calls the press the 'enemy of the people': "The turning of the opposition into the enemy is often a prelude toward the final step of authoritarian consolidation: turning enemies into criminals"

"In barring news outlets like The New York Times, CNN and The Guardian from a press briefing in The White House, the president has...
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The White House's radical attack on the First Amendment cannot go unanswered
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Answer three questions to find out whether you are utterly trustworthy or a complete fibber.

How truthful and honest are you, honestly? Quiz
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An investigation is underway after reports that a Pakistan International Airlines plane flew from Karachi to Saudi Arabia with people standing in the aisles all the way after staff boarded extra passengers.

Pakistan airliner flew with seven extra passengers standing in aisles – report
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The White House reportedly tried to influence an active counter-intelligence investigation. "Narrative switching. That is what the Trump administration is desperately trying to do around Russia right now." All else, press ban included, is designed to deflect attention.

The story of the week is Trump, Russia and the FBI. The rest is a distraction
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Western Australia election: Labor has made a promise to create a “meth border force” with 100 officers dedicated to cutting the supply of drugs to Western Australia but the Liberals have described it as a political stunt.

WA Labor promises to create 'meth border force' but Liberals say it's a waste of money
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Malcolm Turnbull has trumpeted full restoration of defence cooperation with Indonesia and improved access for Australian sugar and cattle exports as outcomes achieved from Presiden Joko Widodo's visit.

Australia and Indonesia announce restored defence cooperation
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After Donald J. Trump’s infamous ‘what’s happening in Sweden’ comment, Nils Bildt appeared on Bill O'Reilly's Fox News show as Swedish "defence and national security advisor" to explain the link between immigration and crime in his country. But it turns out no one in Sweden's defence ministry has heard of him.

Fox News's 'Swedish defence advisor' unknown to country's military officials
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Daniel Andrews has promised a review of Victorian parliamentary expenses rules after speaker Telmo Languiller (pictured) and deputy speaker Don Nardella were forced to resign.

Daniel Andrews orders entitlements overhaul as MPs resign over allowance claim
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4,502. It’s a number Steve Smith wants everyone to know: the days since Australia last won a Test in India. Way back then, it was the only time the national side had triumphed in a series in India since the Beatles stopped writing songs.

Australia end wait for win in India as Steve Smith backs his words with action
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Tony Abbott will not stop his insurgency against Malcolm Turnbull’s leadership because the Liberal party is in trouble and needs to become more conservative to win the next election, Peta Credlin has warned.

Peta Credlin says Tony Abbott motivated by frustration and 'is not going anywhere'
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#Breaking: At least 28 people have been injured after a vehicle ran into a crowd watching a Mardi Gras parade in the Mid-City section of New Orleans.

New Orleans: dozens injured after 'pickup truck' ploughs into parade crowd
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A bar in Australia’s capital city, Canberra, has banned men from approaching women. But the Maple Bar’s owner, Mike Kadinski, has stood by the policy and says he’s only trying to “bring a bit of class back to Canberra”.

Bar's ban on men chatting up women: is it feminism gone too far, or Don Draper redux?
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Donald J. Trump has capped a week of tumultuous relations with the media by saying he will not attend this year’s White House correspondents’ dinner, telling journalists to "have a nice evening!"

Donald Trump will not attend White House correspondents' dinner
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The decision by the Fair Work Commission to cut penalty rates on Sundays was of course handed down on a Thursday morning, writes Greg Jericho.

Sundays aren't that special, right? Not according to the Fair Work Commission | Greg Jericho