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“Basil realised long before the rest of us did that sound could become a malleable material,” says Brian Eno. “He was like a painter. That idea of music as painting was something that became very important to me."

Basil Kirchin: the first painter of music
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One year, one overlooked album – that might not be a problem. The issue for the Grammys is that in an era when R&B and hip-hop have been going through a period of massive creativity – matched by huge commercial success – the album of the year prize at the Grammys has been going to white artists.

From Aretha to Beyoncé: the black artists snubbed by the Grammys
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Like her Odd Future compatriot Frank Ocean, Bennett’s queerness – something hinted at by her shaven-headed, skatewear-clothed appearance and confirmed in lyrics, videos and interviews – is relevant in the context of R&B, the genre in which she and Ocean both operate. It is one that has been dominated by sex and sensuality, but, like much pop, also characterised by their less appealing...
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Syd: Fin review – subtly tearing up the R&B playbook
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Hear an unreleased version of Seven Wonders, pop fans.

Fleetwood Mac – hear an unreleased version of Seven Wonders
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Kate Hutchinson will be chatting to artist and musician Frank Carter about his work and inspirations on The Guardian Facebook page today at 2pm GMT

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“You put lots of men in a studio and it’s that ‘Who’s going to be top dog?’ pack mentality. You’ve got to be able to deal with that,” she says. “I’ve found that I needed to understand technology a lot more than some of my peers. I’d get a producer really challenging me on a technical level, yet they’d want to talk about the football [with the male engineers].”

Master blaster: the woman making Björk, Aphex Twin and Eno sound so good
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"A year and a half ago I was on my laptop and this song came on. I had to run over to my laptop, close it and have a cold shower. In the corner crying, that kind of thing."

My first love song: musicians remember the soundtracks to their teenage crushes
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Indie-pop duo Tegan and Sara are currently touring the UK. They join Kate Hutchinson for a live chat about their work and inspirations. And they want to hear from you, so leave your questions and comments below
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Join Kate Hutchinson and indie pop duo Tegan and Sara, for a live stream on the Guardian's Facebook page today at 2pm GMT. They will take your questions, discuss the duo's LGBT+ influences, current tour and projects, and much more besides.
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Everything you need to know about the award winners and political protests.

Grammys 2017: Adele reluctantly beats Beyoncé for top prizes as politics flares
“I was thinking about art and fame and truth and I wanted to set up an equation where those things were in conversation,” he says. “Stripping away my prejudiced indie rock values with respect to fame and material success – fame and art feel symbiotic to a point. They’re both about storytelling. Fame can amplify the message of art in a remarkable, meaningful way. Art can contextualise and...
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Dirty Projectors’ Dave Longstreth: ‘The new album says yes to love’
Memories Are Now’s strangeness and flux feel like authentic expressions of an individual talent. The distorted thud and swooping vocals of Cut Connection sit alongside The Lost Sky’s beautiful but agitated acoustic backing and extended astronomy metaphors, and the tense, simmering potency of closer The Coming, which features Hoop excoriating her Mormon upbringing and imagining Jesus...
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Jesca Hoop: Memories Are Now review – restlessly strange and full of ideas
Welcome to Lititz, a small town in Pennsylvania’s Amish country, with a population of 9,400.

The tiny town that builds show-stopping sets for Beyoncé, Kanye and Madonna
Unlike most artists’ rudimental first attempts at songwriting, even his earliest songs were loaded with melancholy messages. He recently found some childhood lyric sheets that surprised him. “I was going through stuff at home, and was like: ‘What the fuck! What was I thinking?’ What was I writing about? ‘It’s so hard to make friends, but so hard to lose them,’” he quotes himself, before...
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Sampha: ‘I was like: “Mum! Drake wants my beat!” And she was like: “Who?”’
“Elton wanted me to join his band, but never asked me directly,” says Chapman, still bemused today. “Instead, Gus said: ‘Know any good young guitarists who play acoustic and electric?’ I recommended Davey Johnstone. Years later, I realised they were asking me.” Would he have stuck it? “Not sure. All I know is Davey Johnstone owes me a $2m house in California.”

Michael Chapman: the man who connects Elton, Bowie, Nick Drake and Sonic Youth
I remember going and getting my hair cut in Brighton and he was like, “No no no, Rags, you don’t pay in here, it’s fine, I’ll cut your hair for free.” I mean it was a whack haircut, he made me look stupid, but I got it for free and that was pretty cool.

‘The music industry is brutal’: Rag’n’Bone Man and RAY BLK on being 2017’s most hotly tipped
The photo is forward-thinking but with traces of historical art traditions from the past – conjuring an appealing remix of rococo excesses, Flemish portraiture and Latin American funerary symbols.

Decoding Beyoncé's pregnancy pic: a remix of rococo and Flemish influences
Take a look at Kiddus I performing Jah Power, Jah Glory and explaining the roots of The Inna De Yard project.

'I sing for the love of music': reggae legends record outdoors in Kingston
I wonder why it has it taken so long for the anatomy of a woman to be considered when designing a guitar? Maybe it is the fear that it would immediately adopt the stigma of an inferior instrument, while suggesting its player’s gender is a handicap.

Cate Le Bon: ‘Guitars were inspired by female bodies. Why are they uncomfortable for women to play?’