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01/22/2017 at 07:07. Facebook
The retail giant has a threatening lead over its rival with the Echo and Alexa, as questions remain over how the search engine can turn voice technology into revenue

Amazon and Goggle fight crucial battle over voice recognition
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01/22/2017 at 07:07. Facebook
Less than a year after Mark Zuckerberg paid millions to media companies to promote online live video coverage, the Facebook founder is changing tack

Is Facebook Live dead and buried?
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01/22/2017 at 06:03. Facebook
The new Volkswagen Tiguan is an unlikely blend of two wild animals. See if you can guess what they are, says Martin Love

Volkswagen Tiguan: car review | Martin Love
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I was impressed by a number of things: the acceleration is more aggressive than you expect; the drive is swift and grippy

Vauxhall Mokka car review – ‘It is sturdy and handsome’
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01/20/2017 at 18:03. Facebook
For many, the winter means using phone fingerprint recognition technology becomes almost impossible. Here’s what you can do about it

Why you should install a set of ‘winter fingerprints’ on your phone
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01/20/2017 at 14:32. Facebook
Gravity Rush 2 and The Flame in the Flood are both out this week. What do Keith Stuart and Kate Gray make of them? Leave a comment or question below
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01/20/2017 at 12:52. Facebook
From Fallout to Metal Gear Solid – here are six leaders of the free world that no one would vote for

The six worst US presidents in video game history
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01/20/2017 at 02:09. Facebook
Police say child is in custody after the woman live-streamed the two-year-old taped to a wall and said ‘now sit still’

Ohio mother who taped son to wall on Facebook Live faces charges
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01/20/2017 at 00:02. Facebook
Government-backed network was temporarily banned from posting images, videos or live streams for about 20 hours, possibly over a copyright issue

Russia threatens retaliation over Facebook 'censorship' of RT
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01/19/2017 at 11:42. Facebook
The processor is the most important part of a computer, but CPU names and numbers don’t mean much to most people. Regular commenter 75drayton wants help figuring them out

How can I tell if a PC processor is any good?
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The place to talk about games and other things that matter

Chatterbox: Thursday
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01/19/2017 at 02:09. Facebook
Close-up images of nipples make it difficult – if not impossible – to tell whether they are male or female

Genderless Nipples account generates 50,000 followers on Instagram
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01/19/2017 at 00:01. Facebook
A coalition of more than 70 social and racial justice organizations urged Facebook to adopt reforms that would better target abusive content and harassment

Civil rights groups urge Facebook to fix 'racially biased' moderation system
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01/18/2017 at 13:12. Facebook
Jokers are exploiting a bug in iOS and are sending messages stuffed with ???? emojis which cause recipients’ iPhones or iPads to freeze

Prank crashes iPhones with boobytrapped rainbow emoji messages
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01/18/2017 at 10:27. Facebook
Reversible lanes pose problem for autonomous cars and trucks, but Amazon has worked out a possible solution

Amazon patent hints at self-driving vehicle plans
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01/18/2017 at 08:49. Facebook
Facebook denies it is deliberate loophole but Tobias Boelter sets out what the vulnerability is and why it matters

WhatsApp vulnerability explained: by the man who discovered it | Tobias Boelter
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01/18/2017 at 00:03. Facebook
Speaking for the company, which is accused of stealing code from Id Software, Zuckerberg said: ‘It’s common that people claim they own some part of the deal’

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg testifies in Oculus Rift lawsuit