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Phoenix is working hard to reinvent a food scene once regarded as flatter than a pancake. Guardian restaurant critic Marina O’Loughlin eats her way round the diners and restaurants fusing cuisines and creating fresh twists on American classics.

Rising Arizona: how Phoenix is becoming a foodie city to savour
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Florence Griswold’s house and garden, now a museum, has barely changed since the turn of the 20th century when artists escaped here to paint outside, says the director of a new film on American impressionism.

The Connecticut garden that inspired American impressionist painters
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Pretty, unthreatening, demure? Not any more. Loved by Gucci, modern feminists and men, in these post-gender days, pink has gone rogue.

Gritty in pink: reclaiming fashion's most controversial colour
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Sharing a meal with friends or family is one of life’s greatest pleasures – but it can wreck any diet plans. So what’s the best way to stick to your regime?

Does eating alone help you diet?
Cheaper coloured stones, such as garnets, are proving popular with younger couples, say jewellers. Is it just because they’re too busy saving for a house, or is it more stylish?

Why marrying millennials are giving the finger to diamond rings
The long-running series in which readers answer other readers’ questions on subjects ranging from trivial flights of fancy to profound scientific concepts.

What books do you have to read to be ‘well-read’?
A stuntwoman and artist, this 20th-century trailblazer was slandered and robbed by her rivals. As a new exhibition assesses the history of British tattoos, we reappraise the life of a radical.

Life at the sharp end: Jessie Knight, Britain’s first female tattoo artist
Designer and agitator for animal welfare showcases cruelty-free fashion in equestrian-inspired autumn collection.

Fur flies as Stella McCartney unveils 'skin-free skin' in Paris
Most women will spend the majority of their adult lives suffering for outdated ideas of femininity. When they’re eight they should feel nothing but freedom.

Not wearing the trousers: why do some schools still have sexist uniform rules?
The causes of the global obesity crisis are not fully understood, but stress may have a part to play, new research suggests.

Is it possible to be healthy and obese?
A British Heart Foundation report suggests that our reluctance to intervene is killing people who are in cardiac arrest. Here are some simple, memorable steps you can take to help.

How to save a life – first-aid advice you’ll actually remember
Dripping noses and stray whiskers on chins are not a pretty sight – but many of us are grateful to have them pointed out.

Bogies and bodily malfunctions – why I’m glad to know about my ageing imperfections
Ever wondered how many calories you’re burning in the bedroom? The i.Con condom, which keeps track of your sex stats, could be the answer.

Smart condoms: like Fitbit for sex – and you can even share your stats
We're trying something new – live yoga to wake-up to, that you can watch from home. No experienced needed; our instructor, Tania Brown, will tell you everything you need to know

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The city has levied fines on users of the apartment-rental site, often a source of vital extra income, but a politician insists: ‘We’re not going after the little guy’.

Something in the Airbnb: hosts anxious as New York begins crackdown
Katherine Maher, head of the Wikimedia Foundation, on accuracy and operating in a world of ‘fake news’.

'Reliability is all for Wikipedia, which is why the Daily Mail was banned'
As Nintendo launches its most striking console yet, R&D leads Shinya Takahashi and Yoshiaki Koizumi explain who this machine is aimed at.

Nintendo Switch: new console may be weird, but it is for everyone
Escape the fleshpots of the Yucatán coast and head inland – you’ll find people eager to share their jungle home with visitors, and a world of hidden temples and natural pools.

Meet the Mayans: a tour of the real Yucatán, Mexico
Beyoncé is pregnant with twins; Madonna has adopted twins; now the Clooneys are expecting twins. But I did it first, and this is what I learned.

Sex-life queries and the alpha combo: what celebs should know about having twins
I was told she was six months old, had come from a breeder and wouldn’t grow any bigger than a very large cat.

Experience: I accidentally bought a giant pig