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With a green movement to cater for every age, location, and type of plastic recycling, how do you turn your enthusiasm into action?

So you want to be a climate campaigner? Here's how
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“It’s like four different people throughout the year: there’s the spring character, the summer persona, then autumn and winter, each with a different energy. It took two full cycles of seasonal change to identify what I could do to help it.”

A place in the country: meet the new woodlanders
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People have been deforesting the tropics for thousands of years for timber and farming, but now, nothing less than the physical transformation of the Earth is taking place

We are destroying rainforests so quickly they may be gone in 100 years | John Vidal
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A 60mph speed limit at rush-hour when vehicle numbers are highest where the M1 runs close to schools and homes in Sheffield could help address air quality concerns

60mph speed limit for M1 under consideration to combat air pollution
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Powervault trial at Oxspring to see if UK-made home batteries can store and use local solar power for longer, bypass National Grid and cut energy bills

Batteries included: Yorkshire village seeks to solve riddle of too much sun
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Republican lawmakers have quietly laid the foundation to give away Americans’ birthright: 640m acres of national land.

Congress moves to give away national lands, discounting billions in revenue and millions of jobs
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Hugging deer, feeding green turtles and a Konik foal are among this week’s pick of images from the natural world.

The week in wildlife – in pictures
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"From fewer park rangers to deals with big companies that mean local people have to pay to use their parks, parks around the country are at risk."

Parks at risk: green campaigners launch crowdsourcing study
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15 things you can do to cut your own carbon footprint.

How to reduce your carbon footprint #GlobalWarning
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"The planet is heating up fast – but not fast enough for the hungry 24-hour news cycle."

Climate change will affect all of us. So why the lack of urgency? | Polly Toynbee
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How much are sea levels likely to rise?
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Watch people draw climate change live, here. #GlobalWarning
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“The best way to make America great again is by owning the clean technologies of the future.”

Trump urged to make America great again by embracing green tech
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#GlobalWarning: what are your hopes or fears for the climate?
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“There is only one Earth in the universe and we mankind have only one homeland.”

China's Xi Jinping says Paris climate deal must not be allowed to fail
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Put your climate change knowledge to the test with our quiz. Part of our 24-hour climate change live blog - read it here #GlobalWarning

How hot are you on global warming? Try our climate change quiz
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"Trump is the president that corporate luddites have dreamed of: the man who will let them squeeze every last cent from their oil and coal reserves before they become worthless. They need him because science, technology and people’s demands for a safe and stable world have left them stranded. There is no fair fight that they can win, so their last hope lies with a government that will rig the...
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Donald Trump’s mission? To keep the US in the fossil age
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With climate sceptics moving into the White House, the Guardian will spend the next 24 hours focusing on climate change happening right now, and what we can all do to help protect the planet.

Global warning: live from the climate-change frontline as Trump becomes president
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Pruitt has called the EPA’s rule “unlawful and overreaching” and has cast doubt on the overwhelming scientific evidence that human activity is causing global warming

Scott Pruitt confirmation hearing for Environmental Protection Agency: the key points